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Still don’t like getting up in the morning? Master 5 morning magic rituals and love will wake up!


For productive work, it is important not only to sleep and get enough sleep, but also to master the art of awakening, it is also called the magic of the morning. Few people like to wake up early. Especially if you live in some St. Petersburg, where the spring weather is rich in rains and instead of the “magic of the morning" you read “all shades of gray” in the sky. In social networks they joke: “Who gets up early, he carries a jacket in his hands.” If this is not about you, but you want to, be sure to read this article. Reading will take no more than five minutes.

Waking up at dawn is like a surprise box

And always enjoyable. When an effort of will allows you to get out of bed and hobble to the pool – this is a victory. It’s nice. Also useful and incredibly invigorating. Especially when you devote the first half of the day to a sports hobby. But the spring weather began to please the sun. There was still snow in April last year. Now in social networks they joke: “He who gets up early carries a jacket in his hands.” If this is not about you, then you will have to master magic. Otherwise, don’t wake up. You are ready? Then go ahead!

And yet, why get out of bed at dawn?

Well, for example, having a goal charges you with enthusiasm.

And we mentioned the magic of the morning for a reason at the beginning.

There is a book written by Hal Elrod.

Still don't like getting up in the morning? Master 5 morning magic rituals and love will wake up!

The book provides instructions, which consists of five steps.

They say that the phobia of morning awakenings disappears, and a good mood, like an obsessive song, will not leave you anymore until the head touches the pillow again in the evening, strictly in accordance with the five stage magic. Magical rituals for those who do not like the morning, but he really needs it. We learn to be friends with the rhythms of larks and introduce new habits strictly with pleasure, with a goal and enthusiasm.

Ritual number 1: Positive expectations

Do you want the magic of the morning to work for you? Make it a rule before going to bed to formulate intentions for the next morning. While your body is resting, the brain will process the request and it will be ready exactly at the moment when you open your eyes.

Why is it important to follow thoughts and formulate them?

First, because your last thought in the evening largely determines your first thought the next morning. Remember how the evening when sleep stubbornly did not want to come to you, and you were waiting for it very much. Well…to be honest with myself…we didn’t expect much. All thoughts on such sleepless nights are usually directed somewhere else, either to a future meeting or to an upcoming event. For example, New Year’s Eve, birthday, first working day in a new position, meeting someone important, on the eve of exams? Yes, the last example is not so desirable, but we are so arranged – everything that worries us drives Morpheus away from our bed. It doesn’t matter if it’s a pleasant excitement or a disturbing foreboding.
But something else is important. Sooner or later the eyes close. The muscles of the body relax and some even twitch … this is already a dream or just a nervous one ….

So, what did you think about before catching up with night dreams and diving into their maelstrom?

If you were looking forward to something, only regretting that you could not rewind this night like a boring movie fragment, then the next day will be filled with these experiences.
If you were worried about something and half asleep, between sleep and reality, your last thought slipped into the unconscious and you heard something like “This is horror! Get up so early. I’ll wake up broken anyway."
Congratulations. This is programming. But why don’t you love yourself so much? Program something more interesting!
Otherwise, the morning will start with something like: “Oh no! Eight in the morning … and I want to sleep so much, it’s unbearable … and even coffee doesn’t help “
Maybe your grandmother tried to instill in you the habit of getting all the textbooks to school and ironing the uniform in the evening. Well, she did it right. Because By building pleasant expectations in the evening, you give the coming day a chance to be very pleasant.

Ritual number 2: The further the better

We are talking about your alarm clock. He certainly took pride of place right next to the pillow. It’s time for you to set your distance.
When you scold your dog for climbing on the bed, you are setting boundaries. So why are you so close to such a valuable part of the body as the head, to allow such a transparent instrument as an alarm clock? Especially if it is a smartphone that can at any time inform you about a seasonal sale, another joke from the Foreign Ministry, or that there is no war yet, but just about …
In addition to the fact that the world of marketing puts everything it wants into your head, while you sleep, you also prevent yourself from waking up and stopping this disgrace.

The ritual is very simple:

Set your alarm clock louder and put it away from the bed. So when he tells you that it’s already time, you have to get up. Only if you don’t have that rare quality of tolerance and getting used to all forms of sound except the fire siren. In this case, you no longer need an alarm clock, but a different daily routine or a somnologist.
But if you still get up to rearrange the signal “for another half an hour”, then in this way you will start moving. And movement is energy, and all together it is already life and wakefulness.
To consolidate success, perform another ritual. Because, of course, the energy went through the body, and you probably even reached the toilet room, but this is not enough. We understand. Go in passing and into the bathroom. There we will already work with magic of the third level.

Ritual number 3: The magic of the morning, water and brushing your teeth

Give yourself time. The magic of the third level is the mechanical actions that prepare the body for the sorcery of a higher order. Water, especially cool, allows the skin to also experience awakening. The pleasant taste of toothpaste can burn the tongue with menthol, but this will only add freshness. In general, choose toothpastes without fluoride and with natural ingredients so that the ritual of awakening does not turn into a ritual of slow destruction of tooth enamel.

Ritual number 4: A glass of living water inside the stomach will wake up what the hand cannot reach – this is the magic of the morning

Morning dehydration is not good for a pleasant awakening. Drink a glass of water. Warm or room temperature. This will relieve fatigue.
Yes Yes. This is what we feel in the morning, because after 8 hours of sleep, the body manages to lose a lot of water. But if you drink a lot of water before going to bed, then the body will misunderstand you and swell in the morning, especially the fingers and face. But the fatigue remains.
Note: Do you feel tired? You probably forget to drink water. We are already talking about the daytime. Try to drink more water throughout the day.
Sometimes, we also confuse the feeling of hunger with the desire of the body to get enough moisture.

Ritual number 5: Move, sweat and all this in comfortable clothes

Yes. Not a shower. Magicians of morning awakenings claim that souls can only be earned by sweating hard. Such magic in the morning.

morning magic

Of course, we are not talking about running after them with a glass of water and not letting them go into the shower until enough sweat forms on the forehead …
The miracles of the morning are how you help all the systems of your body to wake up, synchronize and work for everything 100%.
So in the end, we remind you that the magic is not in the morning, but inside you. And even if you are a resident of St. Petersburg, where the sun rarely pleases the townspeople, this is not a reason to disguise yourself as one of the stones on the pavement.
Wake up the inner sun and even the weather will answer you. Don’t believe? Correctly. Check it out yourself!

Post source: kakzarabotat.net

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