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Major mistakes in business


Major mistakes in business

Starting a business is always exciting and risky. Because the responsibility for success and failure lies entirely with the novice businessman.

Mistakes in business, as in any business, are inevitable. They can and should be done. After all, this is how an entrepreneur tests himself, develops his own strategies, studies the industry. But it is important not to allow a serious failure. And for this it is useful to know the frequent punctures of beginners, which lead to significant losses.

Major mistakes in business

Good preparation minimizes risks. Often novice businessmen light up with an idea. And then they ignore analytics and planning. But even the most powerful concept will not find a consumer if it is sent to the market at the wrong time and place. Therefore, every startup must start with a cold calculation. What needs to be done before starting a business:

  • study the industry
  • analyze the target audience;
  • learn all about competitors;
  • draw up a business plan;
  • take care of legal security.

There is no need to delay the start either. Because you can lose money and enthusiasm that way. There will be no rapid flow of customers at first. Therefore, you can start working and adjust the process along the way.

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Frequent troubles in the business process are associated with inefficient planning. Or in general, with the absence of any plan. But strict adherence to the business plan leads to problems. For example, to unnoticed unaccounted for risks and additional opportunities.

It is good if the plan includes two or three behavioral strategies. Both favorable and crisis forecasts. But it is better to entrust the calculation of the financial part to an economist or a consulting company.

When starting production or sales, you need to know the payback period. As well as a project of financial results, profit and loss indicators. Because the niche in the market must be carefully studied. And the product has been tested. In addition, you need to know the typical business mistakes of beginners. And neutralize them from the start.

1 Start with a large investment

Experienced entrepreneurs advise starting with minimal investment. And preferably your own. Attracted loans and investments will entail unnecessary risks.

A project with attracted capital pays off in 2-3 years. And these funds are often spent on unnecessary expenses. For example, for a large rental area, expensive equipment. But also employees who are not loaded with work absorb money.

Minimal investments and expenses will allow you to see results faster and make a profit. And in case of failure with such a project, it is easier to recover from losses. When the project develops, then it is possible to attract investors. Or take out a loan.

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2 Underestimate Marketing

The marketing part is needed in a business plan not only at the mercy of banks and investors. After all, the more accurately the market and the buyer are studied, the easier it is to establish sales.

Therefore, long before the start, you need to take care of how the buyer learns about the product. And why he does not choose a competitive analogue. But the promotion strategy must be adjusted in the process. Based on sales results.

And do not neglect promotion in social networks. Because today it is one of the main distribution channels. For it to work, it is better to entrust the maintenance of social networks to a specialist. But it’s important not to count on one marketing gimmick. In order not to shoot sparrows from a cannon, you must have an arsenal of ways to advance. And create an accurate portrait of the target buyer.

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3 Avoid partnerships

Most projects have recently been created without partners. Entrepreneurs are afraid of disagreements in the management and distribution of profits. But they also miss clear benefits. A business partner can bring additional investments, fresh ideas, and experience. And also share responsibilities, attract useful people.

In the crisis period of the project existence, partnership is an emotional support. But also an alternative view of solving the problem, of course. Therefore, in some cases, disagreements between partners lead to the development of new management strategies. And already they – to the development of the enterprise. When registering a business, the share of participation of each of the partners is fixed. As well as their powers and responsibilities.

In this case, one of the participants must own the main share of participation. Because it will remove the disputes that arise in a 50-50 partnership.

4 Do not fix agreements

The main mistakes in business are associated with excessive gullibility. Therefore, the results of negotiations with partners, customers and employees must be recorded in writing.

This rule avoids disagreements, double interpretations and financial losses. But it must be borne in mind that misunderstanding may arise due to differences in the perception of the same things.

Because contracts, protocols and even simple notes in a notebook will save you from problems and misunderstandings. And here it is necessary to think about legal and informational support. In addition, such a rule will help optimize regular processes. For example, when receiving employees or holding meetings.

5 Do it all yourself

At first, current responsibilities lie on the shoulders of a businessman. And at the start, all processes seem important and it is difficult to entrust them to someone. But this approach leads to burnout, overwork and stagnation.

Current affairs occupy all the time of the entrepreneur, and there is no opportunity for growth. Because the involvement of narrow specialists with specialized education will help to avoid mistakes in business. Gathering a strong team around you and captivating with your idea is a separate task for a businessman. And you will have to allow mistakes, teach and guide. But, in the end, it will allow the company to develop. Although if keeping a staff is not a suitable option, you can outsource some of the functionality. Or just hire remote employees.

The inspiring projects of famous businessmen survived more than one fall before conquering the world. Therefore, one should not give up at the first difficulties, learn from the experience of other businessmen. Because this is what will help the newcomer to survive in the market and grow their business.

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