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How to make money from advertising on the Internet


Today, few people know how to make money on advertising on the Internet, but everyone wants to make a profit through the global network. The main advantage of such earnings is that, as a rule, it does not require material investments.

To generate income, you need an author’s resource, an account on social networks or your own Internet site. But get your notebooks ready. Because further we will consider the most common ways to make money on the global web, we will highlight the moments that every beginner may encounter. So that even such a voluminous topic is absolutely clear to you.

Where to start: revealing secrets

First, create an online marketplace on the Internet where you will sell ads. But don’t be afraid. Because it can be your own web resource or a community on a social network.

If the first option does not suit you, register on platforms that work with advertisers around the world. To at least feel more confident.

The main tasks that you will face: viewing ads, visiting websites, writing articles and other simple manipulations, often requiring no experience.

Proven ways to make money for a website owner

How to make money from advertising on the Internet

If you have your own web resource, you can make good money. Of course, this takes time and certain material investments.

Method 1. Selling links

A very common type of advertising is the sale of links. The advertiser redeems them in order to increase the authority of the company through search engines.

However, you need to be careful with this type of Internet income, because with the constant placement of links, search robots block the transition to external pages.

The main advantages of this method is the simplicity of placing links.

Cons :

  • small payment;
  • optimization to avoid blocking;
  • The site may be blocked.

Method 2. Banner advertising

When considering the sensitive issue of how to make money on advertising, one cannot fail to note one more way – placing banner ads on your site.

These are images with a hyperlink that direct to the advertiser’s resource. You can find such advertisers on specialized online platforms and forums. Payment here is carried out according to the following principle: for the time of placement, clicks or views.

After all conditions are agreed upon, the advertiser provides an image to be placed with a hyperlink to the advertised website.

Let ‘s highlight the main advantages of such earnings :

  • high income;
  • ease of placement of banner ads;
  • there is no need to look for a customer.

There are also a number of disadvantages, which should be noted:

  • small payment;
  • ignoring advertising by Internet users;
  • ineffective advertising.

Method 3. Earnings on affiliate programs

On the Internet, all ways of making money are based either on advertising or on sales of goods and services. Earnings through an affiliate program refers to the first method. Perhaps this is a great opportunity to make money on advertising. It is enough to do the work once, and then receive a constant profit.

ON A NOTE. An affiliate program is understood as a form of cooperation offered by any Internet project in order to increase sales of goods and services. The main task of affiliate work is that the advertiser pays you money for attracting customers, which he receives from sales.

Earnings on affiliate programs is quite simple, since you do not need to deal with website promotion, advertising, etc. Also, there is absolutely no need to invest a lot of money in advertising goods, this falls on the shoulders of partners. You can simply post affiliate links and earn on it.

Affiliate programs are comparable to viral marketing. It is convenient because by selling such a product, you get a percentage of sales. Active referrals will bring you a steady income even without your activity. However, if you do not stop there and continue to attract people through affiliate links, then your income will grow.

How much can you earn on affiliate programs?

How much can you earn on affiliate programs? The amount of payment depends on the traffic and conditions of the affiliate program. There are affiliate programs that pay a certain amount for any action. At first, it may seem that such earnings are small. As you attract people, you will notice that you can make good money on this. Connect acquaintances and friends, communicate on forums and social networks, post affiliate links on your own website and blogs, and then the results of your work will not be in vain – you get the job that you have always dreamed of, that is, a constant passive income.

To start making money on affiliate programs, you need to register on a specialized site or even on several of these online sites (you can easily find it on the net). After you register, you will get access to your personal account, where all affiliate links are published, and you will also be able to view the statistics of visitors who clicked on your affiliate link in real time. Statistics are collected and displayed on the website. Such information will be useful to you in developing strategies to improve your work with the affiliate program.

The advantages of this enrichment method are obvious:

  • high profit;
  • passive income.

There are also disadvantages :

  • you are dependent on the seller of services;
  • only owners of large web resources can get good earnings;
  • should optimize the theme for the product or vice versa.

Method 4. Publication of texts to order

Some site owners know how to make money on advertising on the Internet, and they use the possibilities of the online platform with might and main. By posting paid articles and other content on the resource, you can earn a good income. Custom text has hidden advertising.

Depending on the agreements, the site owner independently decides the issue of preparing content (for example, orders copywriting on the stock exchange) or receives this material from the client.

The amount of remuneration depends on the number of visitors and the credibility of the Internet site. Most often, payment occurs for the placement of the text, or the time period that the content will stay on the site is negotiated with the customer. Here the main emphasis is on the quality of the advertising material.

The main advantages of advertising texts:     

  • ease of adding content;
  • the possibility of combining with other ways of earning;
  • high income when adding material on a popular resource.

The disadvantages of the method include:

  • one-time payment;
  • decrease in the authority of the Internet site;
  • clogging the site with ads.

Method 5. Teaser advertising

Teasers are a type of aggressive advertising that lure users with beautiful headlines. The user clicks on it and follows the link. Payment is made for clicks or impressions. When choosing a topic, the most relevant problems are selected, which makes advertising highly effective. You can find advertisers on popular exchanges.

Advantages of the method:

  • high efficiency;
  • high profit;
  • interest for the user;
  • work through an intermediary – the exchange.


  • the banner attracts attention and at the same time distracts the Internet user from the content on the site;
  • the information stated in the teaser should not go against the text, otherwise your reputation will be under attack;
  • the danger of getting banned with frequent placement of aggressive advertising;
  • only an experienced specialist is able to set up advertising;
  • The theme of the resource should be comparable to the theme of the teaser.

Method 6. Video advertising

To make money on your website on the Internet, use the possibilities of video advertising. This method is the placement of content on a web resource that contains hidden open advertising.

The income from it will be low if you pay for views and clicks. If you want to earn more, purchases must be made on your recommendation.

However, without skills, creating such video material will not be easy. Therefore, an optimal marketing strategy is indispensable.

Method 7: Pop-ups

Pop-ups are one of the effective types of advertising that allows you to earn money on your website on the Internet. Its essence is simple – after performing a certain action by the user, an advertisement pops up in a new window.

With such banners you can get a good income. The main thing is to correctly configure the option. As a rule, in one click you earn up to 150🪙 depending on the topic.

Earnings without investments on advertising

How to make money from advertising on the Internet

If making money on your site is not possible due to the fact that you do not have your own Internet site, you can use other ways to enrich the network.

Let’s consider each of them in more detail.

Method 1. Internet surfing

Perhaps the easiest way to make money on the World Wide Web is to view ads. There are many types of surfing: clicking on banners, viewing advertisements, downloading applications, receiving mailing lists, etc.

For these purposes, you must register on different sites. There is plenty of time for all this, and the reward is no more than 400-500🪙 per day.

Method 2. Participation in advertising surveys

Surveys are another way to generate income online. However, the level of income leaves much to be desired.

You can answer questions for several hours and at the same time you will be paid no more than 50-100 🪙.


  • small profit;
  • there are few free surveys on the sites.

Method 3. Writing sales texts

If you have experience in this business, write advertising texts for sale. With a light stroke of the pen, even “dry" information can be turned into bright, selling articles that can interest a potential buyer, attract and hold his attention.

As a rule, an experienced copywriter provides a range of services: writing texts for presentations, corporate mailings, blogging, writing advertising and PR texts.

Payment is calculated per thousand characters without spaces and can reach 300-400 🪙. That is, for one article you can get up to 1-5 thousand 🪙 (depending on the volume). Pros charge a lot of money for advertising articles. And what is most interesting is that customers receive even greater profits on such content.

Method 4. Create a channel

Own promoted YouTube channel – perhaps the best way to make money on advertising on the Internet. Create and promote your channel, which will allow you to earn income through video ads, display ads, and more.

Your profit depends on the traffic of your YouTube channel. As a rule, experienced users receive from 70 thousand rubles. income.

Method 5. Advertising posting

Advertising posting is one of the types of freelance earnings, which consists in writing reviews, comments on forums and posts. If some sites realize that the content is paid for, you may be banned.

The cost of such work does not exceed 30-50🪙 per post or comment. And not everyone is happy with it. Because you can earn the most on English-language Internet sites.

Earning on your knowledge

How to make money from advertising on the Internet

To get a stable income on advertising on the Internet, create and customize an advertising product.

This method is suitable for active Internet users who have been trained in this area and are ready to help other people in promoting products or services. Because only they will be very easy to master all of the following.

Method 1. Create an ad

The main task is to create a new advertising product that will interest potential buyers. But don’t limit yourself to formats. Because it can be video, audio content and others.

To promote a brand or an online platform, you need to create an effective advertising campaign. Because that’s the only way to get results.

Pros of making money on advertising:

  • the possibility of self-development;
  • ease of finding customers;
  • unlimited income.

The obvious disadvantages of this method of making a profit:

  • high competition;
  • the need to monitor the effectiveness of the product;
  • difficulty in the implementation of tasks.

The amount of earnings here is not limited, but you need to have experience and certain knowledge.

Method 2. Setting up contextual advertising

To successfully promote products today, it is not enough just to place an ad, only setting up contextual advertising helps to present a product or service in a profitable way.

At first glance, it may seem that special skills and knowledge are not required for this. In fact, to get a good income, you need to undergo training and become a specialist in this field. You should fully devote yourself to setting up contextual advertising and implementing quality approaches to maximize efficiency.

As a rule, as part of setting up contextual advertising, the following services are provided:

  • compiling and analyzing the effectiveness of the ad;
  • constant adjustment of the cost per click;
  • development of an advertising strategy;
  • making recommendations to increase the return on advertising;
  • position tracking;
  • correction of key phrases;
  • calculation of budget spending;
  • comparison of results with the previous period;
  • providing statistics on the number of clicks and visits to the Internet resource.

The cost of setting up advertising depends on many factors: the advertising tools used, competition, etc. You need to take them all into account in order to calculate everything correctly.

The benefits of earning are obvious:

  • big income;
  • stable receipt of orders;
  • opportunity to develop in this direction.

Main cons:

  • a lot of competition, because of which it is not easy to break into the market;
  • for good earnings, you will have to “work hard” in order to get an adequate income;
  • getting a high income requires experience and knowledge, so a beginner needs to be trained.

Method 3. Promotion of your own site

Today it is not enough to create a website. In order for it to turn into a highly effective advertising tool, one cannot do without comprehensive promotion.

This way of attracting visitors gives targeted traffic, on which your income depends. Because website promotion opens up great opportunities for the development of your advertising and other business. This includes obtaining new orders, creating a positive reputation, increasing sales and expanding the customer base.

As a rule, independent website promotion is a long and laborious process, so you will probably need the help of specialists. The results of this approach will please you:

  • rapid growth in sales;
  • attracting the target audience to the web resource;
  • increasing awareness in the global network;
  • increasing the site in the positions of search engines in the profile direction, that is, getting the web resource into the TOP-10 search engine results.

Method 4: Support promotions

The essence of earnings is to inform customers about profitable promotional offers, receiving income from the advertiser. Because for the success of any promotion, feedback from potential customers plays an important role.

Such a specialist should take responsibility for receiving all incoming calls. To leave no one behind. But ordering a multi-channel number will be beneficial for advertisers. And especially those that carry out sales through communication channels of Internet marketing and IP-telephony.

To receive calls, a multi-channel number is allocated, which is serviced according to a single algorithm. But such a specialist must accurately convey information about ongoing events and promotions. To clearly carry out "routine" work.

Method 5. Advertising in social networks

Recently, social networks are gaining great popularity, so active Internet users use their accounts to sell advertising. To make a profit, you should promote a group or page and have live subscribers.

So, for example, on Instagram, with more than 10 thousand followers, you can promote products or services, getting a good income from advertising.

The cost of an advertising post depends on the number of subscribers. Because payment occurs upon its placement. But the income of a user with 100 thousand subscribers starts from 70 thousand rubles. Therefore, it is not surprising that today there is an active struggle for subscribers.

The benefits of making money on advertising and possible "pitfalls"

Working on the Internet has its own nuances that you should be aware of. The benefits of earning income from online advertising are as follows:

  • the possibility of obtaining passive income in order to live freely;
  • the global network does not provide for restrictions, but you must not violate the established rules.
  • in many cases, knowledge and investments are not required to make good money;
  • there is no clear work schedule. Because you can work all day long, or use it as a part-time job.
  • free schedule, remote work at home, so as not to waste time on transport;
  • the opportunity to develop in the desired direction, so as not to do unnecessary things.

The disadvantages are also worth mentioning:

  • without investing money, you can get only a low income;
  • high competition in the network;
  • for a solid income in the advertising business, a web resource requires a comprehensive promotion in order to receive a normal income;
  • income is not always stable, so it is worth having a financial pillow, or having another job in parallel to always have money;
  • Not everyone wants to learn new things. Because it’s hard.

But there are many examples from Internet users who have been able to earn millions on the global network. Because each of them studied and overcame their difficulties. But the Internet is the future. And, as the recent quarantine due to the epidemiological situation in the country has shown, very soon we will probably work not in offices, but offline with a home access point. Because it is much more convenient and profitable.

Summing up

We looked at the main ways to make money on advertising on the network. This is just the tip of the iceberg, there are actually a lot of ways to make a profit. In addition, new enrichment opportunities on the Internet appear daily, numerous user reviews confirm this fact. Therefore, we wish you good luck in any endeavors.

However, remember that learning is required to be successful. To get started, try free profit methods. If you have a group on a social network or a web resource, then the first thing to start with is promotion. But, perhaps, after a while, you will achieve your goal – to receive a high and stable income from advertising.

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