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Internal and external factors of personal motivation at work


There are a large number of films and books that give rise to the desire to act in us. But, unfortunately, often this desire disappears faster than we manage to do something in practice. But any serious business requires constant high personal motivation to achieve the goal. Hence the question: what strengthens, strengthens, preserves this inner impulse to action?

3 Intrinsic Motivators for Goal Achievement

Setting a Specific Goal

A point of application of effort is needed. You need to be able to choose a task and concentrate on it. The absence of such a point dissipates forces.


You have to constantly work on things. The Japanese say that fast is slow, only without a break. Does this factor increase motivation? Yes. After all, everyone knows the word "burned out", i.e. such a psychological state when a person has lost all desire to do what he was doing until recently. It is from this state that the work is unhurried, without unnecessary loads, but constant. And yet any repetitive action forms a habit, which in the future itself pushes us to this action.

Move towards the goal in small steps

Even a small success always adds strength and motivation, the main thing here is not to overestimate expectations. It is advisable to break the work into stages. Each completed step is a small success.

It doesn’t matter at all how you hit, but what matters is how you hold the blow, how you move forward. You will go – go, if you do not turn off with fright! That’s the only way to win! If you know what you’re worth, go and get yours! But be ready to take blows, and not cry and say: “I have achieved nothing because of him, because of her, because of someone!" That’s what cowards do! And you are not a coward! It can’t be!

All three of these points are known to almost anyone. But there are still some ways that mobilize us, push us to work, but pay less attention to them.

Internal and external factors of personal motivation at workSelf-motivation is difficult. But things are different when we are involved in relationships with other people. The most common example, familiar to anyone, is the rise to work. Everyone knows that no matter how strong the desire to sleep, it doesn’t matter when you need to get up in the morning to go to work or to some business meeting – he gets up. And on weekends, we can easily oversleep, despite the promise we made to ourselves in the evening, and several alarm clocks. This is because we have an obligation to others. I do not argue that this is not always pleasant, but why should it be pleasant to overcome your inertia?

Internal and external factors of personal motivation at work


3 factors of external motivation in work

Business obligations

You have to make business commitments. When a person promises to do something to someone, it mobilizes him. Of course, given their capabilities, otherwise each unfulfilled promise will undermine not only the reputation, but also self-confidence. In movement, in action, there is always a chance for a new thought, a new contact, a new solution. Stagnation is bad in any area, be it the body, business or the economy as a whole.

Tell us about your business

You can talk about your undertaking to others. There is an opinion or attitude of people that we value. If we declare our intentions to them, then the unwillingness that this attitude should change for the worse will force us to act.

Discuss your business with others

You need to constantly maintain a conversation with someone about your business. A serious conversation makes you think productively about this matter, approach certain actions critically. Such a conversation helps to look at your undertaking from different angles. Constantly talking about the main events, problems, possible solutions related to the case, helps to strengthen our determination to move on.

It can be said that such involvement in interactions with other people encourages us to act. They acted even in spite of our laziness, insecurity and mood.

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