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How to make money on maternity leave: a blog about motherhood


Raising a small child takes not only physical and mental strength. It takes a lot of money. Clothes, food, diapers, toys, doctors… The list of children’s must-haves is endless. At the same time, parental leave a priori reduces income. How to earn money on maternity leave?

In fact, there are a lot of ways. You can choose your favorite activity from our list of suggestions. This post is about making money blogging. And on a blog about motherhood. So, about the most relevant and painful things for mothers.

How to make money on maternity leave: a blog about motherhood

Why do new moms start blogs?

For many women, maternity leave is a time of change. They change their outlook on life, not only because of the new status of the mother. Finally, there is an opportunity to stop and look at yourself from the outside. Understand your goals and desires. Of course, not immediately. Only when the child grew up a little, and caring for him moved to the level of reflexes. At such moments, you want to break away from the diapers and do adult things. For example, a little work. But what if the old position doesn’t inspire you at all? The woman wants to change her career. And then it turns out that you can make good money on maternity leave. For example, on your blog. After all, motherhood is a very popular topic.

For many, such a blog is an easy way to make sense of a new experience. To put it bluntly, motherhood is a huge stress. Glossy pictures are out of place here. Photos of young mothers with styling and a sports figure open the way for an existential crisis for the average woman. Complexes and self-doubt are attached. Therefore, more and more women rebel against the ideal image. Instagram gets real photos of the body after childbirth. With stretch marks and excess weight. The texts about the decree also changed. Sweet stories about the happiness of being a mother disappear. They were replaced by life stories. Where there are fears, problems and a lot of stress. Surprising thing: such texts do not scare away at all. On the contrary, they give a feeling of a friendly shoulder. After all, every reader understands: now I am not alone!

But if you want not just to speak out, but to make money on your blog while you are on maternity leave, you need a serious approach. Start smartly.

Find your chip and

Determine the source of income

The problem with mother blogs is in the same place as their advantage. There are thousands of mothers with babies on the Internet. This is a colossal audience, and hundreds of competitors. It is easy to get lost among them. But you can’t blend in with the crowd. You won’t be able to make money on maternity leave if the blog doesn’t get a lot of subscribers. Uniqueness and relevance are two parts of success. Determine how to hook subscribers.

But even this is not enough. Ideally, you should decide in advance how you will monetize your blog. Fortunately, there are many options. We propose to pay attention to three of them.

How to make money on maternity leave: a blog about motherhood

Feature number 1: writing talent

If you are a good storyteller, this blog is just for you. Writers, journalists and other creative personalities will certainly gather an audience. The boring everyday life of young parents can easily be filled with adventures if they are presented in a special way. A pinch of humor, a portion of sarcasm, a spoonful of worldly experience – this is the recipe for readable material. Funny, naive and interesting stories from the lives of children go with a bang. And not only to family Internet users.

How to monetize

You can make money on the decree in this way only when there are a lot of readers. There are different ways to build an audience. To get started, leave comments in public Vkontakte and Facebook. Write in thematic Instagram groups. Sometimes a witty comment can hook readers. Invite them to read your blog. If the content is of high quality, it will definitely be loved.

The abundance of readers will attract advertisers to the blog. And this is a direct way to income from affiliate programs and advertising. Parents are still shopaholics. They are easily convinced to follow a link to a site with an interesting thing. But this is not all options. For example, you can write about products for children. Play with a new toy. Describe how you dressed your daughter in a dress of some brand for the holiday. Usually the market for children’s offers is good. So you get the money, and you don’t have to prevaricate.

Feature number 2: medical education

Childhood illnesses are an inexhaustible topic. Therefore, there is a great demand for mothers with medical education. If you have something to say, say it! Write about treatment and features of development, share new methods of education. Do reviews on new drugs. Compare the achievements of pharmaceuticals with each other. Explaining the advantages and disadvantages of medicines to parents in plain language is not only very useful, but also profitable. Medical experience will help your child, and will allow you to earn money on maternity leave. 

How to monetize

You will be surprised how much medical advice can be in demand. Especially when they are easy to read. After all, the health of the baby is a top priority for parents. Share your knowledge actively. Counsel families and answer questions via Hangouts or Skype. You can charge a fixed amount for personal services. As a second option, try writing an e-book. Let’s say in the format of questions and answers. It can be advertised on a blog and sold to readers.

Feature number 3: an interesting hobby

The birth of a child can turn your passion into a new direction. And a blog will help you make money on your hobby. For example, tell other mothers about your child. And knit clothes for him. Surely one of the readers will want the same sweater for their son. Here is the first client! It’s great if you’re into photography. Even if you don’t understand, but want to learn, it’s also good. You just have time to practice. Sincere home shots will attract readers. Especially if they are made not only with soul, but also with knowledge of the matter. Perhaps you capture moments not with a camera, but with a brush and paints? Mom-artist will easily conquer the audience. Show your child’s story in funny comics! Draw pictures to decorate children’s rooms. Or create a series of cute postcards.

How to monetize

You can make money on maternity leave by selling your work. As we have already written, blogs are great for promoting your own products. Sell ​​any handmade, handmade baby clothes, baked goods with funny faces. Advertise paintings and your photo shoots. Customers will not resist if you offer a quality product. And interesting texts for subscribers will work like a real PR company.

How to make money on maternity leave: a blog about motherhood

And further. Remember that the same young mothers are sitting on the other side of the screen. Many of them are frightened by the new responsibility. Someone did not find proper support in the family. After all, a good blog is much more than just a way to make money on maternity leave. Readers will be happy to engage in dialogue with you. Get answers to personal questions. So take the time to communicate with subscribers. Then hundreds of people will love your blog.

As you can see, there are a lot of options for creating a blog and making money on it. Perhaps, while reading our material, you have already come up with your own approach to business? Share your ideas in the comments and subscribe to our newsletter!

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