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How to get everything done in a day and manage your personal time


It’s impossible to succeed. But it is quite possible to prioritize. Read in this article – how to find out what you are wasting your time on and how to learn how to spend it on things that really matter to you.

The content of the article:

  1. How to find out what you are spending your time on – practice
  2. Practicing "how to succeed"
  3. Where does unused energy go?
  4. How not to make mistakes and why “eat frogs" in the morning

How to find out what you are spending your time on – practice

People who manage to do everything do not exist. But there are people who have many desires, plans. And then there is procrastination. And it takes the most time. Why is this happening?

Procrastination eats up most of the time if a person does not manage time and track how he spends it during the day.

The first step to getting more done is to keep track of where your time goes. There is a simple practice for this that no one does.

For this practice, you will need a diary and an alarm set to go off every 30 minutes.

Every time the alarm goes off, write down what you are doing at that moment. Write down in your diary what lesson the alarm clock caught you in. Do this throughout the day. To start.

For more accurate results, do this practice for a week.

Then read your notes. This map is your time for the week. By analyzing it, you can clearly understand what you spend the most time on.

When you honestly look at your day, you will understand that all the complaints from the category “I don’t have time for anything” are empty. Because you have a lot of time.

80% of the time people spend in 2018 is wasted – cycling through mail, scrolling through the news feed or other people’s social media profiles and endless coffee or tea breaks, as well as phone conversations.

But it normal. Even seemingly effective people waste a lot of time down the drain.

Vladimir Kurkin, psychologist:

“I am a very efficient person and get a lot done, but even I waste a lot of time. And I get frustrated about it, but even I can’t fully control it. Even though he got great results. But I know a simple practice of how to do everything.”

Practicing “how to do everything”

If you suddenly want to become a super-efficient person, get ready for the fact that the first attempts will fail. For example, you start planning your every day, writing down all your daily and weekly goals in detail in a diary, and at the end of the day or at the end of the week it turns out that most of your tasks have not been completed. This can cool your ardor – the mood will deteriorate, you will think that you are not an effective person. But don’t be so quick to beat yourself up. Before diving into self-judgment, understand how things work.

Let’s say you wrote down a plan for the next day in your diary in the evening. You think you’ve written a plan. But imagine that in fact you gave a signal to some forces, then tomorrow you will need energy. It works exactly like this.

You have scheduled some business for tomorrow at 15:00. This day comes and at 15:00, as ordered for this business, energy comes to this event. Because you ordered it. You procrastinate, you habitually postpone the solution of the task until later, you do nothing. What happens at this moment with energy – it seems to “get stuck”.

Simply put, the energy came, but was not realized. The next day the same thing happens.

Have you ever noticed? You wake up. Full of plans. You come to work, walk around all day, distracted by one thing or another .. and by the end of the day there is no strength at all. Because your unused energy starts to tear apart from the inside.

Where does unused energy go?

  • Self-flagellation,
  • Independence,
  • Wasting energy on phone calls
  • To serve without a goal on the Internet

How to understand that you "leaked" your energy without spending it on business? At the end of the day, in such cases, a devastated state sets in.

Common mistakes when working with energy:

You poured 5 cups of coffee into yourself to finish tasks before the deadline and increase productivity, but you never accelerated. The concentration did not come. The “glassy state” set in, the feeling of guilt came, and with this feeling you eventually went to bed.

It all affects your next day. starting from the psycho-emotional state and ending with the physical (remember about 5 cups of coffee, they are still in you, and it means that the dream will be restless).

How not to make mistakes and why “eat frogs” in the morning

Start the day with the most unpleasant or difficult thing, action. For example, call a client who does not want to call. It’s hard, scary. But start the day with this call.

Frog effect:

When you start the day with such an action, your self-esteem rises sharply. You have done what is scary – you have the courage. Accordingly, you are already doing all the other things with self-confidence. This will influence your next one positively even if you don’t do half of the rest of the tasks written in the diary. 

Self-esteem will not drop if you have completed the most difficult task of the day.

Anything can happen

Everyone, even the most successful people, have days when they do nothing, are dumb and cannot be 100% productive. This is fine. After all, we are living people.

Do not think that people who look perfect from the outside are actually like that. If they give such an impression, most likely it is not sincere. Be realistic about planning your own affairs and instead of being selfish, “eat the frogs” in the morning.

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