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The book “Hormones of happiness” – training for 45 days


Some books leave a pleasant “aftertaste" after reading. The book “Hormones of happiness” refers to one of them.

Its author is a talented author. Professor at the University of California – Loretta Graziano Breuning. Breuning, in Hormones of Happiness, explains what chemical processes are. How they flow in the brain. And most importantly – how they help to achieve HAPPINESS.

So, let’s go in order. It turns out that the feeling of happiness depends on 4 different hormones. Among them: dopamine, serotonin, oxytocin, endorphin. Are you wondering what role they play in the body? Then feel free to read this book.

“Hormons of happiness. How to train the brain to produce …?

  • Serotonin. It is developed when we find our place in society. And we can, being in it, prove our significance. Love, understanding, respect are the main criteria for the production of this hormone. Imagine, we feel together all these emotions. Consequently, there is a surge of this hormone in the brain.

  • Dopamine. Loretta Breuning in her book says that its production occurs when we experience joy. For example. You go home, and everything is filled with beautiful flowers. Let’s say it’s a birthday present. Thus, dopamine is released. The body reacts approximately the same way if your favorite football team scores a goal.

The book "Hormones of happiness" - training for 45 days

  • Endorphin. Helps alleviate pain when it occurs. Imagine a situation. You chopped vegetables. And suddenly they cut themselves. The pain will not appear immediately. But only over time. After a couple of minutes, you will encounter unpleasant throbbing and cutting at the site of injury. So, in the beginning, endorphin came to help you. Endorphin has another feature. It can stand out if, say, you are involved in extreme sports. Ride your bike. Or surf.

  • Oxytocin. It is produced when you hug or kiss your loved one. You can feel this hormone in the circle of people close to you. Relatives or friends. The book “Hormones of Happiness” talks in detail about oxytocin. For details, see the 45-Day Program section on the hormone, oxytocin.

The book "Hormones of happiness" - training for 45 days

The book "Hormones of happiness": what do readers like about it?

Loretta Graziano Breuning talks about the normal ways to stimulate joy hormones. It’s interesting how she describes pleasure. And he says that they are built on the principle of a vicious circle. This is a rather important thing, because it allows you to see HOW nature sets us certain patterns of behavior. Basically, they are based on the desire to survive or the desire to leave behind offspring. Thanks to such attitudes, consciousness draws positive prospects for us. From here comes the desire to bring positive changes into your life.

The book How to Train Your Brain to Produce Happiness Hormones explains how our brains form permanent neural connections. How they can affect a particular situation. Why is it sometimes so difficult to turn off the beaten track and so on?

The book "Hormones of happiness" - training for 45 days

The brain is directed to the production of hormones of happiness. Provided that we manage to achieve our goals. This happens when we receive support, avoid danger, and more.

A stable type of behavior is considered to be behavior learned in childhood and adolescence. It is during this period that the formation of nerve fibers occurs. There is also an active transmission of nerve impulses to the cerebral cortex.

First of all. Loretta Breuning’s book says that if you often try to get people’s attention, then this behavior pattern helped you survive in childhood.

The book "Hormones of happiness" - training for 45 days

Secondly. If you have strong neural connections that constantly make life difficult for you, then most likely they were also formed in childhood. Perhaps in this way you are used to protecting yourself from trouble. Or encourage yourself.                  

Thirdly. This book makes this clear. Neural circuits are formed throughout our lives. It is for this reason that it is difficult for us to ignore them. This is especially acute when they lead us down the wrong path.

The book "Hormones of happiness": reveal the key idea

The main idea of ​​the book is as follows. It doesn’t take much to be happy. More specifically, it is enough to give up bad habits. And it is better to form habits that help you enjoy life in normal ways.

In How to Train Your Brain to Produce Happiness Hormones, Loretta Graziano Breuning writes that side effects come from our very habits. These are overworking, workaholism, alcoholism, overeating. The writer notes that when disappointment overtakes us, we further stimulate ourselves to form habits. Because of this, many often find themselves in a vicious circle of their own desires. This usually leads to unproductive behavior. Bulimia or, for example, endless sexual intercourse.

The book "Hormones of happiness" - training for 45 days

Loretta Graziano Breuning says there is always a way out of the vicious circle. What does it mean? The secret is simple. Try dosed to stimulate these hormones in yourself. Less smoking. Get less upset. Perhaps at first you will feel some disappointment, anxiety. But then it will certainly give its positive results.

The book How to Train Your Brain to Produce Happiness Hormones teaches that repeating a habit over and over again is essential for a habit to stick. This, most likely, will help you fall in love with what you do.

The book "Hormones of happiness" - training for 45 days

For example, in order for the body to produce dopamine, you should always please yourself. Even if you have achieved small victories. At the same time, it is better to move towards the goal in small steps. When the task is large, you can divide it into several component parts.

Let’s note one important detail. Happiness hormones are interconnected. Therefore, the same action can stimulate the production of 2-3 hormones at the same time.

In addition to what we have already said, dopamine is synthesized during sports, during meals. Also if you get social recognition. Let’s say from colleagues.


In the book How to Train Your Brain to Produce Happiness Hormones, what makes reading the book interesting is how the author sincerely describes examples from her own life. It is interesting how her neural circuits were formed in her childhood. Thanks to this, the reader better understands the ideas that Breuning is talking about.

You can download the book "How to Train Your Brain to Produce Happiness Hormones " on the Internet. Want to rewire your brain and really understand what hormones make us happy? What exercises exist – to pump your efficiency? So, it’s time to pay attention to the book of Loretta Breuning.

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