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How to change your lifestyle in 5 easy steps


Sooner or later, every person is faced with apathy, depression and unwillingness to do anything. At such moments, the thought comes to mind that it’s time to change your lifestyle.

And then a lot of questions arise: “Where to start?", “How to change my life for the better?”, “What can I change?” other. Let’s try to understand them in this article.

The phrase “lifestyle” for most people is associated with how a person spends their free time, but this concept is much broader and deeper. The better you understand what it includes, the easier it will be to work with. Let’s see what it includes:

  • way of life, daily activities;
  • standard of living, social status (material security);
  • quality and style of life (main types of activity and the degree of their satisfaction);
  • way of spending leisure time;
  • self-development (physical, intellectual, personal);
  • social circle and communication links;
  • religious beliefs;
  • family values ​​(approach to raising children, caring for parents, attitude towards marriage, etc.);
  • intimate life.

Knowing these components, it is easier for a person to analyze himself and understand how to change his lifestyle.

The easiest place to start is by identifying the things that you don’t like in your daily life. To do this, analyze every aspect of life and feel what pulls out a negative response in you. In place of these things, it is necessary to find something that will be different from everything else and resonate in the soul. Write these things down on paper and leave them for a while. When you read your notes, you will clearly realize what exactly turns you on – this is your true goal of change. Make a detailed plan for it with actions and steps, the more detailed it is, the easier it will be to track your progress.

It is very difficult to change the style of life immediately and completely, you need to start small and do it gradually. Then the new habits will fit into your daily routine quite naturally, and you won’t have to work hard for it. So, what steps can you start taking towards a new quality of life.

Change way of thinking

In the hustle and bustle of everyday life, it is quite difficult to realize that habits, character and attitude to any situations are hidden in thoughts. But one has only to think, and then it becomes obvious that gloomy thoughts make the world black and white, and positive thoughts add colors to life. Try to drive away all bad thoughts and immediately notice how life will change for the better.

Start reading useful literature

In order not to degrade and occupy yourself with important arguments, start reading useful books instead of glossy magazines and news on social networks. These can be books on personal development, biographies of prominent personalities, practical psychology. Choose a book on the topic that excites you now and read it at least 30 pages a day. And in order to achieve an effect, immediately consolidate the knowledge gained and try to put it into practice.

Get rid of negative habits

Any little thing requires your energy, it’s a shame to waste it on bad habits, especially when you already experience a breakdown. It is not necessary to stop drinking alcohol, smoking, sitting on social networks until midnight and eating fast food in one day. Change gradually. The “21 Days” technique and the habit tracker can help with this. It is enough to celebrate any achievement in it for three weeks, so that it becomes habitual for you. Start simple: for example, track that you drink your daily norm of clean water.

Remember your future

People must live for today in order to experience the taste of life. But this is no reason to forget about the future. Confidence in the future is the key to peace in the present. Invest in yourself: set aside a financial airbag, do not skimp on self-education: training, self-development, literature. The one who owns the information owns everything.

If you have already determined how to radically change your lifestyle, then you should know about a technique that will allow you to quickly achieve your goals and easily step over to its qualitatively new level. There are six stages on the path to change:


At this stage, a person does not notice that he has any problems, everything suits him. Consequently, he does not need any changes, there is no need to take any active actions. It remains to be hoped that some event in life will make a person think about whether he wants such an existence. But some people never get to the next level because they don’t want to reflect.

Reflection and awareness

Here a person already thinks that he wants to change something, but still does not clearly understand what exactly. He weighs all the pros and cons of the current situation to make a decision. And if changes are needed, then he draws up a plan according to which he will take the first steps.


A person realizes that he really needs changes and the plan is drawn up correctly. Therefore, it begins to divide it into specific actions and tasks that will help move forward towards the goal. It is very important that they all have specific time frames so as not to get stuck at this stage.


At this stage, a person has already taken concrete steps and was inspired by his intermediate results. The main thing now is to correctly distribute your energy and time so as not to stop halfway. Another effective tool is working on intrinsic motivation. You need to keep in mind the result for which all the work began. It is good if a person starts communicating with people whose goals and desired lifestyle are similar. You can read motivating books, watch movies, listen to webinars, i.e. look for useful information in all available ways.


This is the most turning point of the whole journey. When the changes are already noticeable, it is necessary to clearly understand that you don’t want to go back. You can compare how a person lived before and what he has come to now in order to realize that the past must remain in the past.

New life forever

Usually this stage comes a year or two after the start of the journey. Here, a person understands well that he will not return to his former life, and everything that he wanted has already happened and you can move on.

This is not to say that there is some kind of universal advice on how to change your lifestyle. Everyone lives in their own way, has their own values ​​and beliefs.

If you decide that it is time to start living differently, then start by introspection and reflection of your thoughts and actions. Once you figure out what you’re not comfortable with, it will be easy to outline a plan of action and follow it. The main thing is not to stop and remember that without difficulties there will be no good result.

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