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Selling goods from China is a simple business idea


Did you know that selling goods from China is a profitable business that does not require large investments? How to literally create a small business from scratch that will bring a stable income? A roll-folder, a mobile phone holder, horizontal glasses and silicone laces – and this is not a complete set of things that conditionally make life easier and what you can earn on. And this article is about how to start a small business with little investment. So, you need some money and skill. Let’s hit the road!

Selling goods from China is when you buy something conditionally necessary and sell it as a useful household life hack

One of the easiest ways to make money on the Internet is to buy various popular, useful and interesting things in China and sell them in your city or through an online store or a specialized site on the Web at a premium. It is beneficial not only to order various little things for personal use, but also to purchase them for trading on the current online market.

Selling goods from China is a simple business idea

What sells well:
  • luxury watch replicas
  • smartphones,
  • other gadgets that make life a little bit easier (from a roll roller to silicone laces),
  • clothes,
  • toys.

This list goes on and on. In the end, now the consumer market offers so many useful little things for different areas of life that you will find a product that will not only be in demand, but it will also be interesting for you to work with it.

Selling goods from China is a simple business idea

Selling Goods from China – Frequently Asked Questions

“And how much can you earn in such a business?"

It all depends on the goods that you will resell. For example, about 25,000 🪙 can be earned by selling three watches and one phone. When you get comfortable in this business, orders will flow. At the same time, being engaged in the supply of inexpensive goods from China, you yourself will be able to acquire equipment or fashion accessories at the “base” price along the way.

“How can I arrange supplies?”

You can find a cheap site, make a trial order with them, or work with several sites at the same time. But the most proven way is to find a partner. You can also overtake competitors by setting up deliveries in 3-4 days of any product from the same popular Aliexpress website. If you have your own person in China, then deliveries will be more reliable and delivery times will be shorter than other companies.

Prices, for example, for watches can range from 100 🪙 to 2,000 🪙. If you bought a watch for 1,500 🪙 in China, then a 50% markup will be natural. In stores, watches of this type will cost 5000 – 6000 🪙

Another popular item is the business card knife. In China, you can take them for 50 🪙 for 1 piece. And in the current market, sell for 200-250 🪙. But there are also options when, with a competent marketing presentation, such goods are sold for 980 🪙. We do not advise you to overprice like that. This may give you results in the beginning, but it will not give you permanent customers.

“What about delivery times?”

On average, parcels go 1 month. If you can reduce this period to at least a week or two, this will already be a strong competitive advantage.

  1. First, study the demand. Look at sites such as avito, farpost and other similar sites that are actively used in most cities to sell goods from China.
  2. Secondly, register your accounts on these resources.
  3. Also create social media groups. The most popular in this area are Vkontakte and Odnoklassniki. You will need groups to place your products there and not create a whole new online store site for this, which then will have to be promoted. Groups, of course, will also have to be promoted, but this is much faster and feedback from users is more obvious than if you decide to start building the site from scratch.

Note: The Internet is not the only source of promotion for this type of business. Another good source of clients is your family and friends, acquaintances whose field of activity is related to people. For example, you can offer cooperation to someone from the beauty industry (hairdressing, cosmetology, massage, etc.) or an area where working with people does not involve formal communication. Talk to your acquaintances or friends about cooperation. They will have a topic for conversation with customers and some kind of bonus from you – and you have another source of orders.

Selling goods from China –  rookie mistakes

One of the common mistakes is buying expensive goods for 4,000-5,000 🪙. On the one hand, this way you can earn a one-time and a lot, but there is a high probability that you will look for customers longer and all purchased goods will simply lie dead weight in your home. Why do you need a warehouse?

Selling goods from China is a simple business idea

If a user has the opportunity to buy a product for a cost of 4,000 – 5,000 🪙, he is more likely to prefer a store guarantee. Although, if you think over the warranty policy and convince customers that you are a reliable supplier of relatively inexpensive, but high-quality goods, then your chances of earning will increase, and your work time will be reduced, because you will be able to earn not on trifles.

Selling goods from China is a competitive area

Therefore, do not forget to analyze competitors. See what offers are on the market and create your own unique one. It can be formed taking into account all the weaknesses of most top competitors and be better, more reliable and more convenient. All in your hands.

Note: Are you afraid to leave your comfort zone and start your own business, but you always wanted to and still want to? Start then psychological and motivational literature. And then proceed to the implementation of business ideas. For example, Brian Tracy’s book Get Out of Your Comfort Zone is a good start.

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