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How to find a sponsor


Many successful businessmen, owners of their own brands started by investing in themselves and their idea. Moreover, this investment was initially free of charge from interested patrons. But how to find these rich patrons. Where to look for sponsorship? We’ll talk about this in the article.

How to find a sponsor

Where to find a sponsor: where to start

First of all, you need to understand that sponsorship is not an ephemeral thing at all. In Silicon Valley, for example, everything is geared towards successful startups. Young minds defend their ideas, create cool presentations and receive funding to implement them. This is not a fairy tale at all. And for your project, this situation can become quite real.

To begin with, remember that finding a sponsor is an advertising campaign for your project. In other words, your task is to attract interest. Whom? Those who could potentially be interested in investing their capital in your idea. Sponsorship is not volunteering. Naturally, any philanthropist wants a concrete understanding of their profits. That is, if he invests, then he needs terms and figures.

How to draw up a marketing and strategic plan without skills in this business? In other words, here is you and your idea. At this stage, that’s all. First of all, get acquainted with the information on the Internet. Buy a book about launching projects of various successful people. Use the advice of those who have already gone your way from the beginning to a financially successful project.

Also, define your target audience. And choose a sponsor from this audience. At the initial stage, even your friend can invest in the project. Or, which is also quite common – the manager at the current job.

Where you come – and here you are, a few investors who are ready to invest in a successful idea. Therefore, being lately, it is a little more difficult to look for a sponsor. But believe me, if there is a desire, there will be a rich ally.

What is sponsorship?

How to find a sponsor

Now you can often hear two newfangled variations of investing in projects. Fundraising and crowdfunding. Both of these branches are key concepts in how to find a sponsor. Commercially profitable and with a complete strategic plan for further profit.

Why figure it out? The fact is that the search for sponsorship may not be limited to a specific person. In other words, if you have a startup, then first evaluate its further progress. On behalf of the company you will do this or it is your personal initiative. In addition, the size of attachments, which will be optimal. Aims and essence of the project. Thus, a preliminary educational program definitely does not hurt.

  • Fundraising. This is an activity that combines several fundraising activities. As a rule, it is used by already existing companies with their own website, understanding of the market.
  • Crowdfunding. Usually occupies a niche of finding funds through mass communications. As a rule, there is no way to support websites, commercial advertising tasks. In other words, this is a search for money through special platforms, which already have their own well -established system for such purposes. Usually those startups of creative projects, charitable projects use this method.

How to find a sponsor: personal meeting

How to find a sponsor

Imagine a situation where you have defined the target audience for your event. The next step is to find potential candidates who will invest in your project. Now we need an advertising campaign. Because working with a sponsor is nothing more than attracting his interest to "buy" your project. Investing your capital in it. So, in order:

  • First, compose a mailing letter. The one that will contain the maximum information at the minimum cost. In other words, the principle – brevity – the sister of talent, it definitely works here. Keep in mind that people who own money are not big fans of reading miles of text about how important the artistic component of your idea is. Believe me, a few words about the benefits of the case, two sentences describing the concept. In addition, a list of activities for the implementation of capital. The last point is profit and timing. All. The rest is already the defense of your idea at a personal meeting.
  • Distribution control. After you have sent the letter, you definitely should not relax. This is only the first step in attracting investment to the project. Then your task is to call and control the situation with questions. Have you seen your presentation? How long will it take to resolve?
  • Personal meeting. If you, nevertheless, managed to achieve an audience, then be prepared for questions. The sponsor will ask them. You must clearly articulate your position. Calmly and confidently talk about the goals of the project and how to implement it. At the same time, be quite proactive and open. A smile is the best weapon, remember that.

What to do if the sponsor refused: alternative methods?

How to find a sponsor

If the meeting was held, but did not end with the desired result. Or it doesn’t smell like negotiations at all, then don’t despair.

Think about the face of your project – in short. And work as much as possible in this direction.
You can participate in the lives of potential sponsors. For example, congratulate them on holidays or go to all company events. It is important that your face flashes in the right places all the time. Attend events where the desired company. Or a specific patron. In addition, visit such events where there may be potential candidates for commercial support of your initiative.

Be sure that any actions aimed at the result will bear fruit. The only important thing is not to give up and burn with your work. Then there will be someone who will believe in you and support you. Financially, first of all.

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