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How to open a Blockchain bitcoin wallet


Blockchain is an online wallet. Its distinguishing feature is an accessible interface, which ensures ease of use for customers. Initially, the crypto wallet was focused on working with bitcoins. However, over time, its capabilities have expanded. Therefore, more coins were added to the functionality. These are Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash, Paxos (PAX) or USD Digital (USD-D), Stellar (XLM). How to open a Blockchain bitcoin wallet?

How to open a Blockchain bitcoin wallet

Create a bitcoin wallet online

Blockchain.info is the main wallet for bitcoin, with its own mobile version. It has all sorts of two-phase identifications, character sets on the keyboard, various encryptions. Therefore, the blockchain wallet can be called as safe as possible for users.

How to register a Bitcoin wallet online

First of all, you need to go to the Blockchain.info website. Then open the Wallet tab.

How to open a Blockchain bitcoin wallet

Then click on the "Create a Bitcoin wallet for free" button.

How to open a Blockchain bitcoin wallet

Now a new window with strings will appear on your monitor. Here you need to enter your email address and create a password – to enter. At the same time, it is important not to forget to click on the checkbox to confirm your consent to the provision of the service. Next, click the "Continue" button.

How to open a Blockchain bitcoin wallet

After a while, the program will generate your personal e-wallet number. This means that you can already use your personal account.

How to open a Blockchain bitcoin wallet

To activate the wallet, go through authorization in the e-mail box specified in the program. The Blockchain wallet system will send you an email with a link. Therefore, for active actions it will be enough just to go through it.

How to open a Blockchain bitcoin wallet

We see the opened window. In it, click on the "Verify Email" button. Then you are moved to a new browser tab, with a message about the successful verification of the email.

Let’s take a look at the content of the email. There you will see a "Wallet ID" which represents a set of characters. It usually comes in handy when restoring data to a Blockchain bitcoin wallet. Be sure to save this data somewhere to be safe. In order to simply “take the wallet number" in the future and use it for various purposes, such as:

  • receiving bitcoins from mining;
  • receiving cryptocurrencies on your equipment;
  • buying coins through an exchanger;
  • make money on faucets

To get your individual number, you need to click on the “Start receiving Bitcoins” button in your personal account.

How to open a Blockchain bitcoin wallet

After that, you will see a dialog box – with the wallet number. Copy it and feel free to start using it.

Why do users prefer Matbi?

The key condition for the popularity of this service is reliability. As well as a long time of existence in the cryptocurrency market. Blockchain wallet Matbi was created in 2014. Due to the built-in function of the online exchanger, users can easily, on the basis of a single platform, exchange cryptocurrency for rubles.

Here’s what’s remarkable. Matbi allows you to simultaneously store many varieties of cryptocurrencies. This includes Bitcoin, Dash, ZCash, Litecoin.

If you are just planning your acquaintance with cryptocurrencies, then it is better to store them on Matbi. It provides reliable protection against hacking, cyber attacks and other troubles.

Blockchain wallet: how to achieve security when storing funds

No service will give you a 100% security guarantee. This is especially true for projects related to money and earnings. Fraudsters are improving in the same way as existing protection systems. And they can calculate the wallet address for one or two.

They usually succeed because wallet owners refuse additional protection for their accounts. Limited only by the standard password. 

Before answering the question of how to open a Blockchain bitcoin wallet, let’s focus on security systems. On a Blockchain site, you can increase security with simple manipulations.

How to open a Blockchain bitcoin wallet

To carry out the operation, you need to go to the "Security" section. Next, you will have the option to set a 3-level security level. Thanks to this, you will be 99% protected from hacking.

Benefits of a Bitcoin Wallet

  • Simple and user – friendly interface. The developers have focused on the fact that the client can easily withdraw their money. And he could easily use the system, without any special knowledge.
  • Support for various cryptocurrencies. In addition to bitcoins, Blockchain also supports stellar, Ethereum, stablecoin, bitcoin cash.
  • Built-in exchange. So that users can exchange currencies without leaving the interface.
  • Smartphone software support.
  • Working with mobile devices. To facilitate communication with the client.

Popular bitcoin clients

  1. Bitcoin Core . One of the main bitcoin clients used by most internet users. It is fair to call its disadvantage the weight of 20 GB. The average interest per transaction is 0.00001 btc/kb.
  2. Armony . Used by advanced users who are interested in additional flexibility and security in managing their funds. Installation is carried out on the basis of Bitcoin Core. It is noteworthy that the client is aimed at saving computer resources.
  3. Electric. A functional and fairly easy-to-use client for blockchain money. The task of the application is to speed up the process of working with the wallet, with the consumption of a minimum amount of resources. Note that there is no synchronization with the blockchain base. For work, we use our own server, where all the necessary data is stored. Also, for more efficient work, it is permissible to create your own unique server.
  4. multibit. Like Electrum, when functioning, it does not use the entire blockchain base, but only some of it. Requires a minimum of resources and time to work.

Blockchain wallet: methods of replenishment

  • Bitcoin Cloud Mining . In this service, you purchase power for cryptocurrency mining. Every day you get bitcoins in proportion to the paid capacity.
  • Buying bitcoins through a cryptocurrency exchange. The rate is determined in accordance with the global performance curve. It also depends on the policy of the exchanger you choose.
  • Replenishment of bitcoin wallet funds on a crypto exchange. Not all exchanges involve working with fiat money. Of the most famous, perhaps, Yobit. Moreover, its main advantage is that it has a Russified version.

Withdrawal of bitcoins and transfer from wallet to wallet  

This transfer method was created for those who need to transfer Bitcoin to another wallet. To get started, you must go to the Blockchain online wallet page, followed by authorization. After that, you need to go to the "Send money" section.                                                                                                                

To translate directly, you must do the following:

  1. Click on the "Send money" button;
  2. In the "Enter" field, you need to drive in the address of the recipient’s bitcoin wallet;
  3. In the "Amount" field, enter the amount of bitcoins that you would like to send;
  4. Click on the "Submit Payment" button

To avoid mistakes, pay attention to the screenshot:

How to open a Blockchain bitcoin wallet

How to transfer bitcoin to Webmoney wallet

We will immediately stipulate that the Bitcoin cryptocurrency in Webmoney is designated as WMX.

To go to the service, you must click on the "Login" button as shown in the screenshot:

How to open a Blockchain bitcoin wallet

After logging into your personal account, go to the "Introduce bitcoin" section:

How to open a Blockchain bitcoin wallet

Next, you will see the details for WMX. It remains to click on the receive button. Then you will become the owner of the bitcoin wallet address, where you need to make actual transfers.

How to open a Blockchain bitcoin wallet

Interest deducted for transactions and withdrawals

You can include a fee in the transaction of the Bitcoin blockchain network, at your own discretion.

Therefore, transactions with 0% commission will be in low priority. And transactions even with a minimum commission (approximately 0.0001 Bitcoin) are in the standard priority. Here there is a probability that they will definitely be included in the block.

How to open a Blockchain bitcoin wallet and save money?

First of all, you need to check the number of unconfirmed transactions on Blockchain.info. If the system gives you a number up to 10 thousand, then it is advisable to manually set the commission 8-10 times lower than the recommended one. And the transaction in this case will be completed successfully.

In what cases the transaction is not subject to commission:  

  • When the transfer exceeds 0.01 BTC;
  • When the translation takes up a minimum of space in the block;
  • Bitcoins used to make a transaction have a large number of confirmations

Blockchain wallet on the current: list of operations

The client makes it possible to receive or send funds. Also here it is permissible to place invoices for payment and transfer bitcoins using a QR code. In addition, the user can manage addresses at his own discretion. Namely, to control active and inactive addresses, to add/remove them. Rename wallets if necessary.

Receiving funds

Thanks to this tab, you get a bitcoin address. Or you can set an invoice for payment. Note that each new request creates a unique bitcoin address. Of course, it is permissible to use the old addresses that were previously used by you. However, for the sake of anonymity, the developers insist on using only new addresses.

How to open a cryptocurrency wallet? And what are the ways to receive funds in the future?

First, by copying the address. Secondly, through a QR code. And finally, thirdly, through invoicing. Let’s take a closer look at each of them.

1 Standard fundraising

To do this, go to the receiving section at the top of the interface. Then copy the corresponding bitcoin address.

Next, you should select the cryptocurrency and wallet you are interested in. With Blockchain, you will have the opportunity to implement many crypto wallets. This will help you manage your accounts better and allow you to separate them. For the convenience of making payments.

How to open a Blockchain bitcoin wallet

Cryptonist Wallet is the name of your new wallet. Note that you can set your own name for accounts, which further optimizes the process of using the program.

After you have received the funds, the transaction will appear in the interface tab. To view the history of completed transactions, you need to click on Bitcoin in the side of the panel. As the screenshot shows, the funds were successfully received on the crypto wallet:

How to open a Blockchain bitcoin wallet

2 Receiving by entering a QR code

After making a copy of the QR code, you simply send it to the sender. With the Blockchain app, you can count it easily. Which, ultimately, greatly simplifies the transfer of bitcoins. To copy a QR code, just hover over it and right-click on the image. Then you need to select "Copy picture" or "Save as".

How to open a Blockchain bitcoin wallet

3 Create a link to share a request

How to request bitcoins? How to open a Blockchain bitcoin wallet? To do this, you need to create a special account for payment. This is especially true if you are engaged in the sale of goods or services.

To issue an invoice, you should open the "Get" section. And select the item "Create a link" to the public. After that, you must enter the amount in USD or BTC. Further, the crypto wallet will automatically convert the currency in accordance with the current rate. And in the end, you will become the owner of a payment account, with the possibility of the optimal payment method for you. Let us remind you once again that this is a QR code, with a certain amount sent to the blockchain address of the wallet.

To view the current account, just go to Settings-Wallets and addresses. Choose a wallet. And click "Manage". If the invoice is not paid, the address is displayed in the list of yet unused addresses. When the invoice is paid, it will appear in the list of used addresses.

Is it permissible to receive money to an address if it is no longer displayed when requested?

As stated earlier, all generated crypto addresses are considered valid. Regardless of whether they are currently displayed in the system or not. The new bitcoin address will be automatically displayed when requested, simultaneously with the receipt of money to the previously created address. At the same time, the Ethereum address does not change.

How to open a Blockchain bitcoin wallet

A list of all created crypto addresses can be found in the Settings-Wallets and addresses section. You can also easily check the balance on each of the available wallets.

How to open a Blockchain bitcoin wallet? Is it advisable to always use the same address – for receiving funds? Certainly. And this is due to the fact that it becomes easier to track the entire history of payments. In addition, the confidentiality of transactions is increasing.

Manage Imported Addresses

Importing addresses is usually used by advanced users who are used to generating BTC addresses and private keys to protect their wallet.

Imported crypto addresses are developed using another platform or crypto wallet. For this reason, your blockchain wallet cannot learn the private key from the previously created address. And as a result, he cannot count funds from him.

How to open a Blockchain bitcoin wallet

Note that the blockchain wallet is non-custodial. Thus, the company does not store or provide access to the user’s keys under any circumstances.

How often should I make an additional copy of the blockchain wallet?

Generate a backup crypto wallet once. And write down a set of words somewhere. So that at any time you can recover your password, provided that you lose access to your account.

In order to restore access at the expense of the seed, go to the "Restoring an existing wallet" section.

It is extremely important that the password cannot be applied to any of the imported crypto addresses. If your funds are stored in imported bitcoin addresses and you would like to transfer them to the main account, use the "Transfer All" function.

Where can I see the wallet addresses that were used before?

This is done in the settings. To do this, open the "Wallets and addresses" section. Click on the "Manage" button on the right side.

How to open a Blockchain bitcoin wallet

Next, scroll down to the list of addresses. Press the "Show" button and "OK".

Now you will see a list with each individual address. You will see the current balance on the right side of the tab.

How to open a Blockchain bitcoin wallet

Note that when sending funds, the blockchain wallet will choose the addresses to make the payment. Therefore, the actual balance will differ from the general indicators.

Blockchain Wallet: Conclusion

When creating a bitcoin wallet, it is important to always keep security systems in mind. Namely, the secret key should be stored only with you. Not provided to third parties. In this case, access to all keys can be requested from the administration. And in the future, she will decide whether it is permissible for you to withdraw funds from the wallet or not.

How to open a Blockchain bitcoin wallet

How to open a bitcoin wallet, protecting yourself from risks? First, don’t ignore additional security measures. Second, make a backup of your wallet. Third, keep your keys secure. And for greater confidence, explain to someone close to you how to manage your online wallet. In case of emergencies. Come up with a strong cipher in case the device is stolen. If you become the owner of the Bitcoin cryptocurrency, then you should not just take good care of money. But also to be technically advanced and competently savvy user.

Today Blockchain wallet works on the basis of the Russian-language interface. This is a huge benefit to our government audience. The interface was recently translated for the mobile application. However, if you suddenly come across questionable points, be sure to contact the support center. They can be contacted directly on Twitter at @AskBlockchain.

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