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How to find an additional source of income


The topic of " earning money on the Internet ", "part-time jobs" – all this is about how to find an additional source of income. We do not give ready-made recipes here, but share information that expands financial thinking.

How to find an additional source of income:

Theory of financial evolution

Or where to start the path to 20-50 thousand 🪙/month to the main income?

How to find an additional source of income

You studied at school. They mastered disciplines in a college, university, or, perhaps, immediately got a job. No one gave you the position of director right away. You evolved evolutionarily, in stages.

Worker >>> mechanic >>> engineer >>> foreman >>> shop manager and so on up to the director. In the USSR, such promotion was considered the standard of a career. Nothing has changed in the 21st century except the speed of development.

How to find an additional source of income:

Creating additional income – the same education and training

Where did the myth come from that you can lie on the couch and create additional income? From the training market! All problems begin with the slogan "I know a shortcut." And the market was flooded with people who promise you that by investing 200-300 thousand you can create an additional one for yourself without labor, training and effort. income.

What the market offers now: business franchises, renting apartments for rent, creating your own beauty studio / advertising agency, and thousands of other analogues of ordinary existing businesses. For experienced professionals: remote vacancies for accountants, programmers, architects, etc.

You have a huge choice, but most people do not choose to study and what they are better at, but bury themselves in a hole! Just to do nothing.

How to find an additional source of income

Most people under extra income want a freebie. and are looking for it!

Here is one real story, Alexey, 31 years old, Samara. I saw an advertisement that you can buy a turnkey ice cream business, gets inspired by the idea and IMMEDIATELY quits his job. A frequent story, by the way, after any training on “successful success". However, in practice it turned out that you need to master the art of sales and negotiations. To be able to “knock out” favorable conditions from customers and pay suppliers with something.

As a result, a person, due to his own stupidity, losing all his savings, returns bankrupt to hired work for a lower salary. And there are also small debts (and most often they are huge). Stories of how someone goes into business, immediately quits, burns out and returns to employment, can be massively published in a satirical magazine

How to find an additional source of income

And there are thousands of similar stories. Someone runs to a new company, someone undertakes to rent apartments by the day. When burning bridges, make sure you’re on the other side, said one of the greats.

How to find an additional source of income

Addition rule. income #1:

Never quit your job right away, but in parallel with your main job, start LEARNING FROM PRACTITIONERS in a new topic for you.

Important: if your salary is less than 30,000 🪙 or 1.5-2 times lower than the market, then you do not need an additional source of income! You need to become a pro at your job or (if you’re a shy pro) learn how to negotiate salaries. No other way.

Creating a stable additional income is an evolutionary process

Now imagine a person who has not earned anything himself and teaches others how to do it. It is unlikely that his information will be useful. And even if he takes it from sources that have traveled the entire path of financial evolution on their own, most likely without personal experience, this person will distort the facts. Even if he wants everyone only good and wealth.

Sharing knowledge with others is worth it only from their excess.

How to find an additional source of income

Good teachers are people who have 5 to 10 years of experience in a particular field.

How to find an additional source of income:

Rule #1 – Learn and Don’t Be Afraid of Reprofiling

Examples for inspiration:

  • If you are a hairdresser and know how to communicate with people, then it will be much easier for you to learn sales than others, because you have already honed your social communication skills.
  • If you are an engineer, then in the process of repurposing you can become an architect.
  • Are you an artist? A variety of online and offline training courses for web designers are now available. So that you understand the difference, let’s give an example in numbers: an artist earns 10,000-15,000 🪙, and a web designer from 50,000. Inspiring, isn’t it?

How to find an additional source of income:

Rule #2: Don’t start from scratch

You can not start a new topic from scratch. Go where your old experience is useful – where there is, albeit a small, base of experience, connections, skills.

How to find an additional source of income:

Rule #3: Choose Your Teachers and Partners Carefully

Learn and work only with experienced partners and trainers. Who survived at least one crisis and in the subject for at least 5 years.

How right such people look at things much more soberly. It is "harder" to listen to them, since they do not sing praises, but show cold data in figures and facts.

Do not pay attention to slogans like this: NEW-MEGA-SUPER system of earning 100-200% per annum. Learn to distinguish between truthful information and scams. Otherwise, it will always be difficult for you. 

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