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Networking: Secrets of Connecting with Influential People


Networking is the ability to make acquaintances among entrepreneurs with the right people. Usually acquaintance occurs with representatives of various companies that can have a positive impact on business development.

Networking is built on the basis of common ideas and interests. Partners, as a rule, communicate in informal conditions. It can be a business lunch, a seminar, a walk, and so on. The exchange of experience, knowledge, opinion on this or that account is important here.

Networking: Secrets of Connecting with Influential People

Networking Rules

Networking has one simple rule. If you think that you will get off with a couple of phrases, then you are deeply mistaken. You need to try to speak, be active in order to get to know a person better.

Fun fact: According to LinkedIn research, 80-85% of jobs are filled through networking. Thus, connections often play a decisive role. Especially when it comes to work.

Networking: Secrets of Connecting with Influential People

Have you heard about the theory of 6 handshakes? If not, then pay attention. It boils down to the fact that all people are interconnected with each other through 6 handshakes. That is, Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin is in 5 hands from you. Or, say, the singer Boris Grebenshchikov.

Therefore, it is fair to conclude that with almost every person you can find some common ground. This means that we are always able to find a common language, common interests, common acquaintances and so on.

What principles should a networker follow?

  • The main thing is to relax, smile and always enjoy the process.
  • Ask the right questions, try not to overstep the bounds of what is permitted. Demonstrate to the interlocutor that he is really interested in you.
  • Build relationships only with people who are useful to you. How to understand that the interlocutor is really interesting? Imagine that you are having a tet-a-tet over a cup of tea, or you are on a train to another city. What would you talk about for such a long time. Think about it.

Networking: Secrets of Connecting with Influential People

  • Imagine yourself in an unusual way. So that a person wants to get to know you better. Come up with a few different ways.
  • Bringing things to an end. Familiarity must be constantly maintained. So that if necessary, you can contact the person.

Where to meet?

An excellent option for making new acquaintances is attending trainings and forums. Strive to help people – with questions on your subject.

Arthur is a beginner web designer with an average salary of 25 tr. One day he is bitten by a networking spider… And he begins to understand the importance of his surroundings. So, the next morning, Arthur wakes up a completely different person. With a new value system. From that day on, he begins attending business events. At the same time, the young man does not behave as before. He is not trying to sell his product to anyone and everyone. Arthur just helps his friends with the design of sites. 

A month later, he realizes that he received 5-10 more orders than he had in the previous month. Thus, his earnings increase, which now amounts to 100 thousand 🪙.

Networking: Secrets of Connecting with Influential People

Then Arthur goes to get acquainted with top designers and heads of web studios. He does not set himself the goal of learning something from them. The question is different – since then he has been driven by the desire to make friends and help colleagues in the shop.

After a while, colleagues are imbued with respect for him. They talk about their methods of work and so on.

Agree that it resembles the script of some beautiful movie. Only the whole point is that everyone can be in Arthur’s place.

Networking for introverts

Imagine a situation – you are at a business training. If you look around, around, you can find people, types, and various behaviors. Some tirelessly discuss topical issues. Others have turned to smartphones. And somehow reluctantly support the conversation.

Networking: Secrets of Connecting with Influential People

This is due to the fact that we are all different. Someone is filled with energy from constant fuss and discussions. Some do it more carefully. Namely, at first it adapts, and then creates comfortable conditions for itself. Such people in society are called introverts.

Today we want to understand the following question – is it possible, being an introvert, to be professionally successful, in demand and popular? The answer seems to be obvious. No. However, nevertheless. How to build effective networking if communication is not your forte?

Personal growth and assessment of the real social circle

Networking is a kind of art of building relationships. Through networking, good projects can be born. Sign profitable contracts. It is also a great chance to climb the career ladder as quickly as possible and take an advantageous position in the labor market.

First of all, evaluate the real state of the connections you have built. Then try to weed out everything unnecessary with the help of questions:

  • How long has your relationship been?
  • is it possible to rely on this person in a difficult situation;
  • whether this relationship brings mutual benefit to both parties;
  • can this person help you improve your career

Financial growth is the strategic planning of resources. At the same time, as a potential entrepreneur, you must be able to distribute your time between the most important and the least important people.

Networking: Secrets of Connecting with Influential People

There is such a thing as a networking map. The networking map forms contacts based on their value. Or new connections that each individual contact can give. Contentment or, conversely, dissatisfaction with one’s social circle, this is a completely different question. What is important here? Stay alive and dynamic. Flexible, strong and ready for change – in order to expand in the future and "acquire" more and more new network of contacts.

Keep going out whenever possible. Analyze how people communicate. And often ask yourself: “How comfortable am I right now?". What can I do to achieve my goal? It is necessary to become more open. Also develop your communication skills.

Networking and Benefits

All introvert socialization strategies are as follows. Most importantly, you need to take control into your own hands. You also need to change your attitude to the situation. And try to think positively. Then it is important to adequately analyze the circle of your contacts. So there is a gradual improvement in the quality of communications. And in the end, you will also get the amount.

Networking: Secrets of Connecting with Influential People

Preparing for the event

  • Find out the format of the event and the guests who will be there.
  • Arrange to attend a mass meeting with someone of interest to you.
  • Try to find out more about the people who will be attending the event with you. Alternatively, you can exchange a couple of messages in order to feel as comfortable as possible when meeting.
  • Think about topics that you would be interested in discussing.
  • Talk about yourself in advance, which will give an idea of ​​u200bu200byou during the acquaintance. Remember that it should be short and informative at the same time.

Networking principles: how to behave at an event?

Networking: Secrets of Connecting with Influential People

  • Communicate face-to-face – networking is most effective in personal conversations;
  • Try to take breaks, go out more often to air out. This will save you more energy. But introverts need it more than anyone else.
  • Show off your strengths. Listening, observation and analysis help to get to know the interlocutor better. Show the benefits of your communication. Of course, the interlocutor will then want to keep in touch with you.

Relieve stress after the event

Keep in touch after the meeting. Add the person as a friend on all social networks. After all, this will give confidence in your reliability. Then stick to the proactive strategy. Arrange to provide your services during the next event.

The two year rule in business

Networking: Secrets of Connecting with Influential People

The 2-year rule in many areas of life consists of two components. What is it? In the first year, as psychologists have found out, a person gets used to the established way of life. If we are talking about business, then this is work on oneself, focus on results – in order to achieve further fruitful development. In the second year, the entrepreneur is likely to increase momentum. Look for new connections, cooperation. When you get stronger on your feet, there is a reason to think about expanding, branching off from your main sphere, and so on.

We can say this with certainty. If for 2 years you coped with your work. Gained inner firmness as an entrepreneur, which means that in the future your business will definitely go uphill. Naturally, provided that you will put in the effort as before. Or even more.

Networking and social networks

Networking: Secrets of Connecting with Influential People

The main principle of networking is communication. Social networks are a great opportunity to purposefully build a dialogue. Here are some points that should not be forgotten under any circumstances:

  • Take care of filling out your account in detail.
  • Attach, where relevant, your resume describing your work experience.
  • Design your profile with photographs in the same style so that it looks presentable and at the same time expresses your inner essence.
  • Make posts related to your work and hobbies.
  • Keep your balance. Prove that you are not just a professional in your field, but also an unusual person with whom you have something to talk about.

Networking in the IT field today is characterized by open relationships. Here, as a rule, everyone tries to maintain already established ties and make new acquaintances. Networking in this area is usually built on the principle of "give, not take." Therefore, reputation plays an even greater role here than professionalism. Thanks to openness, all "jambs" and errors are instantly exposed. There is a moment of discussion and analysis of shortcomings, which is extremely important in any activity.

Mistakes that occur in networking

Networking: Secrets of Connecting with Influential People

  • You can not come to a meeting without prior preparation. It is advisable to monitor the program of the event in advance and google the list of participants.
  • Show interest in other members. Tell about yourself too, but in moderation. In order not to be known as a talker and idle talk.
  • Don’t try to be better than you really are. Unnaturalness and deception are usually immediately evident. Lies, moreover, in a professional environment are revealed at lightning speed. So be honest with yourself first. And then to other people.
  • Do not strive to stand out and do not demand attention to your personality. If you consider yourself a competent networker, you do not need to communicate with everyone at once. So, a situation may occur that a person is not at all up to you, and he does not have time to talk with you. Take care of others. Make connections with other people. And when the situation favors, you will return to this person again.

Never refuse to help your friends. Remember that networking is not just about building business relationships. It is also support for already formed ties. When you are approached on a case, be sure to extend a helping hand to the person. Try to overpower yourself, even if you have a bad mood, problems at home, there are difficulties with time, and so on.

Treat networking like work. After all, it requires resources in order to bring you fruit in the future.

Networking: Secrets of Connecting with Influential People

Benefits of networking

  • Save time on solving business problems.
  • Bright leisure, successful activity.
  • Increasing your own motivation.
  • Quick search for clients. Building a career.

Disadvantages of Networking

  • It’s not enough just to be able to find friends. Still need to keep in touch. Otherwise, you may soon be forgotten.
  • Networking can be difficult for introverts. Although business communication in social networks can be a good substitute for business meetings and conferences.
  • It is highly likely that you will meet people who will use you. Such, of course, it is desirable to weed out immediately. And the sooner you do it, the better. With experience, you will learn to recognize them at a glance.

It’s all. Good luck to you. And good luck with your networking.

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