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Successful Interview Techniques: Think Like HR


Tales of incompetent HR managers are circulating the Internet. And this is logical. People who are “trained" to select candidates usually do not understand the profession at their level. From this follows a lot of mutual misunderstanding. For example, you expect difficult questions about your topic. But instead, HR wants to know what fruit you associate yourself with. However, there are upsides to the recruiter’s strategy. With a competent approach, it is easy to turn the situation in your favor. It is enough to start thinking like an HR manager. After all, the techniques of a successful interview are not phrases for mandatory memorization. Their beauty is in the individual approach.

Remember what the classic said? “Don’t think about what you asked, but about that – for what? If you guess why, then you will understand how to answer. Successful Interview Techniques Maxim Gorky cracks like nuts. Take an example from him and understand the desires of the recruiter.

And we will help you with this.

Looking for the perfect candidate

As we have said, a recruiter is not an expert in all areas. Therefore, it will not be able to 100% assess your competence. He looks at the qualities common to all good workers. This is where diligence, attention to detail, and motivation decide. All questions, even very strange ones, are asked for one purpose. Understand how you meet the professional standard.

An HR manager, like any person, tries to do his job well. The better the hired candidate, the better HR did. And he already has a standard in his head. He knows what the Ideal Candidate for the position should be.

Techniques for a successful interview can be formulated on one specific question. So, the founder of the Six Dimensions company, Taejun Kang, came up with a universal method for managers. At the end of the interview, HR recognizes that he has a good candidate in front of him. His education, knowledge and experience is quite enough. But here’s the problem: all their employees are no worse. Moreover, they have something special. “There is nothing special about you,” the manager says. “So you don’t suit us.” Most applicants say goodbye and leave. Those who hold on to the place to the end pass the test. They tell the recruiter what makes them stand out from the rest. Along the way, proving that they really want to work in this company.

A persistent person with high motivation is a very valuable shot. Keep this in mind when you face an illogical rejection.

feel free to ask

Do not confuse an interview with a monologue about yourself. It’s not even that they expect initiative from you. Successful interview techniques are impossible without self-esteem. Those who agree to all conditions invariably lose both in love and in work. Show that you know your worth. This is not arrogance and snobbery. Remind the firm that you, too, choose whether or not to work for them. Ask questions about the position. Clarify anything that causes concern. Be interested in the future team and working conditions.

Hint: HR managers want to hear questions about possible difficulties. Find out from them which tasks in future work will be the most difficult. Such interest will show that you are serious. And do not throw words into the wind.

The Power of Nonverbal Signals

When you are hired by a company, you become part of a team. If we are not talking about remote work, of course. So in the techniques of a successful interview, you should also include a demonstration of your sociability. As they say, a pleasant person is pleasant in everything. The place can easily be denied if you seem very squeezed. Or too nervous. No one needs arrogance and rudeness either. HR manager is looking for a team player. Someone who is good at interacting. Who will listen to criticism and not make a scandal. Say what you like, and your character will become part of the working atmosphere.

This is where classic advice comes in. Smile when answering questions. Avoid closed postures. Do not get irritated in case of provocation. Prove that conflicts and gossip are not your element. And further. No amount of successful interview techniques will help if you look repulsive. Get yourself in order. A neat haircut, fresh perfume and clean clothes are the basis of preparing for an interview.

Successful Interview Techniques: Think Like HR

Don’t forget social media

Be sure that your VK or Instagram profile has been studied for a long time. Taste in clothes was discussed with a colleague. All problem areas were carefully considered (and there was nothing to post a photo in a bikini!). Unfortunately, social networks have long ceased to be just a means of self-expression. Now this is a place where each other is evaluated. As a result, HR forms an opinion about you even before the meeting. Is it a minus or a plus? Depends on the information found.

Fortunately, this selection method is already being actively criticized. After all, it is based on the subjective opinion of the recruiter. Be that as it may, so far this method of assessment is widespread. So we recommend taking it into account. After all, successful interview techniques are best applied when HR has no prejudice. Restrict access to some albums. Examine the writings on the wall. Is there a meme from 2013 about what a woman’s place is in the kitchen? Seriously, it’s not even funny anymore. Remove double entender jokes.

Appraisal Methods You Didn’t Even Know About

Many years of experience of HR managers have collected many interesting tricks. For example, after a serious conversation about a vacancy, you may be asked to draw a picture. Or invited to dinner. It’s funny, but some HR evaluate candidates on their behavior in a restaurant. This is a test of politeness, manners and confidence. Many recruiters try to knock the interlocutor out of the usual rut. The main thing here is not to get lost.

For example, Google is famous for its creativity. We invite you to watch a video about the questions that their managers ask at a meeting:

Knowing the techniques of a successful interview is simply necessary in order not to get confused in such situations. Remember! It doesn’t matter what question you were asked. It is important to figure out why the recruiter decided to voice it. Then the correct answer will immediately come to the surface. Improvise, and the interview will be excellent.

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