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Internet professions of the present: 7 specialties remotely


Everyone writes about the professions of the future, but it is important for us which Internet professions of the present are in demand now. It just so happened that on July 7, 7 months, our selection consists of 7 specialties: php developer, corporate sales manager, Internet project manager, PR / SMM manager in a beauty salon, for example, contextual advertising specialist in Yandex and Google, psychologist, Sales Manager. And all this is remote. Where do you want. Interesting?

Many good people do not know where to apply themselves and in a panic read articles about a future in which specialties disappear one after another. But if it has gone somewhere, then it has arrived somewhere. Therefore, there is no need to panic. Even if while you were studying at the university your craft ceased to exist.

Just let go of the old and master the new Internet professions of the present:

  1. PHP Developer

Some inexperienced programmers consider this language to be dying. We think they just don’t like it. After all, in php you can create various projects from scratch at full employment.

What else besides php can be useful to you in order to fully work in this Internet profession.

It will be useful to understand the meaning of such words as Javascript, MySQL, Git and 1C Bitrix.  

Average salary 50,000 🪙

2 Corporate Sales Manager

Most often, remote work for corporate salespeople takes the whole working day. Best case scenario. Sometimes even more time. Therefore, if you are going to combine such Internet professions with some other activity, be sure to check this point with the employer.

Selling also means you’ll be making a lot of calls. So the employer has to pay for it. When you work remotely, do not agree to pay related expenses “at your own expense".

The key skills of the Internet profession of a corporate sales manager are cold and active sales, understanding of B2B, the ability to use a PC despite working remotely – the ability to interact with a team. When you sell something, you have to fix it somehow. Most often, customers are offered to conclude a contract. You should be able to read long boring texts and, if necessary, explain the meaning of these texts to your clients. MS Outlook calling and negotiating are also important skills for a corporate sales manager.

Average salary 70,000 🪙

3 Internet project manager

What does it take to become a good web project manager? If you look at vacancies, you will definitely come across such an item as having a higher education. But it is unlikely that the employer will indicate what kind of education is required.

In such work, the main role is played by the result, so projects should be mentioned in your resume. And the bigger the better. The more successfully you managed previous projects, the more likely you are now to get a job.

A sense of taste and understanding of ease of use.

You should not only keep abreast of the latest design trends, but also understand how trends are commensurate with user comfort. To identify this, you will need the skills to conduct A-B tests of products. For example, site modules. As well as the ability to analyze information about the user’s behavior that the webvisor provides.

Analysis of competitors.

Get in the habit of periodically analyzing competitors and implementing new ones based on this analysis. And also learn from the mistakes of competitors. If you notice weaknesses in projects related to yours, be able to find solutions and implement them in your work.

Basic knowledge of SEO and working with data.

Yes. You will have to understand how the webmasters of your company are “shamanizing” with the product and what this can lead to. It is also a good idea to master the basics of Internet marketing, and be able to analyze the statistics systems with which you will work.

TZ not HZ.

To effectively manage projects, be able to clearly set goals. TK is important. It is necessary to correctly set tasks and control how they are solved. You must speak the same language with programmers, designers and layout designers.


If you can’t manage yourself, you won’t be able to manage your team. In order to master this Internet profession, you must be able to prioritize and achieve concrete results.


Yes, you should have the basic tools for working with data, people and connecting it all:

  • MS Office,
  • Google docs,
  • Adobe Photoshop,
  • Bitrix.

We will not write much about leadership qualities. It is clear that for project management it is necessary to be systematic, efficient, stress-resistant and responsible.

Average salary – 100,000 🪙

4 PR/CMM manager at a beauty salon

The key skills of a PR specialist are the ability to negotiate and communicate, and at the same time manage to lead groups on social networks.

Write delicious texts and press releases. Understand the principles of contextual advertising and implement them. Of course, no one forces you to subtly understand aspects of search engine optimization, but in order for a beauty salon (or any other PR object) to become known to the general public, it is useful for you to know what algorithms convey it to this public.

And for this job, you also need to be creative, energetic person, with business acumen and have the ability to improvise in various freelance situations and during negotiations.

Average salary – from 45,000 🪙

5 Specialist in contextual advertising in Yandex and Google

As a rule, you have four areas of activity in this area:

  1. The classic is the creation of advertising targeted at a specific audience in Yandex / Google
  2. work with clients,
  3. Optimization,
  4. Individual projects
Average salary 40,000 🪙

6 Psychologist

Let’s dilute the dense stream of Internet professions related to promotion, projects on the Web. Psychologists now also work remotely. So if you are not attracted to the prospect of teamwork or promotion and sales, you can just help people.

If you do not have the appropriate education, you can help psychologists process data.

What is needed for this:

In order to work as a psychologist – the education of a psychologist. To work with data, you will have to master the work with the results of psychological tests, work in Excel. Skills in working with data tools will also come in handy, for example, you can learn how to work in STATISTICA and SPSS.

Average salary – can be piecework, it all depends on the city, and the financial capabilities of the employer

7 Sales manager (remotely)

Closes the seven Internet professions of this classic craft – sales manager. But if you do not know how and do not like to sell, then do not sell. Don’t torture yourself. There is a sea of ​​possibilities on the Internet, and every week we will share our discoveries.

Average salary from 20,000 to 60,000 🪙
Post source: kakzarabotat.net

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