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New professions: where to find + how to master


Where to find new professions?

Our advice is simple: if you feel that you no longer like your current job, start learning new professions. This can be done without leaving home, and this is the beauty of our time. Next, we will talk about how to get a new profession, where to look for knowledge and how to decide to change the course of your life.

Professional Diversity in the 21st Century

Life has changed a lot in the 21st century. The main reason for this is the spread of the Internet and information technologies. Their appearance greatly expanded the capabilities of people and erased the boundaries between cities, regions and countries.

In modern conditions, thanks to the Internet, we can easily:

  • quickly find the answer to any question;
  • read any book
  • learn a foreign language;
  • find interlocutors and friends from other countries;
  • look at the life of your idol;
  • find training materials or ready-made courses;
  • prepare for exams and university entrance.

The above are just a few of the opportunities that the Internet provides. Moreover, along with it, social networks have spread that blur the boundaries between people, accelerate the social lift, provide income at any age and inspire for certain actions.

Important! Of course, there is also a reverse side of the coin. The Internet can compromise our security and distract us from business, while social media can lower our self-esteem. But if you use information resources wisely, they will only bring benefits.

Thus, we see that modern technologies, the Internet, social networks and technology make it possible to master any skill. Teenagers who grew up with smartphones in their hands have a different start in life than those who were born in the 90s. But no matter what generation you belong to – older or younger, modern technologies will help you find your place in life.

Search for a new profession

So, in what cases can a person look for a new profession for himself:

  1. All his life he worked at an unloved job or eventually burned out.
  2. He completed his university studies and realized that the specialty was not suitable.
  3. Feels the need to change the course of his life and do something new.
  4. Circumstances are forcing (state of health, moving, some kind of incident, the old profession has ceased to be needed by society).

The good news is that you can learn anything. Modern living conditions provide a lot of opportunities for this, but, of course, one cannot do without difficulty.

Let’s see how people find new professions for themselves, and where to start for those who want to change jobs.

How to decide on a career change

New professions: where to find + how to master

The most important thing to do is to want. Strong enough that the words "change jobs" inspire not fear, but inspiration. After all, if you are thinking about at least looking at information about learning new professions, this means that something does not suit you in the current state of things.

As a motivational example, let’s tell you a story.

There is such an Italian blogger – Xabi Leim. In 2020, he lost his job (he was a video editor) right in the middle of a pandemic. This guy started making simple but funny videos for the Tik Tok social network. He came up with an idea and began to spread his work. In these videos, Khabi silently demonstrates why the life hack invented by someone is not relevant, while doing it with expressive facial expressions.

Do you know what happened in a year? It has amassed an audience of over 50 million people (and its popularity continues to grow)! Now one of his videos is estimated at $ 17-29 thousand, and his net worth is $ 300-500 thousand.

Here is such a success story. And if Xabi had not lost his job, it is not known whether he would have been actively engaged in his blog. He was pushed by life itself, something similar can happen to you too: for example, they will be laid off from work or you will be forced to move. And if there are no “kicks" from life, think about this: who will change everything, if not you?

Fear of change is natural, but here you need to remember one well-known wisdom that sounds like "the road will be mastered by the walking one." Take the first step – start learning something new, and the further path will be determined by itself.

What if I choose the wrong one again?

Fear for your future is absolutely natural. You may be afraid that you will get professional training, spend months or even years on it, and then be disappointed in the new job. What then to do? So much wasted time!

However, wasted time is an illusion. Any training (if, of course, you are engaged in good faith) will give you a certain set of skills that will come in handy even if you do not expect it. Therefore, if you decide to change course halfway through or realize that your new profession has also ceased to inspire, there is no need to scold yourself. Think about the fact that you have acquired new knowledge. The search process is no less important than its result. After all, you are walking along the very road that only the walking one can master, and therefore time cannot be considered wasted in any way!

What about a job change?

New professions: where to find + how to master

Another possible situation: a person decides to change jobs, takes one course on the Internet, a second, a third … but does not stop at anything. Is he doing the right thing? Why not? If only at the same time such uncertainty does not create problems for loved ones, then one cannot condemn him in any way. After all, who else will look for his place in life, if not himself?

So you don’t have to be afraid to learn new things. However, before you quit and start a professional search, you will need to do the following:

  1. Make a plan for next steps. Where will you study, for whom, for how long? Planning will help you avoid procrastination and waste time.
  2. Make a cash reserve. Becoming a young specialist in a new field for yourself, you most likely will not earn much right away. Therefore, in order to focus on your studies, take care of your financial pillow.
  3. Chat with someone who is already working in your chosen profession. Find out from these people about the challenges and pitfalls they faced, and whether the specialty lived up to their expectations.

A change of profession is a major turn in life, so you need to carefully prepare for it, otherwise, instead of inspiration, you will get tension and stress.

Where to look for new professional skills

Above, we have already said that the Internet gives us a large number of opportunities, including for professional search, so if you decide to change your specialty and study something new, you can:

Start small

With simple educational materials that can be found on the Web. Use Google and read about specialties and skills that interest you. Sometimes Wikipedia is able to give more than years of study at school and university.

Enter the university

If you have not completed it before, it’s time to do it now, if you already have a higher education – nothing can prevent you from getting a second one. You can study full-time, part-time or remotely, choose the most appropriate form based on the amount of time you are willing to spend on it.

Take courses online

As a rule, the Network teaches new professions that are relevant for remote work. For example, you can become an SMM manager (works with profiles on social networks), a copywriter (writes custom articles for different sites), a web designer (creates designs for pages on the Web) or a targetologist (sets up advertising on social networks for clients) .

Other Methods

Read a blogger’s guide, run a marathon, or take part in a project. In fact, this category is controversial, since not all bloggers bother to create a worthwhile educational product. Therefore, if you decide to learn something from an influencer, first read the reviews of those who have already done it, and think about whether the acquired skills will be worth the money and time spent.

Another interesting source where to learn new professions is thematic forums, portals and communities in social networks. On them you will hardly get at least basic professional skills (since people who are already employed in a certain specialty communicate there), but you can learn more about the profession and those who work in it. There you can also start communicating with professionals, ask them questions and get help from more experienced colleagues.

Five professions that you can master in six months

New professions: where to find + how to master

In 2020, the coronavirus pandemic has greatly changed the international labor market. Only recently, 12 million people have lost their jobs, and how many of them were all over the world! Under these conditions, online professions have become in demand. You can work from the comfort of your home, but your professional skills will be well appreciated. Unless, of course, work hard and grow these skills in yourself.

Next, we will talk about five relevant professions in which you can master the base right now – if you start studying.

video editor

This is a person who makes video to order for corporate and private clients. Such videos are then used as advertising or posted on websites/pages in social networks.

Important! The editor himself does not need to remove anything. He works with ready-made material and makes what the client wants to see from the footage.

Now there are a large number of programs in which you can edit video. And some of them are so simple that even a schoolboy can figure it out. Only now, not every student or adult wants to do this, and in this case he will collect the material, place an order and turn to a professional. You can become such a specialist: start with the simplest programs, gradually moving to more complex ones and increasing your professional level.


The word "target" is translated from English as "goal". Targeted is a special type of advertising on social networks that allows you to promote your page among the target audience (those people who might be interested in what the blogger offers). A targetologist is a person who understands the complex tool of such advertising on Instagram, Facebook, etc. He accepts an order and budget from a client, after which he begins to promote his profile.

You can study as a targetologist in courses (they are also sold by the bloggers themselves, who “ate the dog” on such advertising). On them you will receive a base from which you will start your professional path – skills, of course, will come with practice.


Also a profession, although for many such a definition causes a smile. Now we have Instagram, Tik Tok, Yandex.Zen and other platforms that allow you to post your creativity and thoughts, and then monetize the attention of the audience.

Special courses here are not required at all. You need to start with an idea: what would you like to share with people? In what format will you do it? Are you ready for the fact that it will take a long time to gain an audience, only if you are not lucky?

When you have a decent number of subscribers, you can start making money on your content according to the rules of the site. On Instagram and Tik Tok, for example, advertising brings in the main income, Yandex.Zen monetizes the articles and videos themselves, and inserts marketing ads into them on its own.


Another promising direction that is suitable for those who are not afraid to shoot themselves on camera. You can shoot anything, no matter what you do: cook in the kitchen, play a computer game, do yoga or sing along with the guitar. You will be surprised, but many Internet users like to watch another person do something interesting to them personally, especially if they do it well.

You don’t need to learn to be a streamer either, but you will have to stock up on equipment – headphones, microphone, webcam, light. All this will need to be bought, but it is not at all necessary to spend money on super-professional equipment right away. It is enough to create more or less decent conditions for the camera and start gaining an audience, and it will be possible to buy additional equipment after monetization is connected or advertising contracts are received.


A copywriter is a person who creates copyright texts for websites (as a rule, these are selling texts). However, you can write to order in different directions – for example, rewriting (rewriting someone else’s material in a unique form to fill information portals), translation, filling online stores, even writing custom reviews.

Important! The fact that you wrote essays for five at school will not be enough for professional copywriting. This is a difficult profession that requires constant development and training, so you should not compare the school level with it.

In order to start, you will only need basic literacy. Then you can either take a course, or read about the main criteria for quality texts on the Internet and start working. Most copywriters start their professional journey from stock exchanges – there they complete the first inexpensive orders, gain basic skills and go on a free voyage.

How to start working for yourself offline

New professions: where to find + how to master

Let’s talk now about where to find new professions. Above, we talked about the top specialists in demand now, but your choice should not be limited to them.

So, let’s imagine the following situation: you honestly graduated from the institute or worked for some time at a certain job, but now you understand that it does not bring pleasure, and the pay is not so good that you can stay in this specialty. Where can you go?

The sphere of beauty services

Girls in recent times and the CIS countries love to take care of themselves. Manicure, pedicure, eyebrows and eyelashes, smooth skin, shiny hair – all these services are provided by beauty masters. At the same time, a professional always has a client base, and, accordingly, a decent income.

Attention! The average experienced manicurist charges 1500 🪙 per session. He can receive 3-4 clients a day, work 3-4 days a week. As a result, he will be able to earn about 100,000 thousand 🪙 already at the initial stage, and then gradually raise prices for services and engage in training.

In addition, beauty masters can also blog and make money on monetization, and someone eventually grows up to their own beauty salon. True, in order to succeed in this, not only highly professional, but also entrepreneurial skills are needed.


All of our material talks about how much you can learn, but as you learn and gain experience, you will be able to share your knowledge with others – of course, not for free.

In order to teach, for example, a foreign language, you do not need to have a pedagogical education (unless, of course, you want to do it directly at school). It is enough to know this very language, find contact with people and be patient. You can teach either children or adults, whichever works best for you.

If you decide to take pedagogy seriously, no one will stop you from graduating from university in this direction. Our country needs teachers, so pedagogical faculties have low cost, many budget places and various benefits.

Some people are afraid that teachers do not earn enough, but the teacher will be able to get a decent salary through teaching hours and tutoring. Especially if he conducts a subject that is in demand for passing the exam.

Childhood dreams

If you still couldn’t think of what profession you would like to master, refer to your childhood dreams. What did you answer when you were asked what you want to become – a cook, a photographer, a seamstress? Do something that has always inspired you.

If the childhood dream was to be an astronaut, there may be problems with professional implementation. However, there is comic tourism! True, it is more likely to help spend money, rather than earn.

There is no business that would be impossible to make money if you are burning with an idea. For example, you can bake cakes to order, sew dresses or children’s costumes, pick clothes… Remember, we said above that one guy became famous through a video exposing irrelevant life hacks? He doesn’t say a single word in his videos. But he makes money from his blog!

About the unpleasant: employment fraud

Unfortunately, not all teachers and employers are conscientious. When looking for a job online or buying courses, you may encounter scams. Therefore, before you buy something, read the reviews of other people. But not the ones posted on the seller’s website. And if you get a job with decent conditions, but the employer offers you to pay a contribution, insurance or something else, then this is a scam. No honest company will take an advance payment from a future employee.

Important! As an example – a popular fraudulent scheme: a vacancy for a typist. You will be offered a simple job with payment for each printed page. But they will ask you to pay the insurance premium. Of course, after this payment, no one will expect you to complete the work. And, of course, he won’t pay anything.

So, summing up, we can say the following: in the XXI century, nothing is impossible. You can learn any profession if you work hard. Therefore, no matter what area you are interested in, you can take the first step today. And after a while start earning!

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