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How to stop spending money: reasons for spending and methods of counteraction


Wasting money on unnecessary things is a serious problem for most people. It would seem that he just received a salary, and the money has already caught a cold. And this is if you do not look at the situation from a long-term perspective. But from the point of view of the long term, such a person works properly, but his standard of living does not increase. Even the opposite is possible. In this case, a person becomes overgrown with unnecessary things that have nowhere to put. Over time, his apartment becomes like a wholesale warehouse for all sorts of unnecessary things. How does it happen? Why do many people spend money on completely unnecessary things and is it possible to stop spending money on unnecessary things?

Here you need to figure out who is most affected by unplanned financial expenses. And with ways to resist the temptation to make a purchase.

Reasons for reckless spending

Aggressive advertising and marketing

First of all, unplanned purchases are made by people who are easily suggestible. Haven’t representatives of any company ever called you and offered their unique service. Or even just not stopped on the street with the same offer? Most likely, the answer of most readers will be positive. But if for the majority this method of influence has long become irrelevant, then some people are amenable to such influence. And, due to the softness of their nature and inability to refuse, they make a purchase or decide to use the service offered.

Advertisers like to tell us that a product is selling “surprisingly fast." No need to convince us that the product is good, just say that many people think so.

Opposition to imposition

Develop strength of mind and character. After all, every day there are situations in which we have to refuse someone. That is why, and also to save your finances, you need to be able to refuse.

Skillful Marketing

How to stop spending money: reasons for spending and methods of counteractionHere we can include the usual high-quality advertising, as well as a variety of discounts and promotions. Often the product is presented in the brightest light. And a person can no longer imagine his life without the goods offered to him.

Promotions and discounts work a little differently. They activate a person’s desire for gratuitous gain. And if you can save money on the purchase when purchasing things that are not the most essential? Why not buy it. Will it come in handy tomorrow? Often the buyer does not even know the price level that preceded the promotion, and those crossed out numbers that are indicated on the price tag are nothing more than a marketing ploy.

Anti-advertising method

The method of counteracting such marketing techniques is to plan ahead for all your future expenses. The most correct option would be to draw up a specific plan for financial costs, from which you cannot deviate a single step. This is the only way to keep your money safe and sound.

impulsive shopping

Quite often, people make purchases that are purely driven by impulse. Most often this can be seen in the example of girls. A girl goes to the store, notices beautiful short shorts and buys them at the peak of her emotions. And already at home it turns out that these shorts are too vulgar, the girl will not wear them. But the money has already been paid.

Most often, such things are then taken out of the closet twice a year, dressed, the owner spins in front of the mirror, takes them off and hides them back in the closet. And the list of impulsive purchases is not limited to just clothes. If we talk about men, then even a motorcycle accidentally seen on the showroom floor can become such a purchase. A guy can dream of a motorcycle. But what if he has never ridden it and is even afraid of this mode of transport? This happens too!

How to avoid impulse buying?

As in the previous case, mention should be made of planning a list of all necessary purchases in advance. On such a list, there is never room for impulsive acquisitions. In addition, you need to develop your emotional discipline. Everything should be treated calmly and judiciously. Well, if you seriously decide to buy something, just by seeing the object of desire on a walk, postpone the purchase for at least three days. During this period, emotions will cool down. There will be time to think about the appropriateness of a particular purchase.

Fashion and popularity

How to stop spending money: reasons for spending and methods of counteractionSpeaking of fashion, we mean not only specifically about clothes, but also about fashion for various things. If everything is clear with clothes, but things need to be dealt with a little. Let’s take smartphones as an example, as the most vivid and understandable situation for a modern person.

Manufacturers are constantly updating the range of their devices. But the further, the less these devices differ in characteristics. If you dig deeper, not all of their functions are used by buyers. This means that people pay money for features they don’t need. Well, why not buy a new smartphone model? Even if it differs from the previous model in that the case has become thinner by two hundredths of a millimeter. Yes, and then due to the battery of reduced capacity.

Counter trend method

Develop critical thinking. It is necessary not only to blindly trust advertising, yielding to the work of marketers, but also to evaluate a new product with a reasonable eye and compare it with your smartphone. Yes, and a fashionable thing can be sacrificed if we are talking about a profitable investment of financial resources. The situation has already become anecdotal when people buy a new smartphone model, but at the same time, they do not have money to make a call.

The main resource of the modern economy is a fool. He can sell everything.

Valentin Yurievich Katasonov

Lack of meaningful goals

If people do not have a major goal for which finance is needed, then such people part with money much easier. Make more and more new purchases. And then they are surprised that, having worked for a huge number of years, they have nothing. Sometimes people simply do not have enough faith in their strength and faith in the possibility of accumulating a specific amount. People really do not like to think about the long term and wait.

Always set a goal

Believe in yourself, set goals and start saving money. Even if there are no such global goals as buying an apartment or a car, just limit yourself to a certain amount of money that you would like to save. And do not make thoughtless spending until you accumulate a given amount and reach your goal. And having achieved one goal, set an even bigger goal for yourself, which will allow you not to lose money!


So we figured out the main reasons why many people fail to stop spending money on unnecessary things and start saving. But after all methods of counteraction exist and they lie on the surface. You just need to show a little patience and self-control. And then you will definitely stop making useless purchases while spending the money you earn.

Post source: dovir-finance.ru

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