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How to pass an interview


How to pass a job interview is the most common question when we are looking for a new job. I want the suit to fit and the speech to be literate. However, sometimes, excitement confuses all the cards. We will give some recommendations on how to show your strengths and be a successful candidate in this article.

How to pass an interview

How to pass an oral interview?

Our speech, as the famous American TV and radio host Larry King used to say, is the greatest wealth given to us. However, how to make sure that the language does not become an enemy, especially at a crucial moment? A few useful tips, tested on the personal experience of many, many candidates, will be a good help to make it work. And it turned out exactly the way you envisioned. Therefore, in order to better understand how to successfully pass an interview, let’s figure it out together.

What should you do when preparing for an oral interview?

How to pass an interview

Of course, the first and most important thing is to study the issue on the Internet. A huge number of useful videos will definitely help you in this aspect.

Moreover, when you are studying any question, whether it is how to pass an interview or pickle cucumbers, it is better to study all the offers of search engines. As you know, the wider your horizons, the more likely you are to predict a tricky question or, conversely, turn everything into a joke at a crucial moment.

Regarding what kind of information to look for about interviews, it is worth noting the following. In addition to general questions, you should familiarize yourself with the specifics of your particular field. And here, no one but you knows better how to send a request to the search. For example, if you are going to the position of an engineer, then it is clearly worth familiarizing yourself with narrowly focused questions in this area.

Also, find out all available information about the company you are going to interview. It is important. The employer is always pleased when, at the end of the dialogue, you can say a few words about his organization. In addition, any additional information can become your trump card in case of a disputable situation.

How to dress for an interview?

How to pass an interview

Regardless of whether you will communicate online or in person, choose a neutral dress code. Undoubtedly, there are areas where your bow is not fundamental at all. For example, the field of IT technologies, and indeed everything related to remote work, modern specialties where you are not in sight. But, even if we are talking about just such a working dialogue, it is still better to dress in soothing shades.

Do not forget that the person is seeing you for the first time. In other words, they are greeted by clothes – not without reason they say. You can be very erudite, answer all questions, make everything clear in terms of assignments. But! If you forgot to wash your hair or iron your shirt the day before, this can be a decisive moment. After all, as a rule, the person who interviews you is your immediate supervisor. In other words, he interacts with you every day. And, if you made an unpleasant impression on an ordinary human level, then you may be refused without explanation.

How to behave in an interview?How to pass an interview

To successfully pass the interview, first of all, you need to be calm. Do not give hasty answers, do not rush anywhere at all. Remember that any information, both in court and here, can be used against you.

For example, you came for an oral interview for the position of a copy editor. Everything is going well, and suddenly the employer asks you, what book are you currently reading? And, if at the moment you are not a fan of literature, because there is simply no time, then say so. While being a very well-read person, you are definitely fit for the position. But such an answer can close the logical chain in the head of the employer as follows. Namely, the candidate wants to work as an editor and must read all the time in order to improve his language. And here is a statement.

In addition, do not forget about some other important aspects of a good interview with a positive outcome:

  • be natural, smile, don’t fidget in your chair, don’t look at the time, be yourself;
  • before answering a question, give yourself time to think, always, even when the answer seems obvious;
  • do not be late, it is better to arrive in advance, see the building, if possible, the office, wait in the lobby, but it is definitely not worth starting with a violation;
  • if they offer tea or water, do not refuse, because the tea ceremony itself is a procedure for setting up a positive conversation, and besides, your throat can simply dry out from excitement.

How to end an interview the right way?

How to pass an interview

Usually, at the beginning of the interview, you talk about yourself. And then the employer does the same, only now about your potential job. Often with such a presentation, you can not get answers to all your questions. In other words, the interviewer is not worried, because he is in his usual circumstances. For him, this is the norm. And here you are – still like, worried and even worried.

In addition, it is possible that some aspects will not suit you, then there is nothing to wait for the result at all, but you can safely go in search of another position. If at the end of the interview you take out a notebook and ask questions directly from the sheet, there is nothing to worry about. On the other hand, the employer will see you as a reliable candidate who has prepared the day before and knows exactly what he wants.

What else? Some Helpful Tips

Do not forget that the employer is of the same tribe with you. In other words, build a dialogue with a living person who is sitting in front of you. Do not get lost, smile, be confident in yourself, it always captivates.

And then, do not be afraid to go to different interviews. Do not refuse, even if the vacancy is not exactly what you want. Sometimes, such constant rehearsals become the key to your ever-increasing self-confidence. And then, it also happens that you can really like your future leader, and he – you. In this case, perhaps the working conditions will be adjusted on the spot right under you. And the position, which initially did not quite like, can become a dream job!

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