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The Energy of Money Attraction: 4 Steps to High Income


We do not urge you to arrange dances with a tambourine on the 11th lunar day in order to earn money. The energy of attraction of money is a completely different conversation. Here we will talk about physical activity, healthy eating, body care and achieving your personal zen – to make money.

If you still have not found a way to increase income, try looking at this goal from a new angle.

First, think about how you feel about money. This is because our thoughts directly determine our actions. That is why money is attracted to certain people. Others didn’t have them, and they don’t. So, concentrate on your thoughts.

Second, pay attention to the energy potential of your body and mind. Note that there are many factors that affect our well-being. Among them: weather, diet, daily routine. Let’s look at some of them. After all, they ultimately play an important role in achieving success.

The Energy of Money Attraction: 4 Steps to High Income

The energy of money is what we eat

If going to a nutritionist is something pointless for you, and you think that this is not necessary, listen more carefully to your body. Try to observe your condition and mood after eating. You may have to drastically revise your usual diet after this.

The Energy of Money Attraction: 4 Steps to High Income

Top 10 Healthy Foods

  • Green tea. It is a 100% source of antioxidants and vitamins that help slow down the aging process of the body. In addition, green tea reduces the risk of developing cardiovascular diseases. Minimizes the amount of sugar in the blood. Moreover, it has a positive effect on the digestive system. Often it is advised to drink it to those who work in the office. He spends a lot of time at the computer, because it contains substances that fight harmful radiation. Plus, they say that the drink helps to clear the bronchi. Therefore, it should be included in the diet of smokers.

The Energy of Money Attraction: 4 Steps to High Income

  • Nuts. When asked how to attract money, we will try to answer in a rather unusual way. Eat right. Be sure to treat yourself to nuts. Walnuts bring great benefits to the body. In addition, the frequent use of nuts stimulates brain activity, which is very important in the process of making money.
  • Honey. It has a beneficial effect on the immune system. The body becomes stronger, less exposed to various diseases. Honey is a natural energy booster. In the morning, it gives you cheerfulness. And in the evening it sets you up for a restful sleep.

The Energy of Money Attraction: 4 Steps to High Income

The energy of attracting money: what other products determine good health

  • Eggs. We all know that they are the main source of protein. Scientists have proven that eating eggs reduces the risk of developing cancer, heart attacks, strokes and many other dangerous diseases.
  • Legumes. Easily digestible as vegetable protein. In their composition, they contain iron, phosphorus, potassium, vitamin C. Legumes normalize the nervous system. Help with thyroid disorders. They are also recommended for food if you need to lose weight or restore digestion.

The Energy of Money Attraction: 4 Steps to High Income

  • Fish. To lead a healthy lifestyle and attract money, do not forget to include seafood in your diet. Sea fish, which contains Omega-3, Omega-6, has many useful properties. Fatty acids are involved in the elimination of cholesterol. Can reduce the risk of a heart attack. And on average, sea fish is recommended to be eaten 2-3 times a week.
  • Dairy and dairy products. Among them: milk, cottage cheese, cheese. Their main advantage is that they contain protein, calcium, fats necessary for the normal development of the body. To improve digestion, experts recommend drinking yogurt and more kefir.
  • Cereals. The value of cereals, first of all, lies in the fact that they are enriched with fiber, coarse fibers. This again contributes to the normal functioning of the digestive system. Therefore, it provides protection to the immune system.
  • Tomatoes. Looking for a high income? Then do not deny yourself tomatoes. First, they are rich in a substance, lycopene, which prevents the formation of cancer cells. Secondly, with the frequent use of these vegetables, the body produces carotenoids that help get rid of a large concentration of carcinogens. This is more important than ever in the conditions of a modern metropolis and an unfavorable environmental situation.

The Energy of Money Attraction: 4 Steps to High Income

  • Apples. An extremely useful fruit. Especially in our many latitudes. Apples contain many vitamins. These are B1, B2, P, C, E. And if you eat at least one apple every day, you can significantly reduce the risk of the most dangerous diseases for humans. Apples are the key to good digestion, brain activity and longevity.

The Energy of Money Attraction: 4 Steps to High Income

The energy of attraction of money and physical activity

Choose sports and physical activity should be according to the recommendations of doctors. And also, based on your individual preferences. Think what you like. Running, swimming, fitness, dancing or light warm-ups before the start of the day.


The Energy of Money Attraction: 4 Steps to High Income

Constant haste, stress, negativity. Quick snacks, incorrect postures at the workplace. All of these can lead to serious health problems. Money flows like a river to a healthy lifestyle – this is one of the truths that you should kill on your nose. And remember every day as soon as you get out of bed. Wellness massage often helps to get rid of stress .

Massage is an opportunity not only to cure, but also to avoid most diseases. Moreover, massage is a great way to improve metabolism, relieve muscle tension. And also rid yourself of fatigue and apathy. Thanks to massage, the work of the cardiovascular system is stimulated. Many resort to massage when headaches occur, with venous congestion. This procedure, in general, has a positive effect on mood and general well-being.

Financial cash flow and meditation

The Energy of Money Attraction: 4 Steps to High Income

Want to find the fastest way to raise money and success? Your mind should be calm and open to new knowledge. Watch what you see. Take at least a couple of hours every day to be alone with yourself. Watch your thoughts as if you were watching yourself from the outside. Try to stay away from any value judgments as much as possible. Let this habit turn into a good ritual over time, allowing you to be honest with yourself and with the world around you.

In this way, your mind will gradually improve, like muscles after a workout. Money flows like a river to those who understand the basic principles of the universe. And work on your consciousness is one of them.

Let’s say, if at the very beginning it is still difficult for you to concentrate and pull yourself together, install the Insight Timer application on your phone. It provides everything you need for those who have set themselves the goal of engaging in spiritual practices. In addition to background relaxing melodies, there is a timer, voiced activities, which allows you to unite people from all over the world. Create a sense of belonging and togetherness.

The energy of money and running in the morning

Jogging in the morning will help keep yourself in good shape. Note that this is a great way to burn up to 30% of kilocalories per session. Running in the morning is more effective than running in the evening. This is due to the fact that, waking up, the body is already deficient in energy. And to make a run, he will need additional fuel. Therefore, the excess fat reserves that have accumulated in your body will go to waste.

The Energy of Money Attraction: 4 Steps to High Income

Metabolism at its peak

In order to generate energy, the body starts metabolic processes in a special mode.

It is also important to say that in the morning the amount of harmful components in the air is much lower than in the evening. Clean air is a good companion on the treadmill if you’re going to be exercising in the morning.

Among other things, running in the morning is good because there is a minimal load on the spine. It has already been proven that after a hard day the discs of the vertebrae sag, then they are injured while running. Pretty useful information. Especially for those who have experienced problems with the spine, osteochondrosis, compression of the vertebrae, and so on.

The energy of attraction of money is another issue related to our desires and hormones of joy. What are we for? And to the fact that running contributes to the production of this hormone, guaranteeing a charge of vivacity and good mood for the whole day.

Money flows like a river to those who get up earlier than others. But. The question is not even that. Internal discipline is what matters. It is given to each of us for a reason. It is achieved through years of hard work and training. Jogging in the morning in this sense tempers the character, educates willpower. And it helps to achieve success with a probability of 99%.

The energy of money: how running is useful for men

Fat burning 

Jogging is necessary to get rid of excess calories. Trainers advise running if you want to "dry" or show off your relief. Of course, morning jogging helps to lose weight. We also note that for the growth of muscle tissue, one cannot do without cardio loading.

The Energy of Money Attraction: 4 Steps to High Income

Joint strengthening  

The integrity of the joints is directly determined by the quality of cartilage and muscle corset. Running helps to increase the necessary intake of trace elements to the tissues. In addition, it helps to strengthen muscles. If we compare the financial flow with physical activity, then it turns out that these are interconnected things. Internal discipline in all spheres of life, according to research, gives tremendous results.

Decreased blood sugar         

In the process of intense exercise, the body takes any energy sources from its reserves. This, including sugar, which is found in large quantities in the blood.

Cholesterol Reduction     

Cholesterol is rightly attributed to a subspecies of carbohydrates. It is involved in the production of such an important hormone as testosterone. Fundamental in the lives of men. But an excess of cholesterol can lead to unpleasant consequences. One of the most effective ways to deal with this problem is running. So, while running, excess fats are burned, and cholesterol is burned along with them.

Financial flow: how running is useful for women

As we have already said, cardio training is involved in increasing metabolism. They saturate the blood with oxygen. And this is a prerequisite for the process of burning calories. Take up running, and extra deposits will leave the most problematic places. Like belly, hips and thighs.

The Energy of Money Attraction: 4 Steps to High Income

Money flows like a river to those who take care of themselves. We stipulate that for a woman in training, it is important not so much to increase muscle mass. How much getting rid of fat. That is why exhausting workouts are not at all created for the beautiful half of humanity. Girls, according to their physiological characteristics, are quite suitable for light jogging, which simultaneously activates various muscle groups. The figure will become more elegant. And you don’t have to worry about big hips or growing biceps.

Money attraction energy, among other things, suggests a strong character. What is the best thing to build character? It seems the answer is obvious. This is running. Morning jogging is good for building willpower. They form physical and moral endurance. Promotes the production of endorphins. And they help to feel at ease everywhere.

Many representatives of intellectual areas use morning jogs to relieve stress and mental stress. It is noteworthy that, according to many, it is at these moments that a brilliant idea can spontaneously come to mind. Solving a difficult problem. No wonder they say that money flows like a river to those who choose the right flows. Both physical and intellectual.

The benefits of swimming in the pool

Those who go to the pool do not suffer from excess weight. During swimming in the water, the main muscle groups are involved. Plus, in cool conditions, the body also spends additional energy on warming up.

The Energy of Money Attraction: 4 Steps to High Income

The pool is especially recommended for those who spend a lot of time in the office, in a sitting position. The fact is that water puts in order the muscles of the back and lower back. The spine thus experiences a minimum load. The body relaxes and does not experience any tension.

Money flows like a river if you feel good. The pool is one way to really pamper yourself. Doctors recommend swimming to those who have problems with the heart, breathing, joints. And also for those who are engaged in constant intellectual work. Simply put, swimming in the pool is suitable for everyone without exception. Especially if you love this type of physical training.

Financial flow and active recreation

  • Surfing. This type of recreation is suitable for those who cannot imagine their life without a drive. And for those who need a good portion of adrenaline to reboot.
  • Hunting. Such a pastime is chosen by men who are especially pleased to spend time outside the city. At the same time, hunting requires concentration and greater concentration of attention. So the psychological characteristics of the individual are still important here.
  • Fishing. Perhaps one of the most pleasant types of recreation. Water, fresh air, immersion in your own thoughts. What could be better? It fascinates in fishing – relaxation combined with the process of catching fish. Plus, at the end, you do not leave the fishing empty-handed. And at least with some prey.

The Energy of Money Attraction: 4 Steps to High Income

  • Who is the money flowing to? Certainly. For outdoor enthusiasts. Cycling tourism, for example, is good because it does not require any special training. All you have to do is buy a bike. And travel wherever your heart desires.
  • Tourism. Tourism is another accessible form of recreation for each of us. At the same time, you can choose absolutely any place for gatherings with the company. Mountains, glade, beach, forest. Such a reboot is useful for everyone and everyone, since a change of scenery helps to tune in to a new way. And nature always has a positive effect on mood and general well-being.

Money Attraction Energy: Conclusion

The Energy of Money Attraction: 4 Steps to High Income

Powerful financial flows will not come to those who do not train themselves at different levels at the same time. Let’s imagine a situation. You have hit a gold mine. And you have the opportunity to receive huge incomes. If you do not follow simple rules for training, stick to a diet, meditate, you are unlikely to achieve success in any area. It must be understood that the mental and physical efforts that you expend on business must necessarily be replenished through other areas. Just described by us in the presented article.

It is explained simply. The body and mind must have time to process strong energy flows. Such as financial flow.

Here’s a tip for you: try to develop your best, exceptional qualities. Give up destructive habits. And remember, money flows like a river to those who show strength, are not afraid of anything. And demonstrates freedom in the full sense of the word.

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