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Implementation of the idea: 4 steps to implement the project


Everyone says – to become rich, change your thinking, and in order for the realization of an idea for a business to come true – set goals of high quality. What does it all mean? We now know.

We know many success stories, but we don’t know even more stories that end in nothing. How many ideas soar into the sky and do not explode with fireworks of implementation … it is useless to count, like the stars in the sky.

And how many ideas did you leave at the fantasy stage? They are still there. They are waiting for you to stumble upon this article and learn how to bring these ideas from the realm of the intangible to the world. Have you ever wondered what your ideas are doing while you pretend that they are unsuccessful?

What does this even mean? Who came up with this technical task for the universe? It is impossible to calculate everything! 

Unsuccessful ideas are not yours, but your decisions. The strategy helps to find a short path to the goal. The more details you give your team, the more accurate project analytics will be.

To make a dream come true – detail it

Implementation of the idea: 4 steps to implement the project

What if God had said the same thing when he “coded" our universe? Imagine a computer game where characters get stuck in textures, some commands do not work, and at some random stages the same action does not allow you to go further …

Our world, with its beauty and ugliness, and all its facets, is a very cool project. Causal relationships work here and the “gameplay” is generally very finely tuned. And it wouldn’t be like that if God’s purpose wasn’t clear enough. And if he stopped detailing on the fifth day, and not on the seventh, for example. Man can also create. The main thing is to know where to start and the boat will float.

We were very tormented by these lengthy recommendations, so a secret algorithm was found that inevitably leads to a quality goal setting.

When an Idea Looks Fuzzy, Take These Four Key Steps

  1. Formulate
  2. Adapt 
  3. Gather all the details of a successful formula
  4. Detail

Implementation of an idea is possible when you have formulated it

When your parents give you a name, you begin to respond. You begin to identify yourself. Ideas also have this property. And they, like you, are not short-term. If your company has a practice of setting one-time tasks, you will never overtake your competitors. To make your customers love you and your competitors jealous – convince your bosses to make strategic management an integral part, the right hand, if it’s easier for you – of the whole business. Simply put, working in line with strategic planning should be a way of life. And not at all something temporary “for one project”, “only with this client of the company” and so on.

The implementation of an idea is when everything is concrete, but at the same time flexible

We mean the state of your project and the team as a whole, when you are not afraid to make adjustments. The strategy does not have the goal of becoming a dogma, but it can be a chameleon and it will be truly effective.

If our blog was displayed only on personal computers, the traffic would be much less. Modern websites should include the function of adaptive design. In general, adaptability is an unofficial trend of 2018. Everything is changing and the process is getting faster. But if you fall behind, the realization of the idea will be impossible. Simply because no one will be interested.

Make your idea adaptable to the external environment in order to realize it!

The implementation of the idea depends on the chosen formula

We offer this:

bright minds






A bit of luck

The main element of this formula is people, without them nothing will work. Your team should have bright minds. This means that the implementation of an idea directly depends on how capable of analysis everyone who embodies it is. Making informed decisions is an art. The good news is that it can be learned. The bad news is that not everyone likes to study. Most often, companies employ “performers”. They need specific tasks beyond which they will not have to go. But if you are a project manager, then you can fix it. Just don’t work with "performers". Recruit bright minds to the team.

This may take time. But if your idea is worth it, then you will find the time. And that’s where luck comes in. Moreover, it is needed – quite a bit. If you were preparing a dish, then the recipe would indicate – a little luck "on the tip of the knife."

The implementation of the idea depends on how scrupulous you are in relation to trifles.

Quantitative criteria are about details. Do you want your idea to be successful? Don’t make the common mistake of generalizing your strategy formulation and calculations.

The implementation of the idea is in jeopardy until the managers take care of the details

To make decisions effectively, detail them. Often in large companies there is no concept of a detailed description of the concept. Hence, in the implementation of the project, figures suddenly “come out” that do not fit into the budget or factors that slow down the process and slow down the development of the project as a whole. To correctly calculate the budget, start with the calculations for each specific task. Then add up the amount of effort and finance. It’s longer, but more accurate.

After all the main steps towards the goal have been taken, the project development strategy takes shape – the synchronization of theoretical calculations and the real state of affairs begins. And here it is important to understand that not all decisions on the implementation of the idea will be convenient. Sometimes it will hurt. Nomu and why – about this next article.

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