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How to find yourself in a profession


Many of us ask this question. Especially when they finish school or move to another life status. In addition, a huge number of courses are now aimed at self-knowledge. So, how to find yourself in the profession? Let’s talk in this article.

How to find a job to your liking?

It is important to remember here that the profession and, especially, the beloved will always be home. Where you want to return. In other words, if you decide what you want to do. First of all, ask yourself what the soul lies to. The easiest way is to turn to your childhood memories. For example, if you were very fond of geography at school, then it might be worth connecting your life with travel. And, if you were fascinated by music, then you should probably think about working as a composer. Really, how do you make money from it? After all, most often what the soul lies in does not fit in with the financial component. Especially if it ‘s art. And you won’t make much money on travel either.

So, in order to determine how to be in your favorite business, and also earn money for food, you should try different ways.

How to find yourself in a profession: related areas

How to find yourself in a profession

It often happens that the area that you like has many variations. In addition, if we are talking about the modern world, then it gives a variety of chances in this regard. For example, you like to draw.

Well, now a lot of areas in the digital fields require candidates to have artistic ability. For example, such a profession as a storyboarder is a new fashion trend in the world of computer games. And here opportunities open up and earn money, and enjoy your favorite business.

In other words, doctors have become psychologists. Cake makers began blogging and sharing recipes with audiences. The world is changing. And you have to follow him.

So it is with calling. When it is there and you feel it. There are, however, other situations. When life’s work is yet to be found.

Often there is a situation that secondary education is received. And where to go next – yesterday’s graduate does not know. This is where parenting tips come in. And then at all – a university in which a person ended up by accident.

Get inspired to find yourself in the profession

How to find yourself in a profession

So that you don’t end up wasting the best years of your life on a profession you don’t like, read more. Watch movies, listen to music. In other words, get inspired. Every field has its outstanding masters. That is, those people who found themselves and gave the world a lot of useful work. The more you enrich and learn about them, the more your horizons.

Also, try to travel, meet people. Look for new opportunities for your own emotional and informational growth. Even if you do not have the capital to go somewhere abroad, you can always find a bit of inspiration in your native places. For example, go to a neighboring village – see how people live in the village. Who knows, maybe the future director or screenwriter lives in you. Seeing the scenery of the countryside will give you an idea for a book or movie plot. Or maybe you will understand that your first movie should begin with such a frame.

In other words, the more you are open to the world, the more it is open to you.

How to find yourself in a profession if you are not yesterday’s schoolboy?

How to find yourself in a profession

Quite a topical question already for mature people. The famous singer Sting once said in one of his interviews. That he became a successful musician already, being a deep adult. In other words, the future star was over 30 years old, he, by his own assurance, paid taxes, had a family and debt obligations. But, at the same time, when he had the chance to become a professional musician, he immediately did it. Why? Because he was ready for it.

In other words, if you really love something, but it does not bring you income now, do not despair. Try to find creativity and inspiration in routine.

And you, in turn, will be ready for a breakthrough in your favorite business. And then, you will not have to look for yourself in the profession, but it will literally find you.

In the case when you do not know what the soul lies to, but you know something else. The fact that you do not like your current activity. So, the advice here is pretty much the same. Only if in the first case, you hone your skills in what you love and know, then in the second case it’s different. Explore different areas, look for hobbies, sign up for courses.

Here are just a few different studios to visit after work:

  • Art courses
  • dance halls
  • Applied art
  • Vocal skill
  • Literary Evenings
  • Sport sections
  • Fundamentals of ballet
  • Cooking workshops

And if, for example, you have a baby. And thus, the status of life has changed. And the previous job was not at all to my liking. In other words, you barely made it to the decree, then forward to new horizons! Exploring the world with a child, you yourself can enrich yourself. Which will ultimately lead you to your favorite business in collaboration with your little inspiration.


Remember what they said before. All professions are important – all professions are needed. So nothing has changed.

Therefore, seek your calling and never give up. After all, life is worth spending only on happiness. There are enough misfortunes. Let your dream job find you when you need it most.

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