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How to get better


Most people would like to learn how to become better than they are. But few people have a concrete idea of ​​what exactly it means to be better. And if there is no clear idea, then there is no plan to achieve the goal.

Let’s find out together what you need to do to change yourself and earn the love and recognition of others.

How to become a better person and find yourself

The desire to be better is driven by a powerful basic instinct – the desire to be safe and belong to a group. Imagine yourself in the place of a caveman: you can only kill a mammoth and keep a fire in a cave if you live in a group. And to be part of the group, you need to follow the established rules. And the better you comply with them, the higher the level of comfort and safety you provide for yourself and your family.

So, the desire to be better is rooted in deep antiquity and has thoroughly and deeply grown into the structure of our personality.

And here it becomes a little unclear why some people deny the desire to be popular and loved. This is fine. This is a powerful driving force. Use it consciously and for its intended purpose.

But to be better means to please not only others, but also yourself. By pumping personal qualities, you help yourself become more harmonious, happier and healthier.

Expand both inward – towards yourself, and outward – into the outside world. Only by combining these two vectors, you will become the best version of yourself.

How to understand that you are a good person

Let’s draw a typical portrait of a good and kind person:

  • constantly self-developing;
  • loves everyone;
  • he has a wonderful mood every day;
  • never gets angry;
  • always succeeds in his endeavors;
  • everyone around likes it.

It is clear that it is impossible to achieve this if you are not the Dalai Lama. On the contrary, such strict and unrealistic demands on yourself can drive you into depression. After all, you will understand that it is still impossible to comply to the end.

Therefore, let’s derive a realistic formula for the qualities of a good person, based on the fact that he:

  • tries to be more loyal to himself and others;
  • leads a healthy lifestyle;
  • analyzes his actions and corrects behavior;
  • wants to feel comfortable;
  • wants others to feel comfortable with him;
  • loves and wants to grow.
  • from time to time is irritated or in a bad mood, like all other people.

Such a portrait is already closer to a real person. Yes, this is not a superman yet, but it’s already quite a nice young man or girl that you can become if you develop your abilities.

Getting better for ourselves

In order to build a relationship with yourself, love yourself and earn the recognition of others, follow these tips:

1 Go in for sports

This advice on how to become better comes first because we believe that without the development of the body, it is impossible to achieve harmony with oneself. Sports will give you a lot of extra energy to improve yourself and increase self-esteem by improving your appearance.

2 Grow

Development is a very broad concept. Read, learn languages, attend trainings. Try to interest yourself in something new or become an expert in some narrow area.

3 Find a hobby

Finding a hobby you love is a very important step in improving your life. Your favorite thing will give you extra energy and cheer you up.

Nothing interesting? Try different things until you find yours. Take a trial drawing lesson, go rock climbing, or visit an intellectual club. Something from the whole variety of entertainment will definitely hook you.

4 Be disciplined

Disciplined people have a strong will and can mobilize their efforts to achieve a goal. Become the same, but first learn to sometimes say to yourself: "must."

5 Try to give up bad habits

It can be difficult, but in order to become better, it does not hurt to cleanse your wife of a couple of bad habits. You have an incentive to succeed – because if you win, you can be proud of yourself.

Getting better for people

To become a crowd favorite, learn how to be a good friend and get the support of others:

1 Put yourself in other people’s shoes

Do this exercise more often. You will begin to understand the reasons and motives for other people’s actions. However, you will not be able to get into the head of another person. This is not required, just try to start to empathize and get into position.

2 Listen

Being able to listen is a real art and a sure way to become better. Those who know how to listen are loved by many. There is one secret technique for learning to hear and listen to what is being said to you. Be genuinely interested. Never think that if a person is lower in status than you, then he knows less than you. You can also learn from a child.

3 Smile

Most of our daily activities are habit-driven. So get yourself a new and useful one. Smile more often at people. As it was sung in a children’s song: "share your smile, and it will return to you more than once." Surprisingly, this line contains the most valuable practical experience and wisdom.

4 Keep no evil

It gets difficult. But you have already learned to put yourself in the place of another person. Complicate the exercise and try not only to understand, but also not to be angry if someone gave you negative emotions.

5 Get interested

Be interested in other people and they will thank you with a good attitude. Ask questions about the affairs and well-being of others more often.

Give and be generous

If you want to unlock your hidden potential and learn to get along with yourself and others, consider: how much are you giving away? Giving to others does not always mean giving something material. You can just smile at someone in the transport or not respond to rudeness and you will already give a piece of yourself.

This does not mean that you should become enlightened, forgive and love everyone. This is a utopia. Try giving a little and see how it makes you happier.


Don’t be afraid to compliment others. Everyone loves to be told nice things. So pamper others and do it selflessly. You yourself will enjoy the sincere smiles of others.

Talk about feelings

Life is too short to hide your feelings. Tell your loved ones more often that you love them.


Volunteering is a great hobby that will help you feel useful.

We hope that in the article you have found answers on how to change and become better. Now the main thing is to apply the acquired knowledge in practice. Become your own psychologist, love yourself and respect others.

Post source: kakzarabotat.net

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