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The Seven Major Causes of Poverty


All people, regardless of their age and social status, strive to achieve wealth! It is almost impossible to argue with this statement! But not for everyone this wealth comes easily. And many don’t get it at all. Why is this happening? Can this development of events be explained by objective reasons? Of course, there are such reasons.

Main Causes of Poverty

The habit of saving money for hard times

The first reason on our list is the most obvious. It is a habit of saving money for hard times. It would seem that there is absolutely nothing wrong with this habit. But in this case, everything is not as simple as it seems at first glance!

The fact is that a person’s life consists mainly of these most difficult times. Moreover, the social standards of each individual rise throughout life. This means that each subsequent period will be characterized by increased requests. Thus, the money set aside will never be able to balance existing demands. This is how a person’s whole life goes: he is chasing money, after that indefinite figure, the achievement of which is simply impossible. At the same time, a person denies himself absolutely all material values, and therefore in improving the quality of his life.

In addition, these savings will gradually "eat up inflation." In order not to lose money, it is worth using a bank deposit or investing it in securities.

The Seven Major Causes of Poverty

Subconscious programming and mentality

The next cause of poverty is subconscious programming. After all, since childhood, a person gets used to certain social standards. And in the event that the parents did not differ in high material wealth, then the child gets used to this order of things. All these shabby sofas, old TVs and shabby clothes become something quite ordinary for a person.

Here we can talk about the establishment of a certain social bar, through which a person will not be able to step over throughout his life. At the same time, the mentality is a kind of continuation of such subconscious programming in childhood. The mentality reflects the order of things that has become the norm for a person. So these two concepts complement each other.

Cinderella Complex

The Cinderella complex is also one of the main causes of poverty, as well as a consequence of psychological programming in childhood. If a child constantly walks in old things, uses old household appliances, and indeed his life goes on in such an environment, then even at an older age a person can no longer refuse his established habits. Such a person will constantly save on himself, considering his person unworthy of buying new things and financial costs in general. At the same time, this feature is absolutely independent of the current level of financial wealth of the individual. Such a person can reach significant heights in terms of finances, but at the same time remain poor, both in soul and in appearance.

The bourgeoisie

Philistinism is one of the main causes of poverty. A similar manifestation of a person’s character is still often found among the population. What is philistinism? If a person uses those things that have long gone out of fashion, but at the same time he also has new things that are carefully stored at the same time, then he can be called a tradesman. Thus, a person constantly uses old things, because new things gradually become unusable on the shelves of the wardrobe, or in the far corner of the pantry. This principle can be characterized for quite some time, but the point is that you should not become a slave to your own things. After all, things should entirely serve to ensure a comfortable life for a person.


The Seven Major Causes of Poverty

Banal boasting is also one of the main causes of poverty. Why is this happening? A large number of people have one significant weakness: they like to show off their wealth. But in the modern world, almost everything is designed for consumer society. Entrepreneurs and marketers only dream of getting the average person to make a purchase. Huge amounts of money are poured into the advertising industry every year. Thanks to all this, a cult of a certain way of life is created. And this way of life necessarily has its material attributes.

That is why a person will try to buy the latest phone model, a car of a certain brand, will try to go to the resort that is widely advertised. In fact, all of the listed goods and services may have absolutely no advantages over other competitive goods and services. Or maybe you can easily do without all this in your life. A few photos from the next resort are clearly not worth the money spent on travel and accommodation. The ability to resist the urge to brag is one of the essential factors for resisting poverty in general.

Factor of the economic situation in the country

It is foolish to deny the fact that the economic situation in the country plays a key role in assessing the level of poverty in general. And also about a certain person. After all, the richer the country, the higher the standard of living of the population and its financial well-being. Be that as it may, this factor plays one of the main roles. It is not for nothing that many successful specialists simply change their country of residence, because another state can often offer better conditions, and their professional experience will be paid at a higher level. So a lot also depends on the country of residence.

Lack of financial literacy

The Seven Major Causes of PovertyThe next cause of poverty is the lack of elementary financial literacy. The average person gives about fifteen years of his life for the needs of education. But not a single school program provides for a sensible study of financial affairs at the household level. A higher education institution also does not provide such an opportunity. Of course, if this is not an educational institution with an economic focus. In any case, very little attention is paid to personal finance. There is simply nowhere to draw such knowledge from. Here is another reason for poverty.

Excessive generosity

Now try to remember all your good deeds. Namely, those actions that relate to finances. How often have you helped other people by sharing money with them? It doesn’t have to be complete strangers. Often, close people also play this role. But it is friends and relatives who are the most difficult to refuse.

However, one should clearly understand for oneself the fact that money belongs to the category of purely personal property. No one has the right to look into your pocket. And no one has the right to demand your money from you. Therefore, it is worth learning to firmly refuse all such petitioners. Moreover, most often such people ask for a loan, but then they do not fulfill their obligations in the hope that you will simply forget about this debt. Why do business with such people? Especially when it comes to accumulating your own wealth!

Here we have listed the seven main causes of poverty. This list allows you to visually see those factors that largely impede the achievement of the desired wealth. At the same time, step by step, sorting out the symptoms of each of these factors in yourself, you can erase the manifestations of poverty from your life forever!

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