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How to make a girl on maternity leave


How to earn money on maternity leave? After all, most women who are on maternity leave begin to wonder about the way to make money at home. Additional funds are always needed, especially for a young mother. For some, work is an option so as not to get bored and not grow into a routine.

There are many opportunities to earn money while on maternity leave. But we will talk about all the prospects that are worth trying while on maternity leave in more detail in the article.

The main reasons for making money on maternity leave

The decree is an opportunity for a woman to devote herself to the family and maintain home comfort. But at the same time, such a vacation will be a chance to change life for the better, to study yourself, to gain new skills and knowledge. It is natural to think about how to earn good money on maternity leave when a woman is ready for this.

Basically, in the first years of a baby’s life, it is difficult to combine child care and work. It is better to wait until the baby grows up and then the mother will have more free time. Among the main reasons why it is a good idea to combine child care and work are:

  • development perspective;
  • setting the right example for the child;
  • a sense of financial independence;
  • the disappearance of the feeling of "separation from life";
  • socialization;
  • getting joy from life.

Going on vacation, to care for a child, a woman begins to live a groundhog day. This is constant cooking, washing, bathing, playing, walking with the baby. Over time, these duties are already performed automatically. But for those who want to continue to develop their careers and not lose skills, it is important to continue to train the brain.

How to make money on maternity leave – self-development

It is important to engage in self-development. For example, read books, learn a foreign language, attend master classes, trainings. These skills will become useful in the future and will be useful in future work. An activity or hobby will help your brain switch to multitasking mode and learn how to properly organize time.

Children learn parental behavior, especially mother’s promises. Therefore, watching how the mother works or engages in a hobby, the baby will subconsciously perceive this behavior as correct. Based on special studies, the children of working mothers become successful in life and achieve success in their careers.

The topic of money is relevant. And this is one of the important reasons why women come out of parental leave. In addition, many mothers often feel social isolation. They have a different rhythm of life. A part-time job provides additional communication, solving new problems, making new acquaintances and not being a hostage to household chores.

Psychologists recommend not sacrificing yourself and your interests and devoting yourself to your family if this does not help a woman to realize herself in full. It is important to maintain the right emotional background in the house. And if mom does what brings pleasure, then the atmosphere in the house will be positive.

How to understand what kind of income is suitable

The search for additional income implies different reasons. Someone may urgently need money, and someone wants to improve their skills or learn a new occupation for themselves. There are many options for what to do on maternity leave. And the main thing is to choose a suitable job for yourself, which will bring pleasure and not interfere with raising a child. To choose the right occupation for yourself, you should determine:

  • special knowledge and skills;
  • availability of free time;
  • willingness to learn new things;
  • what income is required.

Specialists can monetize skills and work from home. Sell ​​goods or services over the Internet. To work in this area, you do not need special knowledge and skills, and in a short period of time you can actually learn something new and start earning. If the young mother and child feel well, then you can safely look for a suitable job.

If a woman is not ready to learn new things, then she should give preference to part-time jobs in which to apply existing skills. It is also important to adequately assess your own capabilities. It should be understood that easy work will not bring a lot of money and in order to receive a high income, it is important to improve qualifications and improve skills.

Work on maternity leave in the specialty

How to make a girl on maternity leave

One of the options for how to make good money on maternity leave is work in your specialty. There are professions that can be practiced at home. Such professions include a cook, a realtor, a seamstress, a telephone sales assistant, a make-up artist, a hairdresser, a massage therapist, a nanny, a manicurist, an accountant.

Professions are simple and affordable. But it is important to consider some nuances. For example, working on the phone implies the absence of extraneous noise and sounds in the background. But with a child, this is not always possible. Therefore, it is important to take into account the nuances before choosing the right part-time job.

You don’t have to be a professional chef to cook good dishes to order. The main role here is played by the love of cooking and creating quality dishes. Sewing is also considered a good skill. For those who in the past were engaged in sewing or knitting, this will be a prospect in order to earn money. At first, you can offer work to acquaintances, friends. So there will always be work. Clothing repair services are also in high demand.

For accountants, the decree is also not considered a hindrance. Reporting can also be done outside the office. A good profession is a massage therapist. It is possible to receive clients at home or conduct sessions at clients’ homes if it is possible to leave a child with someone.

For makeup artists, hairdressers and manicurists, you can also set up a workplace at home and earn money during parental leave. Clients can be found via the Internet, offer services to friends and relatives. But to provide this kind of service, you will need to purchase professional tools.

Earn money doing what you love

There are many interesting ideas about what to do on maternity leave. For those who are fluent in languages, know history or know how to play a musical instrument, there is an opportunity to take up tutoring. You can do it at home, on the Internet or go to the client. For a new mother, the first methods will be the most optimal. You can also offer preparation services for the OGE, EGE and other exams.

Another option for additional earnings will be writing term papers, tests and other papers. Many students or apprentices often resort to the help of professionals doing the work for money. If mom has special knowledge, then such a part-time job can bring good profit.

If your mother worked as a psychologist or lawyer before the decree, then you can safely start doing what you like again. This is the organization of consultations, trainings, assistance in drafting contracts and important documents.

You can also work remotely as a designer. It is worth talking with the authorities and working part-time. In addition, design activities can be done on the Internet. This is the design of interiors, landscapes, furniture. Learn new skills and continue to design banners, web pages, flyers.

Making money from hobbies

How to make a girl on maternity leave

Hobby making is also a good option. By properly organizing the process, you can get good funds for the family budget. Among the popular options for how to make money on maternity leave are:

  • knitting;
  • embroidery;
  • sewing products;
  • production of decorative attributes, soap;
  • jewelry production;
  • cultivation of indoor plants;
  • occupation with souvenirs, decoupage, scrapbooking.

Knitwear is in demand. Children’s things, soft toys are considered in demand. Embroidery to order will bring not only extra money, but also help develop skills. You can sell embroidered paintings, clothes, household items.

Much attention is paid to the development of the child from the very cradle. Developing mats, books, pyramids are popular. You can earn money by creating such original elements. You can get inspired by ideas from the Internet. In addition, the network also has a lot of interesting ideas for creating jewelry and costume jewelry.

Handmade products will become an alternative to a gift. Decorative soap or candles are an original solution. For such work, you will need to show imagination, create an original product. For those who have a large living space, breeding indoor plants is another option. This is the cultivation of orchids or violets and their further sale in social networks or on special forums.

It is popular to create birthday parties in themed styles. This kind of activity will help you earn money. Having shown imagination, you can create beautiful decor elements and decorations for holidays, weddings, birthdays.

You can create original souvenirs, decorate boxes, create magnets, create photo albums, decorate photo frames. Coffee beans, beads, coins, wood, natural materials are suitable as materials. It is only important to turn on the imagination and create a unique product.

To start selling a product, it is better to contact friends or acquaintances. At first, you can donate several products or sell them for a symbolic price. But in the future, after improving your own skills, you can increase the price tag. You can sell in shops, fairs, exhibitions. But do not forget about thematic forums and groups in social networks. A good idea would be to develop a personal online store, with photos of the work. You can film the process, create a master class, or start a personal blog on creating a product.

What professions can be mastered at home

Often after maternity leave or during it, a young mother wants to change her occupation. In order to master a new profession, it is not at all necessary to study for 5 years. New skills can be obtained in special courses. Or take a course on the Internet, where there are a lot of useful materials. About how to make money on maternity leave at home by learning a new profession further.

The services of a stylist, makeup artist, cosmetologist, hairdresser are considered in demand. But at the beginning of a career, you can offer services cheaper. In the future, when regular customers appear, you can increase the price for the work. At the same time, it is important to remember that in such areas one should constantly improve one’s qualifications, improve skills, and follow fashion novelties. Because all conditions change very often. And to be on the wave of success, you must follow the trends.

For lovers of photography there is a profession of a photographer. This profession is considered promising. You can conduct themed photo shoots. But at the same time, for high-quality work, it is worth acquiring professional equipment.

Another way to earn good money on maternity leave is to master the profession of a florist. The work involves the creation of bouquets and flower arrangements. For the development of this craft, it is important to find a good flower supplier.

Online earning options

An option on how to make good money on maternity leave is to work on the Internet. On maternity leave, there is not enough free time to do full-time work. But there are activities that, of course, will not bring a lot of income, but will not take too much time, thereby allowing you to calmly deal with the child and household chores.

An option for a mini-business is the sale of goods via the Internet. Because you don’t need to buy a lot of things for this. Online stores cooperate on the basis of dropshipping. The initial stage of such work is receiving an advance payment from the customer. Next, the goods are purchased from the supplier. Then send the goods to the address specified by the customer. As a result, the buyer receives the goods, and the performer pays for the work done. It is formed on the basis of the difference between the price of the supplier and the seller.

Another option for making money on maternity leave at home is to organize joint purchases. The job is to find buyers who can buy the entire batch of goods. Then collect money from buyers and pay the supplier. After that, send the goods to customers. The income in this case is the organizing fee, which is approximately 10-15% of the entire order.

Among the advantages of this kind of earnings are:

  • lack of material contribution;
  • selling does not take too much free time;
  • depending on the price of the goods, the income of the organizer also varies;
  • buying goods for yourself at an affordable price.

But at the same time, it is important to understand that it can take a long time to collect one purchase, you will need to learn how to look for customers. For this work, such qualities as stress resistance, perseverance, and a good memory are important.

The most relevant professions for making money on the Internet

How to make a girl on maternity leave

Getting a job while on parental leave or learning something new is easy. Because in recent years, professions that involve working with the help of a computer and the Internet have gained popularity. There are many ways to earn money on the network so that you do not puzzle over what to do on maternity leave. But among the advantages of this kind of earnings, they note the absence of bosses, work in a convenient place, silence is not considered a prerequisite.

Among the most popular remote professions are:

  • designer
  • photo editor;
  • sales manager;
  • online consultant;
  • SMM manager;
  • copywriter;
  • translator.

You can safely realize yourself as a designer or illustrator. This includes activities related to the design of websites, the design of web projects, the planning of premises, the creation of drawings for books, films, commercials. But for such work, you will need the ability to work with special programs such as Google SketchUp, Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop. If there are no skills, then they can be safely obtained using special resources. For example, books, manuals, video tutorials.

If in the past mom worked as a photographer, then she probably has knowledge in processing photos or videos. It is possible to find a suitable vacancy on job search sites, freelance exchanges. To get new or improve skills, download Photoshop or photo / video processing programs. But such programs are characterized by a clear interface and they can be studied independently.

Other options

Working as a call center operator or sales manager also does not imply special skills. Such professions are in demand, as there are a large number of online stores, schools, etc. In this work, it is important to be able to find the right approach to people, understand the needs of the client, be sociable and polite.

Working as an SMM manager involves maintaining accounts and helping to promote the client’s brand on social networks. This is the creation of posts, work with the audience, subscribers, setting up targeted advertising. But social media agencies even provide training for beginners. So for a young mother, this will be an opportunity to try herself in a new field.

There are many ways to make money on maternity leave. One of these is the profession of an online consultant. But such an activity is suitable for those who worked as a doctor, lawyer, psychologist, nutritionist, fitness trainer before the holidays. Because an online consultant provides professional advice to website visitors. But for those who have special skills in one of the areas, such work will not be difficult.

Copywriting will be a good income. Because it does not require special education. But it is important to be able to correctly and quickly type text on the keyboard. Customers can be found on copywriting or rewriting exchanges. In order not to fall into the mud face, it is better to select familiar topics. At first, you won’t make a lot of money on articles. But over time, with the advent of experience and reputation, you can increase the price tag. You can submit texts to article stores. Write about a related topic, for example, about a specialty, hobby, favorite pastime.

A good option for how to make good money on maternity leave is to maintain a personal blog. But here it is important to take into account some nuances. Because in order to promote the blog and make a profit, you first need to invest. To create a blog, it is important to come up with a theme and an option for monetizing it. Then start creating a website or entrust this business to a professional. Because it is important to fill the blog with quality content. You can do it yourself or ask a copywriter for help. But the main thing is to promote this resource so that people visit it.

Tips for working on maternity leave

In addition to useful and promising vacancies, there are many ways to earn money on the Internet that you should not waste time on. Such work will not bring any prospects, but will only take time. But these jobs include:

  • passing paid surveys;
  • writing reviews for money;
  • surfing (clicks on sites);
  • work in network marketing or attracting referrals.

When looking for a suitable job, it is important not to stumble upon a job of this kind, which, in addition to free time, can also take away nerves and money. Therefore, it is important to remember that in no case do not pay for assignments in order to get a job. You should also not mess with financial pyramids, trading, binary options. Because you will not benefit from such an interaction.

You can find a suitable vacancy for yourself on freelance exchanges, sites with special vacancies, on article exchanges, in companies that offer remote work, in groups with vacancies on social networks. Freelancing marketplaces are a good option for making money. On such sites, customers publish their projects. But some services even carry out secure transactions online through the site.

In groups with vacancies in social networks, you can find a customer who needs a contractor for various types of services. But the terms of cooperation will need to be discussed directly with the customer.


Before looking for a job, you should think carefully about what you are most interested in doing. Decree is a good opportunity to reassess your skills, overcome fears and start doing what you love. In addition, there is more than enough time for retraining. In any case, you can always return to the previous kind of activity.

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