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How to find a dream job – tips for everyone


When starting to search for the job of your dreams, it is important to find answers to two questions: what is a job for me, and what is a dream for me.

The opinion of psychologists: a superficial assessment in this particular case will not work. Like deep introspection. Because it’s better to sit quietly for 30 minutes. And try to distract yourself from everyday problems, be as frank with yourself as possible. But even better is to answer the question: what is my main dream job?

The psychological technique is simple only at first glance. But, if you treat it casually, you can search for the perfect job ad infinitum. And it is not a fact that before retirement the search will be crowned with success.

How to find a dream job - tips for everyone

What is work: personal assessment

Interested in your dream job? Why do you need it? For what purpose do you visit the workplace? Perhaps you can live without a job? It is worth asking all the questions.

So why does a person come to work? A simple answer that suggests itself: to replenish your budget. Is this the only task? If so, then the answer to the question of how to find a dream job is not needed. Any place that will regularly pay wages will do.

If the purpose of visiting the workplace is not only material security, then finding a dream job requires a different approach. Based on this, it becomes necessary to find an answer to the second question, what is your dream. Because it’s pure psychology with little to no practicality or benefit. But if you find honest answers to the questions, the first step is taken.

The next step is to determine the main parameters of future work.

  1. Where do I see myself? An ordinary employee (an important "bolt" in the overall system), a middle manager (there are subordinates, but someone else makes cardinal decisions), a leader who bears all the responsibility and all the "laurels" in case of success.
  2. What field do I want to work in? I like the humanitarian field, or they call engineering solutions designed to make life easier for mankind. No need to "break" yourself, choosing a profession under the influence of fashion or the advice of friends. Because you are looking for the job of your dreams and you are starting from your desires.
  3. What company do I want to work for? Given the state of the economy and the attitude of the state and society towards private business, there are no problems with finding employers. Vacancies are offered by state-owned enterprises, holdings, firms with a small staff. There is a choice. But it is important not to make a mistake when making a decision.

Ideal job: what is it

A dream job for everyone. Introspection and working psychological techniques will help you determine what you need.

How to find a dream job - tips for everyone

Point One: Assessing Your Qualities

In any matter that concerns psychology, maximum honesty and openness are important. Because there are no right or wrong answers. No need to adapt to the general pattern, trying to match the spirit of the times. This is the road to nowhere. Yes, you can find a job. But it will definitely not be a dream job.

So, what are the questions to ask:

  • what I can do (fast typing, ability to solve logarithmic equations, good memory, etc.);
  • how fast I learn (new knowledge and skills come easily or it takes a long time to achieve a task);
  • what professions are of interest to me (microbiologist or engineer, teacher or diver, dispatcher or master of metallurgical equipment … there are many options).

If self-analysis is not enough, it is worth signing up for trainings or taking career guidance tests. Because to search for the latter option, the Internet or a school textbook on psychology is suitable. Graduates of senior classes pass tests for career guidance. Simple questions allow you to deal with complex things. No one will judge an adult if he uses such a simple way to determine his professional interests.

Having a starting point, comes a clear understanding of where to go. Because these are the laws of physics that work great in real life.

Point two: visualization

The job you dream of is closer than you think. Connect your imagination. You honestly assessed your personal and professional qualities, determined your future field of activity, and chose the company in which you want to work. Now imagine that you are already working. Close your eyes and be transported to the near future.

Try to visualize your work day in detail. How does the morning begin, how does the work process go, with what emotions do you return home. Psychologists do not advise doing the exercise without professional help. A correct assessment of reality is important, which cannot be done without experience and a knowledge base. It ’s not enough just to want, you need to understand how to do it right .

A good option is to visit a career specialist. The profession is new in our country. But, already now we can say that a conversation with a professional coach helps to understand oneself, to find answers to questions that a person has been looking for for years. A separate advantage: fast results. 90 minutes is enough to deal with the dreams and desires of a person, to put them "on the shelves". This is one of the effective ways to find the job of your dreams.

How to find your dream job: 5 life hacks that work

How to find a dream job - tips for everyone

The idea that the ideal job is available only to the elite is fundamentally wrong. If there is not only a desire, but also an understanding of how to act, the issue of employment is within the power of each person to solve. To achieve the task, it is worth getting acquainted with the tips that have repeatedly proven their viability.


In this context, we are talking about success stories. Donald Trump, Bill Gates, Oprah Winfrey and other media personalities do not hide how they made their way to the heights of Olympus. Getting to know the stories of people who overcame difficulties and achieved their dreams is a great motivation. Because these are not fairy tales, but situations from life. The advice of financiers and stock magnates (bright examples of professions) can and should be used, depending on the specific situation.

But there are no restrictions on how information is obtained. The material is better absorbed in printed form – memoirs, biographies, newspapers, magazines are suitable. No desire to read – watch the video. Information, supplemented by a video sequence, is distinguished by a simplified presentation. Tip: Use multiple sources.

Correct assessment

Stop and look around. Evaluate your life from the inside, not paying attention to public opinion. Perhaps your working conditions are ideal. And the desire to change something is simply imposed on you. In this case, it is worth getting rid of communication with advisers. Sometimes, it’s hard to do so. Especially if "with all my heart" advise close and dear people. But your life is your decisions. For all questions, and for work in particular.

New Skills

In school years, folk wisdom that “do not carry knowledge behind your shoulders" is not taken seriously. Time passes and the understanding comes that the more a person knows, the easier it is for him in life. Easier not in the conventional sense. Just in this respect it is much easier to know less. Easier in matters of finding the ideal place to work. The reason is the choice. In this case, the employer is interested in having an educated and experienced person join his staff. And here is a completely different attitude, including working conditions (personal account, access to international resources, the possibility of advanced training) and high salaries.

Do not forget about self-esteem. An educated person with professional skills is a confident representative of society. With such initial data, the question of how to find a good job is easily solved.


Immediately worth noting: the step is radical. To decide on it, you need motivation and difficult life circumstances. Leaving your comfort zone is risky. And, it is fair to point out that it is not always justified. Therefore, before taking risks, it is important to assess the reality and understand whether something needs to be changed. If yes, then the sooner changes occur, the better. Do not be afraid of the assessment of society. Even an infallible person can be criticized. If you understand that you need to change something, feel free to proceed with the implementation of the idea.

Example: an engineer who has worked for 20 years in a metallurgical plant opens his own photography workshop. And what difference does it make what society thinks about it. A person is happy doing what he loves. Which, like a cherry on a cake, additionally brings a good income.

Tip: When you step into a new field, don’t expect instant results. If the case is absolutely new, then it takes from 4 to 6 months to master the necessary information and put it into practice. According to experts, when starting a new business, you need at least a year or two to confidently “stand on your feet”.

Consider a financial cushion. Tips from financiers: the amount of savings should be enough until the start of stable cash receipts.


No need to delay with theory. As soon as the answers to questions about the personal vision of work and dreams come in, you need to start taking action. The secret of success is directed activity. Fuss and throwing will not lead to significant results. What can not be said about perseverance in the chosen direction.

Write a resume. There is no typical. Templates are available on the Internet, which can be supplemented depending on the situation. A resume is not an autobiography. Conciseness and clarity are important in the document. It is important to provide all the necessary information:

  • previous employment;
  • professional skills;
  • personal qualities;
  • goals and ways to achieve them.

This is a rough list of what a resume should contain. Structure your document by separating text into paragraphs and lists. A well-written resume will attract the attention of an employer who is able to offer a dream job.

Don’t be afraid to call HR or the HR manager. Clarify, ask, ask questions. Alternative option: make an appointment. In self-respecting companies aimed at continuous development, meetings are regularly held with potential applicants. They are held in the format of easy communication, which does not interfere with their informativeness.

Forget about the word "later". The opinion that everything will be fine, you just need to be patient, has become obsolete. It will not happen if nothing is “good” for this. Life will not stop by giving a person time to wait. She goes forward, and very quickly. Believe me, making a decision at 20-25 is easier than at 45. But this does not mean that after 45 you cannot change jobs. Difficult, but possible. This is the point. The dream job has no age or gender restrictions.

Do you want to do what you love, which brings moral pleasure and high income? Nobody limits you. Act, the result will not be long in coming.

Can’t Find Your Dream Job: 3 Common Mistakes

How to find a dream job - tips for everyone

What to do if there is an understanding of what the work should be. But there is an honest assessment of skills and abilities. As well as the desire to grow and develop, and employers regularly refuse. Recruiters and HR managers, after conducting a comparative analysis, identified 3 mistakes that applicants make when applying for a position in a company.


This is a kind of business card that may interest an employee of the personnel department or, conversely, cause negative emotions. Because a carelessly completed document speaks about the personal qualities of a potential employee.

Common resume mistakes:

  1. Spelling or grammatical errors. It would seem that it is easier to use free online services. But no. Spelling errors in resumes are common. Question: how can you take seriously a person who cannot compose simple sentences and correctly formulate an idea?
  2. Extra information. Brevity and conciseness of presentation are the main secrets of a working resume. Enter the information that will be needed when considering the candidacy. Example: blood type and the number of operations carried out do not apply to it.
  3. There is no complete picture. The other extreme: only general information. Example: speaking about education, you need to indicate not only its type, but the educational institution, years of study, the full name of the specialty. Are you active in sports and win prizes in competitions? Write about it.

Heightened self-esteem

Self-respect should not go beyond reasonable limits. The idea that “I am the best” is dangerous and destructive. There are many examples of how people with inflated self-esteem found themselves with a “broken trough”. But such behavior is accompanied by resentment against society. And there is an opinion that a person is not appreciated, they do not understand, they cannot accept him as he is. Once again: self-esteem and conceit are different psychological terms. And if in the first case we can talk about a mandatory component of a successful person, then the second is a road to nowhere.

Important tip: You are looking for your dream job. So it’s in your best interest to apply. Do not think that this issue will be decided by the employer. Yes, there are examples of how recruiters or HR managers themselves contacted job seekers. But here an integrated approach and personal participation are important. No one will know what kind of specialist you are with many years of practical experience if you do not tell about it in accessible ways. As a result: you need to personally contact employers and go to interviews if invited. No one will persuade you to accept the offer, unless you are an international-level specialist with unique professional qualities that are of particular value. But, statistical evaluation shows that such masters are not concerned about finding a dream job.

Refusal of offers

The applicant spent time compiling a resume, sent it to potential employers (selected 4-5 companies from an impressive list). The application was reviewed and invited for an interview. We can say that the first half of the path to success has been passed. But no. After all, a person refuses a vacancy, finding "weighty" (the word is not in vain written in quotation marks) reasons. Because there are many. For example, the office is far away, there is no clear description of job responsibilities, they take it with the condition of obtaining rights or mastering basic English in 6 months. But the list can be extended ad infinitum.

Are these objective or subjective reasons? Worth sorting out. Well, with the rights and English there can be difficulties. But they can always be argued to convey to the authorities. Explain that more time is needed, or inquire about the possibility of obtaining additional skills at the expense of the company.

No detailed list of job responsibilities? Issues are resolved during a personal conversation with the immediate supervisor. But you are afraid of the possibility of increasing the volume of work without additional payment? Discuss this at the hiring stage. There are no unanswerable questions. Because we are in a civilized society.

Is the office far from home? In the absence of a personal car and convenient transportation, the problem is serious. But it is also solvable. Example: a common practice of large companies is free delivery of employees living in remote areas. If the employer is kind enough to provide company transport.

But in fact: you should not refuse a vacancy without first discussing issues with your future boss. Because otherwise the probability of finding a dream job is reduced to a critical minimum.

Life and dream work: find a way out of difficult situations

Finding the perfect job requires a careful approach. Not every recruiter’s recommendation and psychologist’s advice can be used, given the specific situation.

No work expirience

Hold off on ambition. Because at the start you are lagging behind applicants who have the necessary professional skills. Accept the fact that at the initial stage you will have to work with a minimum salary. But in order for the management to notice you, it takes time and your active participation.

Do not give up the role in social events, talk with more experienced colleagues. And don’t be afraid to ask questions. Because six months or a year of work in the company will prove your worth. And it will affect wages.

A working life hack: get an internship at a large company. Because domestic and foreign entrepreneurs are interested in "fresh" personnel. Yes, the internship is paid at a minimum level, but the experience gained is worth a lot.

No required skills

Do not rush to quit your old job. After all, if you find time to gain new knowledge, it will be better. It can be trainings, advanced training courses, seminars, networking.

Both face-to-face and distance learning are encouraged. The approach will allow you to get the necessary information, thanks to which the transition to a new place of work will be as comfortable as possible. But here’s an HR manager’s advice: Tell your boss that you’re planning to change jobs. Because for a valuable employee, they will find reserves that will help keep him in the company on favorable terms.

No desire to work

It is important to understand the causes of apathy. If you are tired, arrange an unplanned rest for yourself. Change the environment, change your social circle. Do you want peace and quiet? Country house is a good solution. Rest as much as you see fit, without being guided by the opinion of society. Because apathy, a vivid manifestation of which is the lack of desire to work, can be the first “bell” of depression.

If the reason for not wanting to work is the understanding that you are not doing your job, you should think about changes. Your dream job is waiting for you. The main thing is to correctly prioritize and eliminate rash decisions. Do not be afraid of change, even cardinal. Example: You don’t want to work in an office, preferring to freelance. But today, remote work brings income no less than five days in production.


In conclusion, we say that there is no universal definition of what a dream job is. Because each representative of society puts his own meaning into this concept. How to find the job you dream of? Assess your abilities, write a resume, contact the employer, have an interview. Four steps – the way, after passing which, the word work will cause only positive emotions.

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