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Refunds for services not rendered


Services form the basis of human life. Every action, from the purchase of products to the registration of a tourist package, is regulated by the Law on the Protection of Consumer Rights. Alas, the relevant norms do not exclude the presence of irresponsible performers on the market. In the event that the rights of the consumer have been violated, he has the right to demand a refund for the service not provided.

In what cases can you claim a refund?

Most consumers believe that a refund is possible only if the service is not provided due to the fault of the contractor. Actually, it is not. A citizen has the right to file a claim in the following cases:

  • non-provision of services due to the direct fault of the contractor;
  • non-provision of services due to the fault of the consumer;
  • the service was provided with significant shortcomings;
  • provision of services is incomplete.


According to Art. 32 ZPP, the consumer has the right to refuse to fulfill the terms of the contract for the provision of services at any stage. In this case, the contractor is obliged to return the funds, with the exception of the amount covering the actual costs incurred.

To protect yourself from possible difficulties, the consumer should familiarize himself in detail with the intricacies of the service agreement even before it is signed. The document stipulates the procedure for the return of money for an unproven service under the contract.


If the document contains provisions prohibiting the consumer from refusing to provide the service at any time, or pre-determining the amount of the penalty, such an agreement is considered invalid.

  • contract number and date of execution;
  • return requirements (amount amount).

Deposit and advance: what is refundable

Cases are subject to separate consideration when the consumer requires the return of a security deposit or advance cost. Before declaring your intentions in the text of the claim, you should make sure that they are legitimate.

The deposit is paid directly at the conclusion of the contract. This amount is a certain guarantor of the transaction. In the event that the consumer is to blame for the failure to provide the service, the deposit is non-refundable. If the fault of the performer is established, the deposit is paid in double size.

The advance payment is an integral part of the total amount, its return is not negotiated separately. As a rule, an advance is paid in order to cover the costs of the contractor for the provision of the service. The advance payment must be made in writing. Otherwise, it will be almost impossible to achieve its return.

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