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Where to make money


Where to earn money?

Lack of funds, including due to dismissal or illness, spoils the quality of life. In this article, we will share proven money making ideas.

So where to make money? This can be done both online and offline: it depends on the desires and experience of the applicant. And if you have opened this article, it means that you do not want to wipe your pants in the office yet or you are just in dire need of money.

How to avoid scammers

Wherever you find a job, remember: to earn money, work. No one pays a salary for empty promises. If they promise a mountain of money for one hour of work a day, most likely the applicant will not receive anything.

Before starting work, evaluate labor costs and pay for it: as a rule, an adequate rate per hour of labor for most types of tasks on exchanges, on the Internet, and also offline starts from 50-200 🪙. A large or small amount per hour of work indicates that the performer will be left with a nose.

If you find a job on the Internet, then take an advance payment, or work through a guarantor or exchange. Do not share personal data if you are not sure about the site and study the task before you take it on.

Also, do not transfer an advance payment: the work does not imply commissions, deposits, etc. The exception is paid exchanges for finding customers and jobs. Now consider the TOP ways to make money. 

Become a freelancer and work on the Internet

Where to make money fast lately? In the Internet! Freelancing online is a way to easily get a couple of hundreds or thousands 🪙. The only drawback is that you either need to already be able to do something, or learn a new craft in a short time. It is realistic to earn in a month from 200-300 dollars per month and more. The top bar is missing. How to make money:

  • sawing sites (even on a regular constructor);
  • write texts;
  • to program;
  • montage video;
  • engage in sound design;
  • set up advertising campaigns (targeting);
  • create company names (naming).

This list is much wider, we have given only a small part. Think the freelancing market is full? No, it is in demand both for novice performers who are ready to complete simple tasks for relatively little money, and for professionals who are ready to take on the most difficult task.

Think about it, maybe you already have the necessary knowledge in order to master the work of a freelancer.

Remote work

Do you already have a profession and are you ready to continue working in the usual direction, but do not want to work in the office? Great, then remote work is a great way to make money easily, especially for those who appreciate real work. At a distance, you can perform any tasks for which you need to work with your head, and not with your hands.

The vacancies of call-center operators, marketers, designers, copywriters are in particular demand. The main difference between remote work and freelancing is that you get a full-time job. This has several pluses and minuses. For example, fixed wages and hours of work: someone may not accept the limits, while the other feels stability.

Remote work implies a fairly high wage, because the employer does not have to provide a job, which is compensated by a high rate. For this reason, you should not consider vacancies with low wages.

You can actually find remote work and freelance vacancies both on message boards and on online exchanges, for example: hh.ru, fl.ru, job.ru, freelance.ru, etc. Remote work will earn you immediately and as much the same as in normal offline work.

Becoming an online entrepreneur

Do you think reselling goods from China is bad manners? No. Competition has grown, however, people are willing to pay for a quality and relatively inexpensive product.

What to sell? First of all, pay attention to seasonal goods: they earn decent money on them. If there is no money to purchase large quantities of goods and organize logistics, then try starting a business with small sales: register on bulletin boards and resell some goods. You do not need to immediately purchase a large batch, however, you will get the first free money for arranging a landing page or a full-fledged website and purchasing things.

Now there are many courses on entrepreneurship with Chinese manufacturers. Don’t want to pay? Download the free one: they usually don’t differ much from the paid ones.

You can also share knowledge for money: become a tutor or teacher, create your own course or checklist. People are ready to pay for high-quality unconventional knowledge.

We work offline or become an intermediary

Not every person knows how to work on the Internet or remotely. Are you a zero on the internet? Or you know how and love to work with your hands and want to find a part-time job. Where to make money for a beginner who does not want to go online?

It’s simple: register on sites such as YouDo. You will find numerous tasks from people who are willing to pay for cleaning the premises, walking the dog, transcribing audio to text, and so on. These one-time tasks can help out a lot if you urgently need money, but it is not possible to earn it.

By the way, if you are a great manager, then try to become an intermediary. Many people know how to do something, but do not know how to sell goods or services. Offer to help in exchange for 10-20% of the value of the item or order. It is worth looking for such people on your own: write on social networks in groups of those areas in which you would like to realize yourself. For example, write to videographers and video production teams. Surely they will not refuse a personal manager, and you will get a job.

Principles of work on the Internet and on stock exchanges

Remember that health should be above all. Do not work more than 8-10 hours a day. Take breaks and give yourself at least one day off a week.

Even if you are over 60 years old, you can still learn new things and apply the knowledge gained in practice. Do not refuse courses if you know that the information received on them will be useful to you. Knowledge is a good investment in future earnings. Learning new things is always a development that will positively affect your future career.

Meet colleagues and learn from each other’s experience. Conversations and correspondence help to quickly integrate into a new environment, understand the principles of communication with customers and adequate cost for labor.

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