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Need money urgently? How to make money online?


Back in the early 2000s, it was difficult for a person to imagine that a stable income on the Internet was possible. Technology has stepped forward, and now many people know how to earn money through the Internet without much investment.

First you need to answer the question “Am I ready to painstakingly develop my own business?". After all, you have to work hard to earn a living. You still need to answer the following questions:

  1. How much time do you spend making money online?
  2. How much money do you want to earn per day or month (or for another period of time);
  3. Is it necessary to combine work on the Internet with the main work;
  4. Does it make sense to officially find a job (for example, to register self-employment through the State Services).

Need money urgently? How to make money online?

Over time, more questions will arise. To answer them, read articles on the Internet, talk to friends who are already making money on the World Wide Web. It is better to take the time to study the topic now than to regret a missed opportunity in a year.

Features, advantages and disadvantages

In the vastness of the World Wide Web, you will find thousands of articles where they analyze how you can make money quickly on the Internet. Unfortunately, most of the described methods are suitable for beginners who seek to find a part-time job.

It is unlikely that a modern citizen will be satisfied with earning 200-400 🪙 per day. Want more money. To reach the expected level of income, you need to start right, develop a competent development vector. This is the main feature of the Internet business.

Here are five main benefits:

1 free work schedule: you decide when it is convenient to earn money;

2 there is a lot of useful literature: articles, teaching materials, expert opinions – this will help you choose and develop your own business;

3 no special skills are needed – even a beginner can master complex work with a competent approach;

4 no attachments for most methods;

5 different methods of earning: try at least 5-10 to see which one is best for you.

There are also disadvantages. There are scammers operating on the Internet who lure newbies to dangerous sites and deceive them. Another disadvantage is that it is impossible to earn a lot at the beginning of the activity. In addition, a person will have to face loneliness.

A computer, smartphone or laptop will become his constant companions. You will have to look for motivation to work further: now only you can say to yourself “stop being lazy”. No one else will be scolded for the fact that the work is not done.

TOP 75 proven ways to make money

In the article, we will consider the TOP 75 real ways to make money on the Internet. You will get acquainted only with those methods that do not involve fraud, "gray schemes", deception of compatriots. Only legal activity. Some methods require investment, but most do not.

Need money urgently? How to make money online?

1 Blogging

The audience of bloggers is impressive, they become idols of youth. Their income sometimes exceeds several million 🪙 per month. Just making money from advertising brings easy money. But with a wave of a magic wand, you will not become popular.

If you are a beginner, you will first have to answer the question: what niche to occupy? If you are going to publish funny videos, you will have to compete with mastodons. It’s hard to start.

A good solution: blog, publishing useful articles on the Internet. Let us give a simple but real example for today – with a coronavirus infection. You write articles about the usefulness of vaccination, about WHO recommendations, about which clinic to go to.

You can create your own website dedicated to a topical issue. If you promote the portal, hire authors who will publish news, write articles with expert content.

A blog can be about any topic. Why not create your own website and tell the society how easy it is for everyone to make money on the Internet?

If you run a text blog and write articles, consider the recommendations:

  1. Post new articles regularly
  2. look for smart authors on the Internet;
  3. publish only relevant and useful materials;
  4. do not abandon the site (blog) even for a while;
  5. change the design periodically.

If the blog has become popular, go to social networks and share the material there. Beginners can immediately write texts and post them on Instagram or the VK community. Subsequently, you will earn money from advertising.

Blogging is the TOP way. Everyone will earn money if you start from scratch. Remember that in the first weeks and even months you are gaining an audience. Subscribers don’t fall from heaven. You may have to spend money on advertising (for example, in Yandex), promote your Instagram profile using popular tools.

The most important thing is to find a theme that you like. Many journalists did not graduate from university to create a cool project. At the same time, each of them was burning with some idea, so I could work on it for years.

Step by step guide for beginner bloggers

• Choose the right niche

If you are well versed in the country’s economy, devote articles or videos to finance. If you are a football connoisseur, write texts or shoot videos on this topic. Do not dive into unknown topics, spending time learning – develop the skills you already have.

• Choose your platform

First, you can create an Instagram profile or order an inexpensive site – there are free designers. There you can find ready-made templates specifically for sites where blogs are maintained.

If you don’t want to spend money, learn how to do it yourself. There are tons of tutorials online! You will not only get a tool for the job, but also a useful skill. By the way, it can also be monetized.

• Invest when needed

Buying ads for money is an important tool for promoting any content. Efforts alone are not enough, in any case, you will have to spend money on promoting a website, YouTube channel or Instagram profile.

Fortunately, there are also free advertising options: mutual promotion with bloggers, barter. It will be difficult in the early stages. As soon as you gain a small audience, you yourself will receive such offers.

2 Copywriting

Copywriting is always in the TOP of ways. In simple terms, this is writing articles for money: informational, commercial, business, news. The earnings of copywriters are different: from 10 to 300 thousand 🪙 per month. Money usually pays for 1000 symbols.

Copywriting is easy for beginners to master, but to make money, you need to:

  1. have a good command of the current language: articles should be of high quality in terms of spelling, style, punctuation and vocabulary;
  2. uniqueness comes to the fore – there are special services for its verification;
  3. creativity: the more interesting the articles, the more money you will earn;
  4. the presence of a stable Internet and the presence of a PC or laptop with an office suite;
  5. be ready to start working for "pennies".

Let’s take a closer look at the last point. First you have to prove that you are a good writer. Therefore, at the first stage, work on creating a portfolio. Potential clients will see your texts, evaluate the style of presentation, literacy and other parameters.

2 proven ways to make money on copywriting: on stock exchanges and directly with customers. The first option is perfect for beginners who are ready to work for 15 🪙 for 1000 characters to “fill” their hand and create a portfolio.

Exchanges have other advantages: a guarantee of a fair deal, a lot of orders, the publication of articles for sale. Disadvantages: commission, the highest competition, the absence of expensive orders.

How a copywriter finds clients

  1. make a mailing list with a commercial offer;
  2. maintain a page on social networks;
  3. publish ads;
  4. use all the possibilities of "word of mouth";
  5. study thematic forums.

To reach a new level, form a positive opinion about yourself. Find useful materials on how to make money online and get reviews. We do not recommend paying money for "fake" comments – this is a deception, first of all, of oneself. Earn reviews honestly: if you completed the project, ask the customer to write a few words about the author.

In the future, you will be able to take larger orders: write scripts for videos, advertising offers, posts for famous bloggers. Often beginners who worked almost for free become masters and get big money.

For a copywriter, it is important to decide on the topic in which he would like to work. This will be a great advantage: an interesting article is not only a beautiful style, but also valuable information.

Need money urgently? How to make money online?

3 Cryptocurrency mining

From year to year the method becomes more and more popular. Despite the dubiousness of the method, it brings a good income even to a beginner. We will tell you how to earn cryptocurrency on the Internet yourself.

How to start mining: instructions

• Decide on a cryptocurrency

Find out which digital currency is in demand right now, how difficult it is to get. Bitcoin is the most popular option, however, it is extremely unstable. If you pick up a little-known currency and sell it when the rate soars, you can earn a lot.

• buy equipment

The minimum "set": a computer, a video card, a processor, as well as a room. Investments will be required: cryptocurrency mining involves spending hundreds of thousands 🪙 at the initial stage. In the future, you will have to pay money for electricity: tens of thousands 🪙 can go a year.

• Choose a community

If you are a beginner, the Zpool service is suitable, for more experienced miners, it is better to use Bitcoin.cz. Be sure to study the reviews about the community of miners, find out from what year it has been working, what currencies it offers to earn.

• Set up a mining program

The start of the computational process occurs through a special program – the miner. Most are designed for a specific operating system. For example, if you are mining ether, use the Ethminer software.

• Start mining

Be sure to follow the process. Along the way, read articles on how to develop a business. To withdraw money, use a special tab in the program. Never rush! The exchange rate of the digital currency changes regularly.

We recommend starting mining only for those who are ready to invest at least 200 thousand 🪙 in the business. The first month will be spent on setting up equipment and programs, familiarizing yourself with the process. It is not worth waiting for profit for some time, the payback period is about a year.

However, after 12 months, you will begin to receive from 30 to 40 thousand profits. Income depends on the exchange rate. Therefore, monitor the market every day.

Also, be aware of the risks. Articles rarely write about them, but in vain. Firstly, you can buy low-quality equipment that will have to be replaced. This will save you time and sometimes money.

Secondly, the exchange rate can change. Look for something that can mine both bitcoin and something else: video cards are suitable for this. On the plus side: video cards are constantly becoming more expensive, so if you want to sell them, you can earn money.

Need money urgently? How to make money online?

4 Opening an online store

Many articles are devoted to how to make money on an online store. This is really the TOP way, and beginners can start earning without special skills. To do this, become a partner of a well-known franchise (the simplest example is Wildberries).

It is more effective, however, to open your own online store. The point will bring from 100 thousand 🪙 to several million in the first year of operation.


• Order or develop a site yourself, the easiest way is to use ready-made templates of online stores.

• Buy items: read real reviews of what’s hot. For example, at one time, the pop-it toy became a real hit of the year. Imagine how much the first sellers earned on it. A smart solution is to buy goods on Chinese platforms like Aliexpress. Be sure to make a purchase on the days of sales, powerful promotions.

• Create a creative product description. Avoid templates – to hook the buyer and earn good money, present the product profitably. For more income, hire a professional manager, do not spare money at the first stage.

• Promote an online store, devote your free time to it. A website should be just one way to sell, so get social media pages. Investments can be large at the first stage, but after a year they will pay off.

An online store can be a cool solution for many. For example, if you are an artist, you can sell your paintings yourself. If you like to travel, you can find the most profitable suppliers of goods.

Keep in mind that creating a store is not easy. You will need to describe to people how your product is useful, understand the audience, launch advertising. Solve legal issues: register a legal entity, keep records of finances. Over time, the company will grow, and you will delegate tasks. But at first, you have to do it yourself.

Important: money on an online store is earned not only by selling goods. If the outlet has become popular, sell ads.

5 Affiliate programs

Earning without investment. You do not invest money at all, but in order to earn it, you need to devote your free time to finding people. The essence of affiliate programs is the same everywhere: you find clients, and then you get a percentage if they made a deal. This works, for example, with a bookmaker:

  1. register in the system, go to the section dedicated to the affiliate program;
  2. carefully read the working conditions;
  3. look for clients who are ready to bet money on sporting events, tell them about the benefits of a particular bookmaker;
  4. you get a percentage of the amount that the partner you brought bets at the bookmaker’s office.

The amount of earnings directly depends on the number of attracted partners. It should be people who invest money in the system.

The advantage of earning on affiliate programs is that you can use several resources at the same time. Register on several platforms, copywriting exchanges, review sites. There are interesting partnerships everywhere.

We are constantly faced with affiliate programs: when we advise someone, when someone is recommended to us. For example, a photographer is asked about good models. Models are about cool stylists. Stylists – about stores.

If he is constantly working, he knows both. Especially enterprising guys take 10% for introducing specialists. This happens, of course, only if the transaction has taken place.

Important: the affiliate program is a passive income. First, you will have to look for people who are willing to pay money, for example, for good articles. In the early days, you are unlikely to earn. But then the money will "drop" into your account regularly. That is, then you can do nothing, but receive a stable income.

6 Leveling and selling game characters

Anyone can start. This method is considered cost-effective for one simple reason – the gaming industry has reached a new level, especially during the coronavirus pandemic. Walkthrough:

• Select a game. To get good money, online tournaments must be held on it.

• Upgrade your character. Develop his skills, find valuable items, clothes, equipment. Feel free to explore locations that seem boring and go through additional quests. Read quest walkthroughs, learn ways to get more “achievements”.

• Sell your upgraded character on special platforms. You will be charged a certain commission, but you will definitely receive money, fraud is excluded.

Important advice: read articles about how to level up a game character. Articles are produced by experts, they reveal the secrets of quickly finding valuable items. Watch videos, new items from professional gamers are released every day.

There are many ways to make money on games: selling accounts, coaching, NFT projects. It will be easy for a player with many years of experience to master them. If you spend several hours at the computer every day, consider turning your hobby into a job.

Need money urgently? How to make money online?

7 Earning on reviews

A proven way to make money online. Attracts ease of earnings, lack of special skills and investments. The main thing is to find a good platform where you will publish articles in the form of reviews. Popular sites: IRecommend.ru and Otzovik.

Here is an algorithm of actions on how to start a beginner:

• Registration in the system.

We recommend choosing several popular and little-known sites.

• Posting a review.

You should not share your opinion about the first product that comes across. If you bought a new iPhone, this is a relevant and useful product for the target audience – an opinion about it is valuable. If you want to leave a review for a computer mouse bought a few years ago, you are unlikely to earn a lot of money.

• Get paid for every view.

The more views, the more money you earn and withdraw to a bank card, electronic wallet or phone number.

Yes, the scheme of making money on reviews on the Internet looks simple. But there are difficulties. The first is to write competent texts that look like professional articles. Improve your current language and learn from copywriters.

Next, you need to devote your free time to writing reviews. They are carefully checked by site administrators, dishonest articles are immediately deleted, and the person’s account is blocked. Keep in mind that you should not expect big earnings. It will turn out to be about 200-300 🪙 per day, provided that your reviews are often viewed and you are registered on several sites.

Tips on how to make more money on reviews:

  1. take clear, realistic photos, upload at least 5 pictures to the site;
  2. carefully check the spelling, punctuation, style and uniqueness of the article;
  3. do not advertise the product – write a real review, indicating, among other things, the shortcomings;
  4. respond to comments left under the written article;
  5. promote reviews: on blogs or social networks, for example, on instagram;
  6. register on new sites that attract article authors with favorable partnership conditions.

This story is not about big money, but about how in 15 minutes you can pay for a couple of trips to the subway or a cup of coffee. It would seem a trifle, but they make up the financial situation.

8 Making money on social networks

Many communities in social networks order paid comments and likes through specialized services. People who need easy money click on the “heart”, write short comments, enter into a discussion.

Performers and customers cooperate through special software, here are popular options: Forumok, VKserfing, VKTarget, UNU. Services are exchanges where you need to register, take and complete tasks for money.

We do not recommend this method: it is very energy-consuming, almost does not bring profit. It is difficult to call him honest for the customer.

Benefits of making money on social networks

1 Simplicity

Rate the post, leave a concise comment (do not write an article), like it. No complicated steps.

2 A large number of tasks

Register on all exchanges, complete fresh tasks and get money.

3 Earn money from a smartphone

Install a special application on your gadget and earn money while lying on the couch.

4 Honesty

If you register on reliable services, no one will deceive you. Complete the task, get money.

5 Lack of investment

All you need is a smartphone and a stable internet connection. You can start at any time. Making money on social networks is good because it is easily combined with the main job.

The main disadvantage is the inability to earn a lot of money. Newbies get pennies for comments, some customers pay up to 10-15 🪙 for a review, but such orders are rare. The second disadvantage is the enormous competition.

If you see an interesting and well-paid order, react quickly. The more money the customer pays, the more responses from the performers.

Tips on how to increase earnings:

• Register on 5-10 sites, then keep only profitable platforms. You kill two birds with one stone: you lose less time and get more money for completing tasks.

• Participate in referral programs. Engage people by explaining to them the benefits of earning money in social networks. Tell them that they will receive money without investment for simple tasks, that they start with no experience, and so on. This way you can increase your profits.

• Upgrade your account. On advanced exchanges, experienced users have certain privileges. For example, a customer asks to write a voluminous commentary and considers applications from potential contractors. He will certainly give preference to an experienced author.

• Read helpful articles. Perhaps there are new platforms that you did not know about before. To attract customers and performers, the administration will offer more money and more favorable conditions to newcomers.

Perhaps some of you will start with this method, and then find more interesting options. For example, the same affiliate programs, infobusiness, etc.

9 Participation in online surveys

Another method of how to make money online easily and quickly. Already on the day of registration you will receive a survey, after which the money will be credited to your account. The scheme is simple, effective, only earnings are relatively small.

There are many sites that send surveys. Among the best are Opinion Outpost, Survey Junkie and Swagbucks Surveys. To participate in surveys, register in the system: you will receive an email with a link, after clicking on which you can start working.

The specifics of earnings on questionnaires 

Questions must be answered honestly. It is indeed a job, and not an easy one. If there are contradictions in the answers and the questionnaire that you fill out during registration, the money will not be paid. Besides:

• Surveys are not sent every day. We recommend that you register on several sites in order to get more opportunities for earning. You can start right now.

• They pay about 30-50 🪙 for one survey, sometimes more. You are unlikely to earn more than 500 🪙 per day, so consider the activity as an additional income.

Tip: read literature on the Internet on how to speed up the process, how to earn more. Some articles and even websites are devoted to questionnaires. By visiting the portal, you will find out that another specialized service has appeared.

Need money urgently? How to make money online?

10 Earnings in bookmakers

A real way to get a stable income and make the activity the main job. Let’s take a look at the disadvantages:

• Beginners will have to study articles on how to bet correctly. Take the time to study the literature in order to choose the right bookmaker, master some of the subtleties, and get acquainted with the terms.

• There is a risk of losing money. Bookmakers are compared with slot machines – you can’t do without a bit of luck. For example, the team you bet on concedes an offensive goal in the last second of the game, and the entire bet will “burn out”.

• Investment required. Yes, you can earn 1 million 🪙 with 1 thousand 🪙. But such miracles rarely happen in bookmakers. We recommend that you allocate a small budget for bets in order to assess your own strengths.

Let’s say 2 thousand 🪙. Of course, you should not immediately bet everything on one event. Scatter the amount over different outcomes, take short breaks, wait for good odds.

Important: earnings will require discipline and patience. Don’t chase easy wins. Bookmakers rarely make miscalculations. Yes, it happens that with any outcome of the competition, the player makes a profit. But experienced bookmakers always remain in the black in the long run.

Let’s mention the company "Winline", whose income is several billion 🪙 per year. Of course, they make money from advertising, but most of the money comes from gamblers.

Remember that you can use risky ways of income only if you have a financial cushion. This means that part of the money is in a separate account, and if anything you will not be left without everything. Don’t sell valuables for questionable investments.

Tips for those who want to make money with bookmakers

• Look for bookmakers that offer beginners a bonus that is played out immediately and the better gets paid. To use it, follow the terms of the promotion.

• Regularly read articles about bookmakers. Experienced players share the secrets of the game. Never trust scammers who offer "leaked" matches for money. Capper activity is not officially prohibited, so scammers lure people through telegram channels, WhatsApp, and social networks. There is only one way out – deceit.

• Choose sports that you understand. Do not bet on horse races or a match of the Mongolian football championship, guided only by statistics. You have to understand the sport, follow the events, watch matches, analyze the game.

• Register in several offices. Also, compare odds, especially on the day of highly anticipated sporting events. Sometimes the difference between the offers of BC is significant.

Tips for beginners: prepare for losing money, for example, as a result of an impulsive bet. The main thing – remember: earnings are possible only over a long distance. There are players who consistently receive up to several million 🪙 per year in net income. But they devote all their free time to this activity on the Internet.

11 Online learning

Online learning and tutoring are often put in the same cohort. But these are different activities. Tutoring is a professional activity where an expert in a particular field prepares a student.

Learning on the Internet involves a routine process built according to a specific scheme. The format includes theory courses, practice, training videos, trainings.

This type of earnings on the Internet has three obvious advantages: firstly, no investment or minimal costs. Secondly, a quick income if you are an expert in a particular field. In conclusion, this is constant communication with people, the absence of loneliness, traditional for Internet earnings.

There are plenty of cons too. First, you will have to withstand tangible competition. If you are a graphic design or programming expert, you are unlikely to earn more than 15-20 thousand 🪙 in the first month. It takes a lot of time to find clients. Secondly, it is necessary to think over a unique format. You can probably see how popular online learning is. Social media ads pop up all the time.

Tip: in order to make good money, think over not only the right format, but also try to teach something useful. In other words, take what the few offer: a unique product is quoted highly. Of course, keep in mind the trends.

12 Earn money from a podcast

The podcast market has recently been new: it has been actively developing since 2018. Yes, the first wave has passed, but according to the Interactive Advertising Bureau, podcast ad spend will reach 1.5 billion 🪙. The increase compared to 2020 will reach 1000 percent.

Here’s how to make money fast from a podcast in a few words:

  1. buy equipment and software: a microphone and a sound processing program (this is a simple set);
  2. spend on advertising to attract listeners;
  3. choose a source of income and receive money for creative releases.

Surely the reader is interested in the third point. Earnings on the Internet from podcasts are received in three ways. The first is donations. You attract a loyal audience that listens to content and pays money. The topic must be relevant. For example, in 2021, podcasts about coronavirus, about vaccines, about covid restrictions, about QR codes are popular.

The second way is to take money for a subscription. At the initial stage, you will not earn anything in this way. We recommend creating a name for yourself, getting the public interested in cool content, starting your own website or blog, or a page on a social network.

The third way is to insert ads into issues. Advertisers will not pay money to an unknown podcaster. Therefore, we recommend that you first acquire an audience. For example, people are attracted through reposts and the same advertisement, through influencers.

13 Affiliate Marketing

Do not confuse with affiliate programs! This method involves the sale of goods of other people or online stores. A prime example is Ozon. You become a partner of a famous online store and sell its products: through your own website, social networks, ads and other platforms. If you successfully implement them, you get a percentage.

Advantages of the method:

  1. no start-up capital required;
  2. there are practically no restrictions on earnings (get up to 1 million or more 🪙 per month);
  3. establishing passive income;
  4. the prospect of career growth and invitations to a well-known company.

A visible disadvantage is strong competition. We recommend that you first find some unique, but sought-after product. The pop-it example was mentioned above.

14 Email Marketing

Many people who have e-mail receive dozens of letters. There are a lot of mailing lists. And even if you are not subscribed, for example, to the content of the YouTube channel, you still receive a letter from it.

Email marketing is a real way to earn good money (up to 50 thousand 🪙 monthly) if you approach the goal correctly.

We recommend sticking to the following scheme: first choose a niche. Then determine the style of the letter, select an email marketing service. Next, create a landing page to drive traffic and regularly send emails to those who subscribe.

This is the first stage. The primary task is to earn the trust of the target audience so that people open your letters, and not delete them or, worse, send them to the Spam folder. We recommend sticking to an unobtrusive style.

If you have found an impressive list of people, it’s time to move on to monetization. Sell ​​digital goods, online courses, recommend affiliate products to followers, or earn money from sponsorships. The main thing is a competent mailing and the presence of a promoted site to attract traffic.

15 Sale and Resale Sites

If you know how to develop interesting websites, great. This is the top way that will allow you to receive up to 100 or more thousand 🪙 monthly. We recommend making good money selling websites as a developer according to a simple scheme:

  1. choose a trending topic;
  2. develop a portal: design, fill it with content, and so on;
  3. promote the site;
  4. sell the "brainchild", get the money.

The scheme is simple, but effective only for specialists who can create good resources. Of course, you can spend money on the services of web programmers, but whether you will recoup the investment is a big question.

But there is another way to make money selling websites. It’s like a real estate deal. The bottom line is simple: you find an underrated site, buy it, optimize it to increase traffic, and then sell it. Such a resale has a clear plus – you can make deals with several resources at once. Minus – the presence of investments.

We recommend that you choose a good site in advance where the site is sold. For example, EmpireFlippers or Flippa. Investments are very different: a simple site will cost 5-10 thousand 🪙, a more serious portal is several times more expensive.

16 Selling photos and videos

If you are interested in making money on the Internet without serious investments, then consider this method in more detail. Combine hobbies, work and still have free time. The principle is simple:

  1. take photographs or create video material;
  2. find a specialized site and post content;
  3. get paid for every download.

Sites for those who take pictures – Shutterstock and iStockPhoto. But portals for videographers – VideoHive, Pond5 and VideoBlocks. We recommend that you familiarize yourself with these resources first. Find out what’s trending right now. For example, which photos are buying well in 2021. If you decide to photograph flowers while walking through the countryside, you are unlikely to earn much.

Uploading photos or videos to special sites is not the whole process. We recommend attracting followers using social media tools. Start Instagram, post your best works there with descriptions and be sure to include a link to the portal where your photos or video works are sold.

17 Sell your own products

The method involves combining offline activities (for example, making souvenirs) and online (directly selling them). The main difficulty of the method is the need for certain skills. If you don’t know how to produce anything, you won’t sell anything, you won’t earn money. We recommend that you do not even stop at this method.

If you are a carpenter or a seamstress, you know how to collect crafts and souvenirs from improvised items, be sure to monetize your skills. Of course, it’s hard to get started. Might need investment. For example, create your own website or a full-fledged online store.

First, try an easier way to make yourself known – maintaining an Instagram profile or a community on a social network. We recommend that you do not set a high price for goods, as at first you work to create a customer base. It is important to establish the so-called "word of mouth".

Register on a special platform and sell goods there. A good option is Etsy. This site sells everything from handmade cases to creatively designed phone-shaped soaps.

If you have been working in this direction for 2-3 months and have reached, say, 50 thousand 🪙 monthly, think about a way to increase earnings on the Internet. Take the same advertisement. Sell ​​it on the website or through your Instagram profile.

18 Become a Virtual Assistant

A virtual assistant is a broader concept than traditional outsourcing, which is used in professional terminology. Working as a remote assistant involves a range of tasks, from bookkeeping for a large company to email management. Some activities will require certain knowledge, skills, a higher education diploma.

Let’s note the advantages of making money on the Internet as a virtual assistant:

  1. the opportunity to discover a new way of earning income – for example, managing the email of a large company or an individual;
  2. growth as a person, a pro, then you can get a job, for example, in a good company in your city;
  3. no investment needed, just look for advertising on the Internet – many people and companies are looking for assistants, but do not want to hire permanent workers.

There are downsides, just like everywhere else. You will have to look for a part-time job, which means that the earnings will not be large. You will reach a maximum of 10-15 thousand 🪙 per month for the first time. Then the earnings will be higher due to the increase in experience.

Need money urgently? How to make money online?

19 Book dubbing

Audio books have long been in demand, because people prefer to listen in the car, subway, at home. They sit on the sofa, turn on the player and enjoy a great novel by their favorite author. Earnings on the Internet on voice acting will not be large, let’s say right away.

In addition, the method is not suitable for everyone. First of all, we need people with a good, melodic voice, who know how to hook the reader, to convey to them the intrigues of the plot.

We recommend that you immediately find out how much you can earn right now on the dubbing of books, so as not to complain later. Because it’s a combination of a hobby and a job that doesn’t pay much. Earnings can be brought to the level of up to 30-40 thousand 🪙 every month, but even then, you will have to sweat. Jobs are sought on sites such as Fl.ru or Bibe.ru.

Yes, you can create your own website and earn money from dubbing books there. But if you get income, then only with good advertising, nothing more. People do not stay long on the portals: they find the right book, download it and immediately leave.

20 Take up tutoring

You can teach children and adults English, algebra and some other sciences on the Internet. There is probably only one minus – it is necessary to have skills and education. If you are not a pro, you are unlikely to teach something useful to another person.

But there are enough advantages of tutoring on the Internet:

  1. the ability to communicate with real people via skype, whatsapp and other popular services;
  2. earnings every day up to 2-3 thousand 🪙, provided that you have regular customers;
  3. you do not need large investments, the presence of a website and other difficulties, start right now with an Instagram profile.

You can also grow professionally. We recommend getting an ESL certificate and the chances of finding a good job on the Internet will increase dramatically. Maintain a profile on Instagram or attract customers through simple ads on Avito.

We recommend to look at the following sites: 5-Easy, Repetitor.ru, Remote.co. They always need good tutors, and if you are one of them, feel free to start working. Get paid from advertising too (for example, if you run a blog or podcast in parallel with tutoring).

21 Buying and Selling Domains

This way of making money online is popular due to its simplicity. The scheme involves a couple of simple steps that anyone can master, even if the word "domain" is not entirely known to him:

1 find free domain names, register them – of course, the emphasis is on originality (although vk.com or ok.ru sound great);

2 sale of domains by attracting target audience through publics in social networks or Instagram profile.

Simplicity and originality come to the fore. If the domain is complicated in sound and the “name” is not entirely relevant, you are unlikely to sell it. But if it is really sonorous, and even fits the trends, then there will be no end to those who wish. Set any price, but within reason, of course. For example, people are ready to buy a domain for 20 thousand 🪙, despite the fact that it initially costs the seller ten times cheaper.

This method is compared with the sale of "golden" numbers from a mobile operator – MTS, Megafon or Beeline. Or with creative numbers on the car. Be sure to check the availability of the domain and use top services to avoid problems in the form of fraud and other force majeure. A good example on which many people do business on the Internet is the site reg.ru.

22 Earnings on file exchangers

A little higher, we considered an example with the sale of photos on photo stocks. This method has a similar principle, but instead of photos, you upload files (for example, with a game or cool software). The more downloads, the more money you earn.

We recommend that you do not post everything in a row, as you will only lose time in vain. The files must be interesting for the public to download and then use.

Of course, you gradually go to earning 20-30 thousand 🪙 per month. do not upload a file to the exchanger site, hoping to hit the jackpot right away. We recommend that you distribute the link through social networks or even your blog or website (if you have one).

Write on different forums or leave comments under the video and unobtrusively advertise using the link. If you write on the forums, beware of a ban. Because the admins of top sites have learned to see explicit advertising in messages, and therefore they immediately delete it as spam, while blocking the user.

Before you start earning, we recommend that you study a few practical tips:

  1. learn more about the niche, what people download most often on the Internet;
  2. check the speed of the connection to the global network, it should be high;
  3. trust trusted sites like TurboBit.

23 Site Testing

If you spend a lot of time on the Internet, why not make money on this "craft". There are special sites where they offer to test web resources. Here are a few options: Ubertesters, UserTesting and Testbirds. Your task is to evaluate the site according to various parameters.

Let’s say how convenient his menu is, what design, whether it is difficult to use it, and so on. You don’t have to be an expert to rate a site in terms of how comfortable it is to use. Express your opinion, taking into account the rules of a particular portal, and then you will earn good money (up to 30-50 thousand 🪙 per month).

The advantage of the method is that such projects become popular in 2021 and 2022. Large firms pay a lot of money to have their sites evaluated by ordinary users. So, there is a good opportunity to climb a little on the web resource, read the content, evaluate the navigation. And after all these far from complicated actions, get money.

We recommend registering at once on 5-10 sites. Then you can receive 5-10 projects at the same time and evaluate them. There will be more earnings, especially if you have learned how to quickly evaluate a web resource according to different criteria.

24 Earnings on "Avito"

You can earn money on Avito by reselling goods without much effort. True, you need start-up capital to buy urgent goods. Of course, you paid attention to people who really need money, and they, for example, sell a good, almost new phone for 30-50 percent cheaper.

Use it: if you have money, buy a gadget and then resell it. There is nothing illegal in this business, moreover, you are guaranteed to earn from 30 thousand 🪙 if you act correctly and know how to select ads.

Here are five valuable tips to earn more on Avito:

1 look for "hot" ads (they are highlighted in a different color, enclosed in a frame);
2 do not buy because of cheapness: look for products that will really be useful to other people;
3 install software from "Avito" on your smartphone, and then work anywhere: at least comfortably on the couch;
4 know how to recognize scammers – there are sites that will tell you in detail how exactly scammers operate, we recommend reading this content;
5 sell goods on different sites (if a client has appeared somewhere, then remove the ad on other resources, everything is simple).

Need money urgently? How to make money online?

25 Become an Opinion Leader on Instagram

Instagram is developing by leaps and bounds, the number of downloads of the application has long exceeded the mark of 1 billion. People who have more than 10 thousand subscribers go to earn from 50 thousand 🪙 every month only from the sale of advertising.

You can also work with large brands that maintain profiles. Just publish posts, for example, about the release of new products in the field of perfumery. If you write creatively, having the skills of an intelligent copywriter, a big plus. The income will be clearly higher if the text catches the target audience and knows how to sell.

But a good post is half the battle, it is important that it is read. Then earnings on the Internet will be guaranteed. Therefore, we recommend that you first promote your profile using third-party services. If you have up to 500 followers, don’t expect a successful collaboration with a big brand.

There will be no sales, as no one will read the posts. Therefore, promote your account, but in an honest way, so as not to get a ban from the Instagram administration. Then two options: either start from scratch, or try your luck in another business.

26 Manage social media accounts

Have you heard what an SMM manager is? If not, let’s say in short: this is the person who manages the profile on the social network. At first glance, its tasks are quite simple:

  1. analysis of the market, competitors;
  2. group development, filling with adequate and trendy content;
  3. communication with subscribers, identifying their mood, opinions;
  4. attracting new followers in different ways.

In general, there is only one big task – to develop the group, to make it interesting for the target audience. If the group is dedicated to, for example, a quiz, then the social media manager should find people who will be interested in bar quizzes. The same with online stores and other commercial projects.

If you’re not a pro, no problem. Take online training, get certificates or a diploma, and then offer services and develop. Here is a popular site (albeit in English) – Hootsuite Academy.

The Russian-speaking segment of the Internet is also full of sites where they teach the basics of maintaining a profile on VK or Instagram. The earnings of an SMM manager are impressive – for the competent management of one group, he receives up to 100-200 thousand 🪙.

27 Call center operator

Minimum requirements: the presence of a telephone, free time, a pleasant voice and sociability. Call center employees are always required by banks, bookmakers, cellular companies and other large organizations.

If the company is just developing, you have a chance to get a profitable place. For example, new microfinance organizations are springing up like mushrooms after rain. MFIs always need employees to work with clients or attract new borrowers.

To reach a good level of earnings on the Internet, we recommend:

  1. look for offers on different sites (visit the official portals of banks, MFIs or bookmakers);
  2. read reviews from other call center employees – this way you will find out whether they really receive the promised salary, whether they like the working conditions;
  3. mentally prepare for difficult dialogues with clients.

The last point is especially important. If you got a job at a bookmaker, you will have to deal with avid players. They have a fine mental organization, so the proposed bonus will suddenly be followed by the reaction of a nervous skeptic. At least you can not conflict with such a client, even if you really want to. If you are ready, then try your hand at the call center. Earnings – in the range from 20 to 50 thousand 🪙.

28 Advertising on Twitter

Twitter is a rather complicated space where it is necessary to win the audience with a word. If you can write beautifully and concisely, then welcome. Create a profile, write posts and sell ads. Let’s take a simple example.

A well-known opposition blogger under the nickname "Stalingulag" earned 1 million subscribers in a short time with his creative posts, seasoned with verbal "poison" and jokes. His advertising costs about 30-50 thousand 🪙 for only one post with a small mention of the client.

Yes, to earn a million subscribers, hard work is inevitable. But if you know how to write beautifully about football or look for cool videos in the foreign segment of the Internet, try your hand.

We recommend following this scheme to get easy money:

  1. find a niche, do not change direction already in the course of activity, burn out immediately;
  2. create an account, advertise it (if you have a website or blog, great);
  3. promote your profile, including with the help of third-party services (we recommend reading the content, how to promote your Twitter account in 1-2 weeks);
  4. sell ads as soon as you get the first 1000 subscribers (if you get 500 🪙 for 1 post, then the average monthly income will be 15 thousand, if you sell one post daily – elementary math).

29 Earnings by entering captcha

Let’s immediately note the main disadvantage of the method – low income. Even if you enter more than 1000 digital codes every day, you will earn a maximum of 10,000 🪙 per month. But the beauty of the method lies in its simplicity and lack of skill.

Find a task on a special exchange and enter a unique code shown on the screen. In fact, there are enough pluses, even if this method is often criticized. We recommend it to those who want to find a part-time job and get some pocket money.

Here are the benefits of this simple method:

  1. there is always work, since captcha is requested on almost all sites in one form or another;
  2. complete tasks from your smartphone by installing 5-6 appropriate applications;
  3. no training required, earn income today by registering on a site that offers such tasks.
  4. We recommend the method to schoolchildren and people who have plenty of free time. Entering captcha is not passive income, but there are no difficulties.

30 Earnings on short stories

This is not copywriting, not writing articles for money. You write stories on any topic (fiction is appreciated and, of course, love stories). There are some requirements that are similar to those in copywriting: uniqueness, creativity, good knowledge of the current language.

But writing stories is more difficult, the ability to foresee what is interesting to the target audience is important. If you can do this, in the future a prestigious agency in Moscow or St. Petersburg will offer you a job. And then earnings will be measured in thousands of dollars, not 🪙.

First, we recommend finding a platform where short stories by novice authors are published. Here is an example – story-house.ru. True, the pay here is not so much, but you will start your writing career from scratch. There are not so many requirements: a story from 1 thousand characters, uniqueness from 90 percent.

Money is withdrawn through e-commerce, but write on any topic. We recommend the site as a "springboard" – having filled your hand, you will move to a more serious level. And who knows, maybe in a couple of months sign a contract with a professional agency.

If you speak English, try foreign platforms. They pay more for stories, which means that the likelihood of being noticed is higher. At least you don’t risk much.

Post source: kakzarabotat.net

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