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Name development: naming for beginners


Brand name is an important part of the promotion of any company. After all, as you call the ship, so it will float. That is why the development of the name is a process that cannot be left to chance. If you think that everything is simple, we hasten to disappoint: some companies spend months looking for a name. And specialists of a narrow profile help them in this. Namers are professionals in choosing names. They offer not only the selection of possible names, but also market research. For example, a deep analysis of your segment. Or a test drive of options on a hundred people from a focus group.

Naming (from English naming – naming) is the choice of a name for companies or products.

But such services are not affordable for everyone. Especially when you are just starting your business and counting every penny. What to do in this case? The main thing is not to panic. Naming is based on several proven steps. And we’ll tell you which ones.

Name development: naming for beginners

Developing a company name: 5 stages of a successful strategy

Is the brand name a word or a phrase? Should it be written in Cyrillic, Latin, or even in a foreign language? Should the word have a real meaning or a set of syllables with a good sound?

There are no clear answers to these questions. Because the market is crammed with successful products with all sorts of name variations. Their relevance depends on the specific area where the name is used. So before you start brainstorming, take a look at the competition.

1 We study competitors

It is important to note two points in the study. First, find patterns in the naming strategy. As a rule, each area has its own recognizable patterns. Your job is to see them. And secondly, do not repeat yourself and stand out from the competition.

Marketing also suggests a strategy of mimicry. The design and name are chosen to resemble well-known brands. Sometimes it’s better to tell the customer "Yes, we’re in the same category" than to go against the majority.

2 Thinking like a consumer

Want to know how to please your audience? Put yourself in the buyer’s shoes. What does he want to see in the product first of all? Think about the characteristics that attract people. For example, juices should be natural and healthy. Furniture is stylish and functional. Technologies are innovative. These things are important to notice if you want high sales. Positive associations can be played on in the title. Then the name of the brand itself will speak about its quality.

3 Describing the company

So, we figured out what the consumer wants. It remains to understand what you offer. The development of the company name is impossible without the choice of the entire promotion strategy. Figure out what sets you apart from your competitors. Do you know what to focus on? Take action! Let the chip appear not only in advertising. Many successful companies have built a brand name around their strengths. Add a word that reflects your policy. For example, "everyday" in the title indicates that the product is needed every day. And words like “premium" hint at high status and elitism.

There are also funny cases. For example, Alpen Gold chocolate (translated as “Gold of the Alps”). By the name, you can decide that its uniqueness is a Swiss production or recipe. However, the brand has nothing to do with the Alps and began its history in the city of Pokrov.

Name development: naming for beginners

4 Name development

Finally, let’s get to the main point. The previous points are the basis for the right choice. We already know the naming trends in our field. We understand that we need to stand out or join our colleagues. We decided which features of the company we would focus on. It remains to choose the name itself.

How should one reason? We will give hints for the correct train of thought below. For now, let’s say that the brainstorming format works best. Write down everything that comes to mind. It is advisable to stretch the selection process for at least a week. The human brain often offers a solution not when it is urgently needed, but much later. The quick-witted French coined the term l’esprit d’escalier (staircase wit). A person suddenly comes up with an argument in an argument when he has already left the room on the stairs. It is useless to fight this phenomenon. Better take it on board. Perhaps the brand name will come to you in the shower or at breakfast.

5 We customize for advertising

Advertising and a successful slogan can completely change the idea of ​​a brand name. Your name will not live in a vacuum. Consumers will see it in conjunction with the logo, slogan, advertising. Therefore, it is worth preparing everything in the complex. It happens that a successful slogan closes the shortcomings of the name. Don’t believe? Remember the mnemonic phrase "Your pussy would buy Whiskas." So the development of the name is just the tip of the iceberg.

If a focus group is expensive for you, you can improvise. And create your own. Talk to friends, acquaintances and acquaintances of acquaintances. Ideally, if you interview people of different ages. With different levels of income, education and interests. So you get the information you need and do not spend money.

Naming: rules and techniques

The development of a successful name must follow special rules. So, uniqueness is important for a name. It’s not just about originality and catchiness to attract the consumer. This is also a legal issue. Our brain saves energy. And he can throw an idea from what he saw somewhere. Yes, so cleverly that we will be sure of our authorship. All options must be checked. Type a possible name into Google and make sure it’s not taken. If finances allow, contact a lawyer. He can look into the database of Rospatent and confirm the uniqueness by 100%.

Invest in the simplicity of the new name. Any person should easily pronounce and remember it. And get the right associations: say no to ambiguity. Make sure that the name corresponds to its place in the market. A name like a premium brand will not go at a low price. And vice versa: who will buy an expensive product with a “cheap” name?

Name development: naming for beginners

The development of the name does not move from a dead center? Try these strategies. Consider where the company is located. So, this technique was used by the fashion house Donna Karan New York (DKNY). Play up the names of those who are at the forefront of the case. The name of the founder in the title is especially popular in the world of haute couture. Let’s remember Dolce&Gabbana, Giorgio Armani, Louis Vuitton and other brands. Or refer to steps 2 and 3 of the previous paragraph. Think about what word in the title will hook the buyer. Tell him why it is profitable for him to buy your product. Or immediately put the emphasis on your advantage. Just like Nesquik did. After all, this is a product from Nestlé, which is quickly prepared, that is, “quick”.

Name Development: Practical Tips

So, you have already got acquainted with the basic rules of naming. And you know from which side to start choosing a name. It remains to reveal a few secrets to you!

  • Never come up with a name alone. Marketing does not forgive mistakes. And the terrible name that the boss liked should not be pushed. Even if the boss is you. Be sure to show the options to at least 10 different people. Ask them about the associations, simplicity and clarity of the name. Perhaps one of them will notice a flaw that could cost millions in the future.

  • Want to know if the name is memorable? Ask the focus group to list variations of your titles in a week. Voila! Those names that are remembered more often than others are the leaders of the survey. The idea is simple and understandable. Unfortunately, many namers go the other way. They are asked to say which name is remembered more, at the first and only meeting. As you understand, the result will not be accurate.

  • Remember that people are wary of new things. Give the focus group a few names. Most participants will subconsciously reach for those that seem familiar. Truly unique and new names can immediately be rejected. But in the end, it is they who will “shoot” and distinguish the company from a number of similar ones. So don’t trust reviews 100%.

  • The final decision should be yours. Do not think that this point contradicts the first. Rather, it combines all of our advice. You know best how you want to reveal your brand concept. Consider every opinion, but don’t let others decide for you. Then the development of the name will be the first success of your company.
    Name development: naming for beginners

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