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Selling product content: trends 2020


Articles, videos, gifs, pictures, stories. All of this is about content. Selling content of the product today is placed on websites, as well as in social networks. This makes it popular among users. Content should be catchy, high-quality, memorable. It should at least make you want to try. The maximum is to buy. If a site visitor WANTED to purchase your product, then you have done your job. Therefore, your content is correct.

Goals and types of content

Created and posted content attracts traffic. It is necessary in order to cause active discussion or discussion. And in general, it is designed to attract new customers. However, what if this does not happen?

First of all, you need to understand that selling content works when you understand WHY you are creating it. It is necessary to outline to whom it is addressed. So, let’s see what types of content exist.

Information content

Informational content is aimed at trusting relationships with a potential buyer.

The text as you read should be saturated with useful information. It must be valuable. Unique. And most importantly, interesting.     

Selling product content: trends 2020 

To form a trusting relationship, the marketer in the text acts as an expert. This is necessary so that people perceive your posts vividly. They put likes. Subscribe to groups. And therefore, they considered your opinion authoritative.

Imagine a situation. You are reading a book. She captivates you. And you can’t get away from it. Of course, here we are talking about the talent of the writer. But. Good quality content should act on your customer in exactly the same way. A person should become addicted to what he reads.

Note that informative content is great for product presentation. In percentage terms, such text should contain more than 50% of useful information.

Selling content: what is it about

Selling product content is necessary for users to move into the ranks of customers. So, what is the selling context?

  • Text and landing page design.
  • Text on the main page and in sections of the site.
  • Case.
  • Commercial offer.
  • Email distribution.
  • Selling text.

As a rule, the generation of selling content is the work of copywriters, content managers, marketers. Note that the content is based on the sales funnel. And all this is necessary to attract a large number of customers.

Content creation: memes

Memes perform a simple task. Entertainment. Usually memes are designed to evoke emotions, laughter, smile, sarcasm, bewilderment, and so on. Note that if the user associates himself with memes, then they are imprinted in his mind. And maybe in the future he will want to share them.

Selling product content: trends 2020

Memes can be created by yourself. But before doing this, you need to study the needs of potential buyers. And then try to troll them on the topic of the day.

Challenge in social networks

Bloggers have recently begun to actively implement "quarantine" challenges. Participation in them involves uploading thematic photos and videos with the hashtag of the event on your page. The best idea is rewarded with prizes from the sponsors of the challenge.

Selling product content: trends 2020

What is the benefit of such content marketing for the sponsor?

  • Firstly, when uploading photos and videos, users promote the company. Accordingly, they tell other participants about it.
  • Secondly, the condition for participation in such a challenge is a subscription to the accounts of the organizers. It is noteworthy that there is an attraction of other users to your page.
  • Thirdly, prizes are very important for the participants of the challenge. Therefore, so that no one is offended, you can launch profitable promotions. And get as many sales as possible.

A challenge is always a passing of the baton, with a call to share information. The topic must necessarily match the needs of the target audience. Otherwise, the content becomes irrelevant. Or even viral.

Thanks to the challenges, native sales are carried out. Moreover, there is an attraction of new interested customers.

Viral content

Such content is considered "aggressive". It resonates with a huge number of users. Perhaps the author of the content when creating should take into account the interests of the target audience. At the same time, it is worth taking into account both the positive and negative sides of the issue. The material should cover the most pressing issues online.

Note that content is only considered viral if it is NOT SHARED. Therefore, it must be shock content. So that later it causes active disputes, discussions. Or even scandals.

Selling product content: trends 2020

Viral news

From widely known examples. The story of the cat Viktor in Aeroflot. The owner decided to change the animal when weighing. Otherwise, you would have to put your pet in luggage. This was the reason for the airline to refuse the client service.

After that, many other companies caught on to the news. And everyone actively began to show their attention to Victor. Someone wanted to post a pet on social media. Others wanted publicity by selling cat food.

The news just "blew up" the network. Everyone who spoke at least somehow about this situation immediately attracted attention. They were wildly successful. They were flooded with customers.

Where can I get examples of viral news? It is enough to connect to mailing lists on topics of interest to you. First of all, you should study the leader blogs. And also understand in what area you would like to work.

reputation content

Reputational content is used to form the company’s image. Content marketing is all about making a statement about yourself. Of course, to show their awareness and focus on trends. Let’s list the types of reputational content. Among them:

Selling product content: trends 2020

  • User Experience Oriented Checklists. For example, “How to check the effectiveness of a site before launching it"?
  • Articles, posts on Instagram, Vkontakte, Twitter.   Participation in thematic competitions and events.
  • Publications that reflect your experience in the market.

The task of reputation content is to boost traffic in social networks. This, of course, is also about attracting new customers. Of course, we are talking here about achieving recognition of your brand.

User Content

How to make users want to create content about you?

Think about the B2B niche. For example, you are a supplier of cosmetics to beauty salons. To promote your products, be sure to send them to the big showrooms. Alternatively, you can offer them to work with you for free. For example, for a video review about your product. To facilitate the task, make a small questionnaire about what users liked in the application process and what they didn’t. You can also ask if they would recommend your product to other salons or not. Evaluate its quality on a 5-point scale and so on.

Selling product content: trends 2020

Make a content plan. Ask to post reviews about you on different sites. If customers have an opinion about you in the form of a review or a video message, post it on your social networks.

An additional incentive for "rumors" are always discounts and loyalty programs. No one has yet canceled all kinds of promotions and offers.

Content Marketing: Social Media Ideas

Social media content is different from content on other platforms. It is important to understand that social networks are perceived by us as a way to relax. Undoubtedly, we come here to flip through the news feed or look at photos of our friends.

One of the most popular social networks today is Instagram. For the design of Instagram, both visual and text design are equally important. Stories are a separate form of communication. These are 10-15 second videos about any memories.

The trend of social networks is also photo content. Users are increasingly eager to illuminate their lives through photographs. It can be perfectly processed photos. Perhaps something more vintage and natural. As they say, each direction will always have its own audience.

Selling product content: trends 2020

According to experts, when maintaining a page, it is better to design visual content in a single style. Where possible, include uniform colors and logos. Over time, this will be perceived as a kind of visual code by which you will acquire your recognition.

Note that design trends have shifted in completely different directions. On the one hand, this is minimalism, where the gradient sets the emotion. On the other hand, something bright, acidic, neon. Unimaginable. For you to understand, this may be the style of newspaper clippings. Joke, game, rebellion, trolling. Anything to lift your spirits.

Content creation is the presentation of information in a simple way. No one likes complexity, ornate designs through which you have a hard time finding meaning.

Will the selling content hit the target audience?

Here is one simple tip. Evaluate your content from the user’s point of view. Or so. Ask your friends to be your customers. Let them try to express their opinion about the content. What is he? Interesting, complex, exciting, etc. If you didn’t have any questions, then you did a good job. And the selling text really works. Otherwise, it needs to be finalized, made better and better.

Selling product content: trends 2020

Types of selling content on the site

  • Main page. Attendance 80%.
  • About company. Attendance 65%.
  • Services. Attendance 60%.
  • Product card. Attendance 50%.
  • Text Blog. Attendance 45%.

All of these sections should contain quality content. Let’s understand sequentially.

Main page

Creates a basic view of your company. In terms of volume, it is enough to write 1000-1500 characters. And this is enough to give a comprehensive picture of the company. First of all, you should describe who you are. Selling product content is what you do. What are your achievements. What benefits can your business bring to customers?

Before writing a text, analyze how your partners did it. At the same time, after that, try to implement something of your own. Unique. Catchy. And unique. Take the reader with facts, specifics, evidence. Do not "pour water" where it is inappropriate.

You don’t need to use templates. Modern content marketing is already “tired” of such established expressions as “high quality”, “welcome”, “innovations”, “latest developments” and the like. Such things have recently annoyed not only the users themselves. But also search engines.

Try to write concisely and at the same time on the topic. Let’s take an excellent example of the content of the main page of a website.

Content settings. Website homepage content

List of required components that should be on the main page:

  • Unique SHORT selling proposition.
  • Description of goods/services.
  • Benefits that a customer receives when buying a product.
  • Visual demonstration of certificates. Reviews from real users, awards.

Of course, we made a rough plan of how it should look like. When doing this, be sure to consider the structure of the site. Put yourself in the client’s shoes. And try to imagine what kind of selling proposition would interest you.

About Us Page

The page about the company forms the image of the agency. The posted information allows you to increase the credibility of your potential client. The number of characters here on average varies between 1500-2000 characters. Note that the content idea of ​​most companies comes down to a primitive copying of information from other sources. Ultimately, this brings even the most successful projects to a standstill.

What to do if the selling content of the product is zero

Selling product content: trends 2020

Get into storytelling. Tell some real life story. So that a person is imbued with it and will certainly want to order something from you. Examples of such content: Share how you came up with the idea to start your business. As a last resort, come up with an interesting legend. Explain why you are so good. Perhaps it makes sense to speculate why a person should choose you. Not your competitors.

Let’s compare the 2 options and try to understand which one the buyer will like best.

  1. Our furniture was produced according to the latest technologies, using the latest equipment. And constant quality control at every stage of production. It is noteworthy that it is made by high-class craftsmen who have been trained by our foreign colleagues …
  2. Our furniture has healing properties. It is made of pine species that grow on the dunes, on the seashore. Thanks to this, its crown and leaves absorbed the sea air. Therefore, the tree will give you its healing aromas for another 25 years.

Of course, we see successfully implemented content marketing in the 2nd version of the text. After all, it affects the very important needs of modern man. Namely, the desire to surround yourself with useful environmentally friendly products.

The advantage of such stories is that they do not impose any product. They are perceived easily and simply. As you can see, there are no complex expressions here, as in the 1st text.

Evaluate how vividly this example tells about the company in numbers.

What elements should the text about the company consist of?  

  • Area of ​​activity + USP.
  • Photos of the office. Of course, it is better to draw up a content plan in advance. What will the team, employees, manager, etc. look like?
  • Warranty.
  • Comments.
  • Certificates.
  • Call to action.


Here you need to write a text that will sell your product or service. The point is to encourage the client to take action.

The average number of characters should be 1500.

In this case, the content must be placed not just in one continuous text. And structure it well. This should be done in accordance with the semantic and thematic blocks.

Service section: what elements is it built from?        

  • First, a description of the service itself.
  • Secondly, the price.
  • Third, a call to action.

Provided that you correctly presented the previous section, the client with a 99% probability will go to this card. Therefore, the content plan is drawn up correctly. And there was only 1 step left before the purchase.

Selling content on Instagram

Having won the trust of the audience, you have achieved loyalty from the buyer. This indicates that now he is truly ready to cooperate with you. Selling product content worked.

Selling product content: trends 2020

Now you have to think about what will directly include your selling content:

  • Product demonstration. Firstly, it is a display of a photo or video. Secondly, attracting attention with a slogan like: “Product of the Year”.
  • Social impact. A kind of posts where you talk about the properties of your product. And you don’t have to tell at all. For this, photos, reviews and videos from real users are quite suitable.
  • Discounts, promotions, sales. It is noteworthy that content marketing is based on information about current offers.


A good content plan will determine the success of your campaign. And therefore, your business. There are really a lot of options for content. You can post it on all social networks. This will help to attract the attention of a large number of visitors.

The main thing is to earn the attention of the audience at the very beginning. Then you need to focus on increasing activity. And already when you will have your own client turnover. The sales process will be much easier. After that, you can safely experiment with other methods of influence.

Content marketing is like an art. The bolder and more creative steps. The more effective it works for you!

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