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How to make money: TOP 15 ways from professionals


Earnings is an exciting topic that interests many people around the world. But to get it, people lack either knowledge or experience. We have already received this experience and transformed it into knowledge. And now we will tell you how even a beginner can earn money.

Therefore, prepare leaflets, pens or open a Word: there will be a lot of useful information.

How to make money online

Is it possible to make money on the Internet? Are there platforms for this? And how much do you need to invest in order to achieve at least the smallest level of income?

You are not the first to ask this question. And not the last, rest assured. With the development of the worldwide network, rumors about making money on the Internet are developing. Someone says that it is very simple, while others say that it is almost impossible.

Both of these groups are right and wrong at the same time. Because there are dozens of ways to make money on the Internet, and they all differ in the requirements for your skills. And in terms of income, of course. But don’t rush back to the search page. Scammers often disguise themselves as these methods, and be VERY careful.

Below we will tell you how to make money on the Internet without investments, and we will do it in general terms. We do not recommend any specific

1 View ads for money

As the saying goes: advertising is the engine of progress. And site owners get paid well for it. But for them to get paid even more, the performance of these ads must be effective.

Therefore, site owners are willing to pay users a part of the amount earned for simple clicks on ads. Therefore, it becomes possible to receive money for viewing ads. This is a win-win situation for everyone. Because for simple clicks, both you and the site creators get money.

This way of earning money is called surfing. There are different variations of it: watching videos on YouTube, following links in search engines, or sending emails. You can try viewing ads for money on sites like:

  • WMmail;
  • SEOsprint;
  • WMzona.

2 Passing paid surveys

Many large companies pay people to participate in public opinion research. Taking paid surveys is a useful marketing tool, and smart business people use it all the time.

But why would they pay for it, you ask. And because it saves them a lot of money. It is always cheaper to recruit survey participants directly and give them a small percentage than to spend large sums on intermediaries.

The only problem is that they appear quite rarely. And to ensure a decent existence with their help will not work. But taking paid surveys is a great non-dusty part-time job.

3 Earn money from photos

Do not be afraid, no one is forcing you to create masterpieces and prepare for exhibitions. After all, people are willing to pay even for the simplest images. That is why earnings in photographs are available to everyone.

All you have to do is take a photo, register on a stock site, and post it. Then customers will be able to find it in the search and buy the rights to use it if it is suitable for their purposes.

The biggest stock site right now is Shutterstock. It is there that earnings in photographs will be most effective.

4 Make money on apps

This principle works in the same way as surfing the Internet. Only he stepped a little further, and uses applications as a source of income. But making money on apps is no more difficult than watching videos on the Internet.

The instruction is:

  1. Download an application that allows you to earn money (they are easy to find on Google);
  2. Open a list of tasks to complete. Or applications that will also have to be downloaded.
  3. You fulfill the conditions.
  4. You receive money.

The tasks do not require any preparation. Usually this is viewing ads, downloading other applications, reaching a certain level in a mobile game. Etc.

Therefore, anyone who has a phone and a free hour a day can make money on applications.

5 Sell things on Avito

There are hardly any people who have not heard about the largest online marketplace in recent times. But selling things on Avito is easier than going to the store around the corner. Well, at least you don’t have to leave the house.

At the same time, dozens of categories are available for sale: from clothes to apartments. You set the prices yourself, negotiate all organizational issues – too.

This is ideal if you know how to make something with your own hands. And given that handmade has only become more popular lately, selling things on Avito is the best choice for making money.

How to make money: TOP 15 ways from professionals

How to make money on a website or blog

Discarding ways to earn money that require almost no effort, let’s talk about more serious options. But before you think about how to make money on a website or blog, decide on your expectations.

Because this type of activity is a full-time job. It will take time, effort and energy. And it probably won’t be that easy.

But the result, if you do everything right, will save you from further financial problems. And so that this will certainly happen, we will tell you exactly how to make money on a website or blog.

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1 Earn on a personal website

You don’t have to be a programmer to make money on a personal website. There are no secret knowledge, pitfalls and other nasty things here.

And building a website is free. There are builders like WordPress for this. Efforts require only the promotion of the site, and after passing a certain threshold, everything should go like clockwork.

The money in this case comes from advertising. Moreover, advertising is automatically selected by Google or Yandex systems – depending on your choice. All that is required of you is to insert the code on the page. With such conditions, even a child could make money on a personal website.

2 Make money on a personal blog

Making money on a personal blog is even easier than on a website. And although the difference between them is insignificant, there are more opportunities for making money from the blog.

The blog is still easily created on WordPress, it also uses Google and Yandex ads. But with a blog, you have the opportunity for advertising integrations and affiliate content.

Or, alternatively, you can register on sites that sell links and become donors to promote other sites in the search results. The most famous link aggregators are:

  • GoGetLinks
  • Miralinks

And many others. But it is with these that it will be easiest to make money on a personal blog.

How to make money freelancing

Working in an office in the age of the Internet is not necessary at all. It used to be as difficult to find clients as walking on the moon. But now you can earn money freelancing in two clicks.

But the method depends on your skills. Because freelancing is still a job.

Freelance (from the English Freelance) is a type of remote work performed on the Internet without a service agreement.

Usually these are small tasks, comparable to the tasks for the day when working in the office. But a large number of clients allows freelancers to receive good rewards. Well, or add to this a flexible schedule and work from home, and you get the perfect option for making money.

Freelancing careers can be started at these sites:

  • Weblancer.net is one of the largest exchanges on the Internet. Register, create a convenient portfolio and collect orders;

  • Freelance.ru – a site that emerged from a forum for freelancers is easy to use;

  • FL.ru is also a convenient site with more advanced functionality. But for full access you need to buy the PRO version.

  • Freelancehunt.com – an exchange for all IT specialties, including vacancies for programmers and designers;

  • FreelanceJob.ru – for people with a ready portfolio and more serious orders.

We hope that after this information you have understood how to make money freelancing. But if not, be sure to subscribe to our newsletter in order to receive additional materials on the topic in time.

How to make money: TOP 15 ways from professionals

How to make money as a student

The Internet is a place where anyone can receive money, regardless of age. And despite the name of this item, we will tell you how to make money not only for a student, but also for a person at any age.

But first, let’s define the main resource that schoolchildren have. What do they have besides boundless energy and ambition? That’s right, time. And this time is the main answer to the question of how to make money for a student.

After all, there are several options for this.

1 Earnings in social networks

To organize earnings in social networks, it is not necessary to be of legal age. Let’s say more: if you look at most of the large Vkontakte publics, their administrators are barely 18.

The algorithm of earnings in most social networks is the same.

  1. Register a community or page
  2. Fill it with content (your original or with the help of reposts)
  3. Negotiate advertising with other communities
  4. Sell ​​ads in your

All this is done by automatic tools of the social network itself. Therefore, making money in social networks remains one of the most affordable ways.

2 Freelance jobs for schoolchildren

We note right away that freelance work for schoolchildren is somewhat different from ordinary freelance work. It does not require exceptional skills, time investment and long-term cooperation.

Usually these are single orders: create an illustration for a VKontakte group, test a phone application, and so on. Small assignments that only divert the attention of specialists, although the rest of them can do it too.

Schoolchildren can find such freelance work on social networks, freelance sites and other online earning sites.

3 Earn in a day

Speaking about work for schoolchildren, it is worth remembering the ways that allow you to earn money in a day. They refuse to take minors to permanent places for various reasons. Therefore, it is better to think about a side job.

For this, courier services are suitable, such as Yandex.Food or Delivery Club. Or you can always turn to services like You Do, where everyone will find a task to their liking.

To learn more about how to earn money, you can read this article.

On this, of course, the options for earning do not end there. But it is simply impossible to shove them all into one article. So subscribe to our newsletter to always receive the most useful information in time.

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