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Project development strategy: 4 success factors that you may not like


If you are responsible for how the project development strategy should be implemented, be prepared to make difficult decisions. From the dismissal of dissenters, to the war for the human deadline.

Timing is a moot point. There are books on strategic planning that say in bold type to “pray for the deadline." The other version is that you cannot work normally while you have a project deadline. This can happen if, for example, you have a large office and a whole department is responsible for setting the time frame. But the employees of the department do not know the specifics of the work of the technical department, as well as marketers or content specialists. As a result, an unrealistically short deadline can be set for the project, because of which everyone will try to work faster. Details may suffer from this and the development strategy of the project will again be in jeopardy.

To find a balance in the matter of time, you must have a management team. Every department needs to be controlled. Even if you have an office of six people, without a project manager you are doomed to forever “finish” the old and not finish the new.

For the most efficient distribution of energy, information and financial resources, let all project participants plunge headlong into the processes. Let them know all the details, let them understand what this project will give – involve as much as possible. If the project participants do not fully understand the benefits, and the project development strategy is not clear to the employees, then where can they find an internal resource and external motivation to do everything “right”?

Project development strategy: 4 success factors that you may not like

Do not let the project development strategy look meaningless, and work on its implementation turns into “monkey work”. Learn to convey the meaning and you will not lose it at the finish line.

Break up easily if the project development strategy is  in jeopardy

What level of goal did you set for the team? A little hint – the goal should be greater than the value of individual people who are on a salary or work for a percentage. Not important. If there is disagreement, the project development strategy may remain just on paper.

How to avoid “changing horses at the crossing”

Choose leaders carefully. Key employees should feel that the implementation of the idea, even when it looks like a project development strategy, is consonant with their goals and plans. To avoid changing key employees at one of the irreversible stages of development, try to get honest opinions from all at the start. It is better to part with people at the stage of strategy development than to introduce someone at the last moment. Not only will this not affect the quality of the development, but it can destroy the idea.

Therefore, say goodbye when the implementation of an idea, a project development strategy, is in the planning process.

Other goals and – she. Conduct an analysis of the entire field of tasks that you face. The implementation of an idea largely depends on how harmoniously it fits into the overall context of your work. If it breaks out, you will have to sacrifice something somewhere. If the goal is combined with others, like a puzzle in a picture, try to keep this state of affairs. Balance is never too much.


How do you approach processes? What does the implementation of an idea mean to you and how different is this process for you from the strategic model that we proposed?

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