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Workplace efficiency and its impact on corporate culture


How to stay productive in the workplace. And at the same time not disturb the delicate balance of the motivational flow of colleagues or subordinates? In this article, we tell you where the science of efficiency came from and show how to apply it in infographics.

How to motivate employees for better results

What if?

What if you inspire employees to be 10% more efficient? And you really can. This is not about hypnosis. But we are not suggesting you use cheap mind control tricks. They do not work. And everyone knows it. Blog kakzarabotat.net is dedicated to making money on the Internet. But we understand that not only freelancers and remote workers work on the Web. Many office workers also work online.

If you work in a team or are a manager, you know firsthand that it is difficult to motivate employees and keep them sparkling with efficiency.

Have you ever wondered how corporate culture is formed?

Workplace efficiency and its impact on corporate culture

Many organizations operate according to outdated tracing papers of the West or faded ineffective templates of the 90s.

How is your work organized?

Corporate culture is like a background conversation – it affects the subconscious level of the mind on employees. Regardless of whether they perceive it, understand it or deny it.

Indirect perception of corporate culture and its impact on workplace performance

Sounds like the title of a report, doesn’t it? And too many words. Probably, if they are interchanged, the sentence will be easier to read and perceived more clearly. And the reader will read this article to the end. So it is with the culture in the team.

You can use standard template forms to keep track of everyone and keep track of their performance. But this does not guarantee that people will stay motivated and spend working hours absorbed in activities, and not count how much is left before the end of the working day.

Therefore, the corporate culture depends on how well the maximum efficiency is ensured in the workplace of each individual.

Workplace efficiency and its impact on corporate culture

How to understand what each employee and you specifically need in order to work well

Everything is simple. Your effectiveness directly depends on your goal. And only the one who knows why he does it works well.

Workplace Efficiency – Work Incentives

What is the driving force for a person? No matter how we develop as a whole, as a society, mature and acquire wisdom, one of the driving factors for action has been and will be the game.  

Doing something for pleasure makes you more effective.

3 motives for action:
  1. A game
  2. Target
  3. Realization of potential
3 factors that deactivate motivation:
  1. emotional stress
  2. Economic pressure

Efficiency in the workplace for everyone

And what is the effectiveness of the company as a whole for you? In general, it is customary to distinguish two types. And, as a rule, corporate culture is built to achieve tactical effectiveness. But often the “stick goes too far," and in this case, adaptive efficiency begins to suffer.

These mutually polar efficiencies are difficult to balance. And not many leaders find this balance and are able to stick to it.

Neil Doshy and Lindsey McGregor, who wrote the book Charged for Results, do not recommend betting on tactical effectiveness. Why? Everything is easily explained. Because such a tilt towards production efficiency and delivery of the plan is costly. And there are distortions in this tactical paradigm that lead or cause impulsive decisions. These decisions, as a rule, lead to losses and reduce the overall efficiency of the company.

  • Is the corporate culture of your company experiencing difficulties?
  • Why do you go to work?
  • Do you feel pressure from the team, which is due to general fatigue and unwillingness to do your job as well as possible?
  • Or do you clearly know why you wake up every morning and you are surrounded by the same people?
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