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Thinking positively – how to quit negative thinking


We think really positively. This is the main idea that we want to convey in this article. But do not worry: there will be no burdensome information here. We will tell you in a very simple and accessible way why, why and how you can quit negative thinking.

After all, people who radiate positive energy want to reach out, communicate, next to them it seems to become brighter. The fact is that they know how to feel and attract only good things to themselves. The universe generously rewards them with this. After all, happiness, peace, fullness of enthusiasm and love is our natural state!

A person is not created for depression, stress, eternal haste and anger. These are all symptoms of negative thinking, which can destroy physical and psychological health. It is in your power to return to the natural state, which gives joy, well-being, health. It is important to understand the power of positive thinking and learn how to use it.

What is positive thinking

Before talking about how to develop this important element of life, you need to understand what it is in general. This is useful even if you know the definition perfectly.

Positive thinking is a psychological concept that consists of training and stimulating positive thoughts in order to achieve more successful results.

In simple words, positive thinking is the use of any positive thoughts in all aspects of your life.

Many psychologists note that it is positive thinking that has a positive effect on getting rid of anxieties, fears, and experiences. And at the same time, it helps to move much more rapidly towards your own goal and conquer any peaks.

And it is not for nothing that the most successful businessmen in the world have been and remain the main example of such metamorphoses. After all, despite all the failures and obstacles on the way to success, they maintained a fighting spirit and a smile. Now look at what they have achieved.

Why is it all? And to the fact that developing a positive mindset is extremely important. Even if it seems like it’s completely useless. But we understand that this does not sound very convincing yet. So read on. After all, below we will tell you what the power of positive thoughts is.

What is the power of positive thoughts

Thinking positively - how to quit negative thinking

The power of positive thoughts is one of the main tools to help you overcome the negative energy in your life. This does not mean that they deny reality or wishful thinking.

People with positive thinking are not dreamers out of touch with reality, who spend all twenty-four hours of the day flying in their fantasy. Not at all. Because it’s just the opposite. People with positive thinking are real realists. But they do not consider any hardships and difficulties on the way a dead end.

After all, positive thinking is a program that allows you to reprogram bad thoughts and emotions that lead to stress, anxiety and anger. And this program charges with happiness and optimism. Because it gives inner strength to perform all life tasks gracefully and calmly.

For example, take a case that can be terrifying for anyone – the diagnosis of a serious illness. A person can either fall into panic and despair, which will further aggravate the situation. Or use techniques that allow you to attract positive thinking. But this will already contribute to the improvement of well-being and even recovery.

If you master your mind and start thinking about health, not illness, develop a positive outlook and control the quality of your thoughts, then there are much more chances for healing! If only because positive thinking helps to concentrate on the goal. And a person does not helplessly lower his hands. But he takes control of his life and goes to the successful solution of the problem.

How to Think Positively

Thinking positively - how to quit negative thinking

Not everyone can set themselves up for good. But it is important to know the way to develop positive thinking. After all, living in a bad mood is not effective – the world seems hostile, nothing works out, new difficulties constantly arise, hands are thrown down and there is not enough strength for anything. And who is interested in people who are often gloomy and nothing makes them happy?

Of course, for a successful existence, you need to work on yourself. And the training of positive thoughts is suitable for this like nothing else. Below we will talk about small exercises that can be implemented in life in turn. But you don’t have to use everything. Even a few will do a great job of fostering positive thinking.

Give yourself the right attitude

This is the first and perhaps the most important step. You need to develop the right attitude towards positive thoughts. And, of course, to the desired result.

Then the subconscious will accept this task and begin to work differently. Transform problems into learning experiences and failures into short delays before inevitable success.

Write down all the good things on paper

But first, of course, this good thing must be remembered. Think carefully about all the good things that have happened to you lately. Yes, at any time, in general.

Think about how you feel in those moments. Smile, warmth in the soul, uplifting spirit. Write down all these feelings on paper. It is not necessary to edit and clean up the grammar. Because it’s up to you to read it.

Why do it? And then, that way you will see how positive thoughts affect your everyday state. Because you didn’t always walk around sad and upset. Once everything was fine. And there will certainly be more!

Surround yourself with positive information

Now we are surrounded by just millions of terrible news. Someone stole something, someone killed someone, beat someone up, and so on. Bad news is literally everywhere, and we live with it. But such an array of negative information affects our state and thoughts.

The first thing to do in this situation is to unsubscribe from all newsgroups. Believe me, important news will always find its way to you. But all this ringing of terrible catastrophes will not attack your consciousness every hour of your life.

It’s much better to surround yourself with something positive instead. Subscribe to groups with positive news. They exist. Because you are not the first person who gets tired of the constant nasty things in the news feed. Believe me, this will quickly restore your normal state.

Change your environment

As you know, any negative environment is ready to drag you into the abyss of negative thoughts. And, it doesn’t have to be intentional. But people with negative thinking always poison the mood of others.

Remember that friend of yours who always doesn’t like something. Sometimes it begins to seem that he is not satisfied even with the fact that he constantly asked. And all because it is fueled by negative thoughts. And he creates them. And you become a victim.

You need to get rid of such people in your environment. Because without them, you will very quickly come to positive thoughts. This has been repeatedly proven in practice. And it will continue to be proven, you can be sure.

Instead of negative people, find those people who always think positively. Not only that, together with them, you will quickly learn to attract good thoughts. So you can still find reliable business partners in such people. Or any other partnership of your choice.

Start your day in a good mood

It’s easy to say – you shout, and you will be absolutely right. Because it’s really easy to say and even easier to do. After all, you do not need to force yourself to wake up in a good mood and smile.

You just need to smile. Even if in fact the morning is unpleasant and nasty. Even if the cat woke up and brazenly asks for food at six o’clock on Sunday morning.

Just smile. And you yourself will not notice how the smile becomes sincere. And a good mood will quickly catch up with her. Because our brain is actually very easy to deceive. And make them send positive impulses from a simple smile.

He, you see, is so trained by years of service. Smiling is a good sign for him. He begins to think that he missed some moment and sends endorphins just in case. Hormones of joy and pleasure. And from them very quickly the mood rises.

Say thanks

This is a very important point of positive thinking. Because it is necessary to manifest it not only through egoism. But also through altruism, help and gratitude to others.

Try to say thank you as often as possible. Neighbor who borrowed salt. To himself for tasks completed on time. Universe, for the fact that you exist at all and are trying to train positive thinking in yourself.

Any gratitude, wherever it goes, will have a positive effect on your state and mood. Don’t keep it to yourself. Because it definitely negatively affects you and your environment.

Don’t beat yourself up for being in a bad mood

The main mistake of people who decide to learn positive thinking is to punish themselves for bad thoughts. This seems to be an effective remedy, because we have been taught this way since childhood. But in reality it only gets in the way.

Instead of berating yourself for negative thoughts, reward yourself for positive ones. This is called positive reinforcement. If it works perfectly with animals, then it will cope with a person without any problems.

Do what you love

Of course, first of all it concerns the choice of a career. Agree, it is much easier to tune in to positive thoughts if you like what you are doing. This is simple logic. And extremely understandable.

But it just so happened that not in all situations people can work where they are most comfortable. Sometimes it turns out that you have to work at an unpleasant job. Or multiple jobs at the same time. But this is not a reason to lose heart, believe me.

Because if the main job leaves no room for positive thinking, you always have a hobby. Find something you enjoy doing outside of work. Watch a good movie, embroider, collect puzzles, find new paths for walking the dog. Any option will do.

Studies show that the most positive thoughts occur during a pleasant pastime. Because the brain is designed to multitask. A lot of pleasant tasks always lead to a pleasant outcome.

Rest properly

First, it is worth saying even more simply – relax. According to labor statistics, about 60% of employees of large companies work for several years in a row without a single vacation.

Hard work is a good thing. But only if this diligence is manifested in moderation. Do not drive yourself to work and scold for lack of productivity. Because you need to take some time off.

Moreover, sitting at social networks, unfortunately, is not considered a vacation. The fact is that our brain rests only when it does not face complex mental activity. That is why for a better rest you need at least a couple of hours of sleep or lie quietly.

But, of course, even here you need to know the measure and not allow yourself to sit back during your only productive hours.

Visualize Success

Researchers say that when we think really positively about success or any other desired event, we increase the chance of a favorable outcome of our actions.

And this is no magic, do not rush to roll your eyes. Just when we see a goal in front of us, our motivation increases. And positive thoughts help maintain a good mood and fighting spirit. And now they begin to lead us to the cherished goal.

Try to imagine the desired thing in your hands, if it is something material. Or the joy you will experience if the goal is not material. Imagine how you will feel when you get the promotion you want, when you can save up for the phone you want, and so on.

Try all the options above and implement the ones you like the most into your life.

Other techniques

Thinking positively - how to quit negative thinking

But, of course, the options for developing positive thinking do not end with the methods above. There are other ways to achieve positive thoughts. In fact, there are hundreds and even thousands of them.

But below we will only talk about the basic exercises for positive thinking. Although each of them is able to bring the most positive result.

Thinking really positive – exercises

  1. "My Perfect Day" It was proposed by the American founder of positive psychology, Martin Seligman. Often this technique is used to set goals. But it’s also a great helper for keeping the focus on what you want. To complete it, you need to describe in detail the day you dream about. Pay attention to all the details, values, preferences, for example:
  • I spend time with loved ones;
  • doing my favorite hobby;
  • I rest in nature;
  • I am working on an interesting project;
  • I eat my favorite dish;
  • I read a fascinating book and more.

Tell me about everything that happened to you all day. You should not hide any details or write only about what you can show to someone else. Because only you will read these records.

There is no reason to introduce self-censorship. After all, the most important thing is an honest description of your day. Because sometimes this is the only way we can objectively look at our actions for twenty-four hours.

Thinking really positive – What’s next

The next step is to bring everything described to life, try to live an ideal day and analyze for yourself whether everything was realized. What emotions did you experience? If something didn’t work out, then you need to write a new “perfect day" and try to live it again in reality. The exercise is performed until you feel a change in life and a sense of satisfaction.

  1. Try a healing exercise. To do this, you need to relax and imagine your diseased organ. You need to think about him with love, ask him for forgiveness, he fell ill through your fault. Imagine that he is healthy and functions smoothly. Express your sincere love and gratitude to him for this.

It is important to remember that when we think really positively, our life changes for the better. Anyone can learn this, but for this, show perseverance and determination. If you follow the advice received, you can already embark on the path of positive change today. It should become a way of life, part of personal development leading to success.

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