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How to work efficiently and not burn out – expert advice


The topic of increasing labor efficiency is touched upon in almost every speech of coaches. But at a high level, these words sound rather abstract. And what does it mean to perform tasks effectively for a particular person? And how to work effectively? What is needed for this?

In this article we will try to answer this question. And we will definitely tell you how to make yourself an effective employee. And where there is efficiency, there is an opportunity to earn money.


To achieve success in any field, theoretical knowledge alone is not enough. And practical experience too. Career growth depends on the ability to force yourself to move towards your goals. Therefore, a person cannot be led astray if he knows what he wants.

And to increase motivation, it is desirable to visualize these goals. Speak out loud and discuss as often as possible. Because it increases the responsibility in the first place to yourself.

For many people, an effective way to get started is to find a role model. Representatives of the business elite do not hide the fact that the main motivation was the success of their acquaintances. Or, for example, the story of a famous person.

One is helped by a healthy passion (“if someone else could do it, then I can too"). Others – the policy of "carrot" (encouragement for each completed stage). Therefore, everything depends on the characteristics of character, upbringing, education, environment. But it is self-motivation that is the best way to increase efficiency. And this is a fact proven by psychologists.

How to Work Effectively – Time Management

Plan your time. Otherwise, you will only have to dream of effective work. Because distraction by useless conversations and hanging on social networks reduce the result to zero. And by the end of the working day, a person feels tired. But most of the tasks remain unfulfilled. It turns out something similar to Sisyphean labor: there is a process, but there is no result.

Business coaches give some tips on how to work effectively:

  • long-term, medium-term and short-term planning;
  • dividing large projects into small tasks and their phased implementation;
  • proper prioritization;
  • prohibition on extraneous matters during working hours;
  • a clear statement of purpose, excluding ambiguity;
  • maximum (but reasonable) reduction of the planned deadlines for completing tasks;
  • delegation of authority.

For those who work on a computer, it will not be superfluous to install a tracker. Any application that counts your working hours.

This is just a general list of principles. But if you strictly follow them, then soon you yourself will be able to give advice on how to manage to work in the office.

Workplace organization

Properly organized workspace helps to reduce the time to complete the task. And at the same time, it reduces the risk of developing occupational diseases, helps to concentrate and not be distracted by extraneous matters.

General recommendations are very conditional. Because every person is different. Sufficient illumination, a minimum of extraneous noise, comfortable furniture, high-quality office equipment – all this contributes to comfortable work. And that means improved performance.

An interesting fact: psychologists have noticed that employees who have a slight working mess reign on their desks perform well and quickly. Pedantic people often spend their own time unproductively maintaining perfect order. But after all, you can take everything apart on the shelves once at the end of the work.

Improving Personal Efficiency

The concept of personal effectiveness is too broad to give it a precise definition. But in general, this term refers to the ability to achieve the goals set in a timely manner.

The result largely depends on the characteristics of the character. And if there are some problems with personal qualities, you will have to work on yourself. The success of an employee can always be determined by the presence of the following signs:

  • the ability to set goals and determine the shortest path to achieve them;
  • developed communication skills;
  • competent management of all available resources (time, finances, information, etc.).

In reality, there are not so many employees with all of the above qualities. All comes with experience. Therefore, it takes time to learn how to work effectively.

Business – time, fun – hour

No matter how paradoxical it sounds, but an important condition for effective work is a good rest. No matter how high the level of motivation and desire to do something, the possibilities of the organism are not unlimited.

With constant immersion in the work process, sooner or later emotional burnout occurs. Growing apathy, indifference, procrastination gradually develop into chronic fatigue syndrome. But this is a diagnosis.

Working time must be strictly dosed. And after completing each task, give yourself a good rest. This does not mean that you need to go on vacation several times a year. No wonder they say that the best rest is a change of activity. You can unload your brain by watching a good movie, going on a picnic with your family, and shopping. And even going to the gym; The main thing is to do what gives real pleasure.

Pleasant trifles

Oddly enough, but seemingly completely extraneous factors often affect the efficiency of work.

An invigorating aroma, a favorite music track, a cup of coffee or a glass of cold drink. Do not deny yourself pleasure if it is beneficial. The only thing you should not get carried away with is energy drinks and snacks during work.

The impression that they help increase work efficiency is misleading. A short-term upsurge is bound to be followed by a downturn.


No matter how many books are read and how many lectures are not listened to, the main factors in increasing the efficiency of work were, are and will be self-organization and discipline. Unfortunately, in modern concepts of upbringing and education, this is not given due attention, therefore, the motto of a person striving for success in his business should be “I want – so I will!”

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