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Additional sources of income – how to make money for mom on maternity leave


How to find additional sources of income?

There is no single recipe that suits everyone and everyone. Therefore, it is worth talking about it right away. But this article is addressed to mothers who are on maternity leave. And to other people who have enough time for the options presented.

How to find income?

First, think about what exactly you absolutely do not want to do.

Then write down a list of professions unknown to you from newspaper and Internet articles. And in the first acquaintance, understand what is proposed to be done. Because sometimes an easy-to-learn business is hidden under a complex name. For example, rewriting is a presentation of a predetermined text in your own words; unitayloring – sewing the same type of products on a sewing machine, etc.

Consult with your husband, he can also suggest a sensible way to earn extra money. Such that they are not to the detriment of the baby and are not time-consuming. Walking with the baby in the fresh air, talk with other young mothers. Because at least one of them can help you find an additional source of income.

And finally, connect your head. Because your ideas can be more creative. And better than anything that an outsider will tell you.

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Additional sources of income – In the morning? Happy? In the evening?

Job options can be very different.

  • Writing articles to order
  • Preparation of term papers and theses for students
  • Translations from one language to another
  • Private lessons for schoolchildren and students (at home or via Skype).
  • Babysitting (with two or three children is much easier to deal with than with one, believe the author of the article!)
  • Babysitter on time
  • Office cleaning
  • Sewing at home
  • Accounting work
  • Massage (children and adults)
  • Content advertising
  • Statement of diction and development of the child’s speech
  • Elderly care
  • Posting mail or promotional flyers
  • Answers to questions about your profession via the Internet
  • And a hundred and fifty more options.

But the main thing is the idea of ​​​​an additional source of income and the confidence that you will cope with your favorite job and will receive for it, if not very large, but pleasant additional money. Moreover, at a convenient time for you, without compromising the care of the baby.

Alone or in a group?

Most types of work initially do not involve the creation of teams. But at an advanced stage, creating your own working group becomes a source of additional income, so you should think about it.

Let’s say you found an additional source of income on the Internet: you started promoting a product or service. After some time, you are offered to become a supervisor – that is, to select a group of employees whom you will teach the basics of marketing. From each person involved in the case, who began to receive income from their activities, you are deducted a certain percentage. And from those who will be attracted by your wards (referrals), too. This is already a passive way of earning, which does not require additional labor input from you. To achieve this, it takes several months of thoughtful, although not requiring many hours of sitting at the computer, work. You won’t invest your work – no one will put money into your account, here it is the rule that stubborn women are guided by.

Very often teachers are united in groups. Three teacher mothers initially worked only with their children (drawing, music, speech development). Then the “bench radio" brought four more kids to the group. The work is about the same, but it turned out to be a great way to earn extra money!

You can also find an additional source of income from work that does not require multiple performers, and divide it among several women. Specifically? The author of the article got a job at the post office as a messenger of telegrams. In the morning I ran around the apartments (an hour and a half of work on a free schedule: I could pick up a pack at half past seven, I could at half past nine), and in the afternoon – my neighbor (also on a flexible schedule, in the interval from twelve to two in the afternoon). Our daughters were the same age, one mother takes care of the kids, the other delivers telegrams. Both the salary and the received tips were honestly divided in half. Both felt in demand, both had free funds.

Additional sources of income become mainstream

It doesn’t happen very often. Maria dreamed of a journalism faculty, but her parents reasoned: she needed a reliable profession, for which there is demand under any government, and persuaded her to enter the Pedagogical University at the Faculty of Foreign Languages. She studied diligently, graduated with honors and knowledge of English and Spanish, the third, optional, German. Languages ​​were easy, but working in the classroom caused a slight nausea and a desire to run away somewhere. Yes, and it didn’t matter (no more than 25 thousand 🪙 per month, this is not Moscow for you), and endless statements, reports, summaries, meetings with parents annoyed me very much.

What’s next?

Having gone on maternity leave, a few months later, the woman felt how, without practice, the levels of language proficiency are declining, and this is completely unacceptable. What to do?

After scrolling through several Internet pages, I noticed three ads “The copywriting exchange requires people who speak foreign languages.” Went to one of them. It turned out that it was not difficult: to confirm the level of proficiency in the current language and the foreign language declared by you, master the basics of copywriting, create an account (personal page, indicating preferences, prices, education) – and choose from the list of proposed tasks those that correspond to your level and you like .

Maria’s son was already six months old, free hours were cut out. Why not try? Moreover, the husband supported and even took on an evening walk with the baby.

Earnings for the first month amounted to only 7 thousand 🪙, for the second – 16 thousand, and already for the third – about 30! More than at school! And no reporting: made a transfer, verified, handed over, received the money.

Six months later, Maria entered the top authors in her category. And I absolutely understood that I did not want to return to my previous job. At the end of her vacation, she resigned. Now her earnings are more than 40 thousand 🪙 per month, plus income from referrals (people involved in her work), the child does not get sick, the mother has enough time for him: the baby is in the kindergarten until lunch, the mother works intensively during these hours, then a walk, a quiet hour (when mom is busy with housekeeping), games, by the time her husband arrives, the house is clean and smells like a delicious dinner.

We draw a brief conclusion: mastering an additional profession or even just doing simple work allows a young mother not to turn into a homemade slut, work on herself, grow as a specialist, and possibly change her specialty. Try your hand, and you will succeed.

Post source: kakzarabotat.net

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