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How to become self-confident


Probably every person at least once asked the question: “how to become self-confident?".

Often we hear people say about someone: “she is a terribly self-confident woman” or “he is an insecure man.” The truth is that insecurity is not a constant characteristic of a person. With due diligence, most of our qualities that we do not like can be changed.

Adaptability is what helped our ancestors climb out of the trees and learn to walk on two legs. This powerful force for change still lives within us. By awakening this ability, we can change our habits and thought patterns.

There are many reasons for self-doubt. Here are just a few of them:

  • a series of failures at work and personal life;
  • perception of their appearance as unattractive;
  • inability to establish relationships in the team;
  • trauma experienced in childhood;
  • depression.

Each of the above is a serious test. But it is in your power to change and understand how to gain confidence without resorting to the help of a psychologist.

Confidence seems to be based solely on external success factors. We feel great when we succeed. And vice versa, experiencing failure, we no longer feel that we are a horse – our self-esteem is being seriously tested.

In fact, our sense of self is based not only on external factors, but also on self-respect and acceptance, which do not depend directly on our accomplishments. All people experience failure sometimes.

First Steps in Gaining Confidence

The first thing to do to raise self-esteem:

  • Allow yourself to be wrong.

The desire to always be perfect works against you. Accept the fact that sometimes you make mistakes. Don’t kid yourself that you don’t care if something doesn’t work out as intended. Realize that what happened is not the end of the world. Learn from the situation and move on.

  • Find your 5 strengths and weaknesses.

An effective way to become self-confident is to learn your pros and cons. Through regular use of your strengths, you will increase self-esteem, and knowing and accepting your weaknesses, you will not grieve if something does not work out for you.

  • Don’t compare yourself to others, go your own way.

Try to track your thoughts and pull yourself up whenever you think you are worse than your friend. People are initially in unequal conditions: everyone has a different family, education, wealth and abilities. Therefore, do not try on other people’s successes.

Top 6 Tips to Become Confident

Letting go of bad beliefs

There are many different thoughts running through our minds. It is better to get rid of some of them in order to improve the quality of life.

  • You can learn to please everyone.

There are no people who like absolutely everyone. Even movie stars and pop stars annoy someone. You, too, may not like someone. Just accept this fact and move on.

  • You can always feel confident.

Even very strong-willed people sometimes have doubts about their own abilities. As the old song from everyone’s favorite movie goes: "I’m not lucky in cards, I’m lucky in love." The same person can be successful in one area and at the same time be disappointed in another.

Filtering information

In this age of social media development, anyone can feel uncomfortable looking at the life of an Instagram blogger: travel, expensive purchases, yachts and their own business. Who wouldn’t want to live such a life?

Consider that the picture on social media can be very different from reality. You don’t know anything about these people, you don’t know what thoughts gnaw at them at night. They also have problems and failures, you just don’t see it.

We are developing

Even though confidence comes from within rather than from outside, remember to water your self-esteem tree regularly. To do this, you need to constantly develop.

How to become confident at work:

  • study trends in your professional field;
  • learn more about related fields of activity;
  • try to learn a new profession.

With work, everything is more or less clear. But many women want to know how to become self-confident in personal relationships?

  • Respect your partner, never stoop to insults;
  • refuse manipulation;
  • accept the fact that your influence over the other person is very limited.

Remember that while you are standing still, others are moving. Do not stop in development – be curious and greedy for knowledge.

We take care of the body

The perception of our own appearance plays an important role in how we feel. This is especially true for the weaker sex. If you don’t know how to become a confident woman, start improving your body.

Believe me, a daily run raises self-esteem better than any self-development book.

Work on the body, not only for the sake of beauty, but also for the sake of health. After all, even the ancients believed that in a healthy body – a healthy mind.

Developing Self-Respect

Every person has something to respect himself for. There are no bad and good people, there are bad and good deeds. Think about what you have already achieved.

If nothing comes to mind, mentally return to the distant past: they took the neighbor’s cat out of the tree, entered the university, found their first job, helped a friend solve a problem, etc. You already have something to be proud of.

Sometimes even small actions are the beginning of big changes.

Getting to know ourselves

Ask yourself more often “what do I want?”, “what do I like?”, “what would I do in this situation in the place of another person?”. So you can learn more about yourself, find and form your own value system, which you can rely on.

Reading more books on psychology is an easy and effective way to better understand your characteristics.

Gain confidence in three weeks

21 days is how long a person needs to consolidate a new habit. Follow the advice from this article, try to change the established patterns of thinking, and in three weeks you yourself will be able to answer the question to others: “how to become a self-confident person?”.

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