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Brian Tracy “Get out of your comfort zone” – a book for the brave


This is not just a book, Brian Tracy wrote Get Out of Your Comfort Zone as a call to mindfulness. People are leaving their “comfort zones" en masse without fully understanding what it means and how to do it. We urge dear reader to observe safety precautions. Dig the meaning deeper, and read more for this. Therefore, we review only those books that contain practical recommendations.

The market for information is oversaturated, but that doesn’t mean it’s all useful. It is impossible to know everything. But it is enough to know exactly what fuels your growth as a person and as a professional.

The content of the article:

1 Time is a resource that we exchange for experience,

2 Why learn to ask yourself the right questions,

3 How to ask the right questions

Time is a resource that we exchange for experience

Brian Tracy "Get out of your comfort zone" - a book for the brave

Brian Tracy, author of Get Out of Your Comfort Zone, is known worldwide as an active consultant who has published 60 books and advised 400 companies. He is an expert. Tracy’s secret is a direct connection to the "space server" that stores all the data on the psychology of success. How did Tracy know about the “server”? Everything is simple. He watched the world and asked him the right questions.

Brian Tracy began work on his success system when he was 25 years old. Before completing his studies at school, he worked wherever he had to, interrupting by odd jobs as a handyman. Then he devoted himself to the sea. His home and work for eight years was the ship on board which he circumnavigated the world.

Tracy has visited 80 countries around the world. When the trip was over, Brian took a job as a salesman and did model sales. Well, you know! When a guy goes from door to door. Hands are full of bags with goods, and potential customers confuse you with marmon and rarely open the door at home. So. Two years have passed. Tracy continued to work hard and reached the position of vice president. Do you think he was lucky to meet the right people? In a way, Brian Tracy is lucky with himself.

Why learn to ask yourself the right questions

Get Out of Your Comfort Zone by Brian Tracy is not a call to escape. The author does not invite the reader to move from his native city and does not at all call for abandoning personal convictions and principles. Tracy shares her personal experience of career growth and self-development. Get Out of Your Comfort Zone by Brian Tracy is a textbook for success.

When Brian returned from a long trip, he understood. He has nothing. Apart from personal experience.

Brian did not have a magical artifact that gives +100 sales like in computer games. He didn’t have the magic spell "Charisma and Persuasion" in a backpack on his shoulder, like Harry Potter. But he honed the skill of observation.

Watch the world – it doesn’t mind

Traveling allows you to deviate from a familiar route. Visiting new places requires the traveler to concentrate. In an unfamiliar environment, a person tends to analyze the surrounding space and people more often, as well as peer more closely into what is happening, because there is always a chance of getting lost.

In some countries, this means more than going astray. Documents and money can be stolen from you, or you can be kidnapped directly. If you are in the field of view of pirates in the water and do not represent value in any way, you can be killed. Surveillance is the way to survive.

Working on a ship does not always involve encounters with pirates, but requires constant attention and concentration.

Brian Tracy honed his observation skills around the world. Once on dry land, Brian Tracy’s Comfort Zone author used observation. To not just survive in a new environment. and achieve success in it.

How to ask the right questions

Brian Tracy never sold. To become the best in a new business, he paid attention to how the more successful salespeople in his company work. He did everything they did. Also, he asked.

This is another secret – honest communication with professionals in their field. All who are better than you are teachers. But they can’t teach you anything if you don’t ask.

Brian Tracy "Get out of your comfort zone" - a book for the brave

It is important not only to analyze the behavioral strategies of successful colleagues and put them into practice. In order to get the result, you need to contact professionals.

For communication with colleagues to be beneficial, do not discuss the bosses and the behavior of other employees. Gossip will not give you food to grow. Ask the right questions to those who are better at tasks than you. Follow those who know the way. But don’t forget to look around. Suddenly you will find your way – shorter and more effective?

Learn from the masters until you become a master yourself. If there are people around you who know how to do it right, this is a real gift.

If there are no people in your environment right now that you want to learn from, start by developing the skill of mindfulness. You probably just don’t notice them.

The same goes for problem solving. If you do not see the path, it does not mean that there is no path.

Brian Tracy "Get Out of Your Comfort Zone" is a non-banal book with a banal title

We didn’t want to see the phrase "comfort zone" in our blog. We are very tired of the oversaturated information environment of the infobusiness, as well as of motivational mailings with the theme of “popular psychology”.

Someone says that it is necessary to leave the comfort zone, someone defends this zone – the world is full of contradictions. And it is also a source of any resources.

The book written by ” Brian Tracy Get Out of Your Comfort Zone” actually frees you from having to watch your colleagues, copy their actions, and then ask and copy again.

21 methods of working on yourself – the ability to start small. Imagine that every method described in the book is a teacher.

Read, apply. And you can always ask and clarify with our team. Write letters, leave comments under the article. We love feedback.

We love our blog and never miss a single post. Because all team members are subscribed to the mailing list. Even developers. We are interested in what we do. And we also want to know if you are interested with us, dear reader.

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