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Woman’s career: 3 strong examples


A woman’s career is no different from a man’s. But the Forbes lists each year produce separate publications for the two sexes. Perhaps the old stereotype about gender roles is to blame. Men know for sure that they can reach career heights. Women are not always. Fortunately, more and more wonderful examples are now appearing in front of the girls. In turn, the media make them accessible to everyone. We also want to participate in public education. Therefore, we recall that a woman can be realized in all areas.

Our heroines are unique. They are united not only by gender. These women fit the definition of "self-made" (self-made). They are among the people who paved the way to the top with their work.

So, here are three different areas and three brilliant success stories.

Head of a transnational corporation

PepsiCo, a multi-million dollar brand that sells in stores around the world, has long been run by a woman. The story of Indra Nooyi began in his native India. She graduated and worked in Calcutta. Once the girl saw an advertisement for the Yale School of Management in the USA and got the idea to go there. She passed all her exams and earned a scholarship.

Interesting fact. Indra’s first American job interview took place in a sari. The traditional Indian outfit did not prevent her from getting a job at the Boston Consulting Group.

She has learned a lot in her six years at BCG. In particular, Indra Nooyi led the corporate strategy for her company. And she did it so well that she caught the attention of Motorola. There, and later at Asea Brown Boveri, she was involved in strategic development. The career of this remarkable woman became truly famous at PepsiCo. Profits were falling, and she was invited to correct the situation. Indra was not afraid of such a task. She took on global transformations.

Firstly, the famous fast food restaurants KFC, Taco Bell, Pizza Hut were losing money. Largely due to the lack of clear leadership. This needed to be changed. The new manager singled out the restaurant business as a separate structure. And then she sold it for a huge sum. Despite this, the deal paid off only after 10 years. Secondly, sales of the main products also decreased. Here Indra Nooyi showed her ability to think big. She realized that sugary sodas would quickly lose ground. If the company is not ready for this, it will collapse. The entire corporate strategy had to be reorganized. PepsiCo, which until then grew rich due to tasty and unhealthy foods, took up healthy eating. Tropicana (juice production) and Quaker Oats Company (sports nutrition) were bought to launch new products.

Although analysts were sounding the alarm, the new environmental trend paid off. The proof of this is the statistics. When Indra Nooyi took over as CFO, the company’s annual income increased by 72%. However, a career for this woman has never been a means for easy money. Indra thinks ahead and wants to benefit consumers.

Woman's career: 3 strong examples

Revolution in the fashion world

At first glance, women’s fashion is the area where women should be at the helm. Do not rush to conclusions. Until the beginning of the 20th century, the rules here were dictated mainly by men. Yes, there were many girls among the dressmakers. But women’s clothing in Europe was made to please the male eye. And that means uncomfortable corsets, heavy skirts and bulky designs. Ease was outlined during the first French Revolution. However, not for long: freedom, equality and fraternity unanimously chose corsets. New trends came to us with fashion designer Coco Chanel. Her success has benefited everyone. It was the career of a French woman that gave the ladies convenience.

Coco’s elegance has nothing to do with blue blood. The girl grew up in an orphanage. There the nuns taught her how to sew. Ambition and steel character turned the skill into a successful business. From a hat shop, Chanel moved on to the entire fashion industry. She showed that beauty and convenience are compatible. Trouser suits and a little black dress became the hallmark of the fashion designer. The feature of the dress was its versatility. Imagine: women no longer need to change the toilet to go down to dinner. The appropriateness of the outfit in any situation was decided by accessories. A small handbag replaced heavy purses. Moreover, the whole image from Chanel was successfully complemented by perfume. The famous "Chanel No. 5" was published in 1921. And won customers for a century to come. The fact is that before Madame Chanel, perfume was simple. It was Coco who first offered the public a complex fragrance.

Not everyone knows, but we also owe the fashion for tanning to this Frenchwoman. Once Coco got tanned and, without hesitation, appeared in front of the society in Cannes. The famous aristocratic pallor was already losing ground. So the example of a fashion designer inspired other ladies.

For all her elegance, Coco was distinguished by a masculine character. Career (which is not very typical for a woman of that time) was above all for her. Chanel’s fortitude was shown by her return to the world of high fashion. At the age of 70, she introduced the tweed suit and re-conquered Paris.

Woman's career: 3 strong examples

literary sensation

The story of how JK Rowling wrote a book about Harry Potter in a cafe is known to many. For some reason, this fact causes a dismissive attitude. It seems as if the career was easy for this woman. And this is a huge misconception. The series of novels was carefully planned out. The writer made huge plot schemes. She wrote down the smallest details. Connected thousands of facts. The books are riddled with allusions and references to world classics. The popularity of the series was provided not just by an interesting plot. The quality of the text and the relevance of the topics attracted not only children, but also adults to read.

The literary success of JK Rowling is undeniable. But we’re not just talking about him. Today, Harry Potter is a global brand worth $15 billion. Books about the boy who lived became the best-selling books in history. Joan herself annually flashes in Forbes as one of the richest and most influential women in Britain. A real business empire was built on her talent.

The film adaptation of the book series gave the writer huge sums. Films were made by well-known directors. They were filmed by Chris Columbus, Alfonso Cuarón, Mike Newell and David Yates. Despite this, Rowling did not stand aside. She worked on scripts and selected actors. In the last two films, the author also occupied the producer’s chair.

Harry Potter is loved by people all over the world. So much so that it was possible to earn on it even after the end of the series. Products with a magic brand to this day diverge with a bang. And the spin-off “Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them" gathered millions of viewers at the cinema. The success of the film proved that for the film adaptation of J.K. Rowling, it is not even necessary to write books. The series based on her scripts lives and develops in the film industry.

Interestingly, the writing career of a famous woman did not stop at Harry Potter. JK Rowling is also working on other books that are selling well.

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