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Selling content – reveal four secrets of quality


To be heard – create selling content for the target audience and broadcast it through the right channels. Do not ask users for advice – surveys and questionnaires do not always work. The vast majority of users themselves do not know what they want and therefore are guided by impulses and momentary desires when faced with the need to choose.

Transferring images is an art

Behavioral research and psychological tests show that most people do not monitor their behavioral responses as closely as marketers would like and are guided by the concepts of the mind, not facts, when filling out questionnaires and questionnaires. Often these two variables do not match. Therefore, do not waste time and effort on research. You have already researched everything you can when you made a portrait of the target audience and planned an advertising campaign for months ahead.

Selling content: Don’t focus on one type of content

Selling content - reveal four secrets of quality

Signals that come to a person through natural channels of perception (hearing, vision) are difficult to ignore. Publish audio, video, selling texts.

Selling content – how it works

Try covering your eyes with your palms and plugging your ears with earplugs or earplugs. Right now.

If you were not too lazy to do the exercise, then you now understand that the signals that you receive during the day, the brain continues to process at rest – some images flash before your eyes, thoughts swarm in your head. So your content is not lost when it reaches the user. The mind processes your message at least during the day and at night during sleep. That’s how the brain works.

But we recommend that you do not create annoying advertising messages. And it’s not even that it’s annoying. There has been so much spam on the Internet that users have stopped looking at those parts of the screen where banners with advertising messages are traditionally placed. Just like the texts and images that are replete with advertising clichés. It doesn’t work anymore. As opposed to useful informational messages, which are stuffed with your delicious sales offers.

The interweaving of audio, video and text is what sells content

Pave paths for the user between articles and videos – place pointers (links to social networks, to a blog, to the main page of the site, to a landing page, etc.), use “breadcrumbs" for sites so that the user can easily navigate the content and long walks along the links, like along paths in a green summer garden. When a user doesn’t leave your site, this is useful. So search engine robots understand that you are distributing unique useful content and in the search rankings of Yandex and Google you rise several points higher.

And these are the
dead ends
into which monotony and the desire to save money lead:

When analog media becomes a stone in a bag

For example, you prefer to read paper books, but there are situations when this way of reading is inconvenient. Books with a large number of pages, bulky – it is easier (in every sense) to upload to their electronic counterparts on a phone or store and read in a special gadget.

When you want to listen, but you can only watch: how selling content becomes universal

Or video. This is one of the most convenient ways to learn something. But suddenly you do not have headphones or the Internet is intermittent? In this case, place text files under the video that the user can read offline by downloading the file. But here the audiovisual effect that users love so much is lost.

Reading is not as popular and takes longer than watching videos. An example of a successful solution to save users time is the way of posting videos on Facebook, which have been introduced into the functionality of the social network and other “new media”.

Facebook has taken care of the convenience of users. And the videos in the feed can now be watched without sound and with subtitles.

How not to miss anything and create selling content: Make lists

Write down all the ways of transmitting information on the Internet in a separate “document or sheet. Which ones are you currently using? Celebrate.

Pay attention to channels that you never considered as a profitable tool. Are you making the most of the internet, or are you just copying your competitors’ behavior?

Ask yourself: Why are these channels currently unavailable to you or poorly developed? Write out separately, divide into groups, assign the status of effectiveness (for example, on a ten-point scale). Work through each unexplored channel separately and implement it into your strategy.

Don’t be intimidated by the number of possibilities. Set priorities and move towards the goal step by step. It takes time to convert content into money. Find it for your business.

Do not rush to implement everything at once. Otherwise, then you will have to do double work to correct and refine the implemented tools. Explore your options gradually, but do not delay the process. Set yourself a deadline and stick to your schedule.

Profitable content is when you broadcast like the last time
Mass communication channels are diverse. In order not to get confused, break the content types into groups and write suitable channels for broadcasting for each.

Group #1: Information that makes up your root resource on the Internet (for example, a website)

Main page;

Service pages;



Group #2: Content on your page that generates leads for you (potential customers who responded to your offer)

Technical descriptions;


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