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How to get a raise: salary + at work


How to get a promotion?

Every employee sooner or later begins to think about a promotion: growing ambitions and the desire to receive more decent wages always outweigh. Some workers are trying to aggressively demand attention, higher pay and comfortable working conditions.

A competent approach to this issue is not in words, but in deeds to show the authorities your importance. Then getting a location is much easier.

How to get a promotion

Employees wondering how to get a promotion believe that it all depends on the boss. It is he who must discern the best qualities in a subordinate, understand that the employee has already sat in one place and needs new conditions and high wages. In fact, everything is much more prosaic: most of the success lies with an ambitious employee.

Consider factors that are important to analyze before going to the employer.

Employee Benefit

It is important to determine how the activity produced is useful for the workflow. Many employees work on the machine, not investing fully in the common cause. They perform the required functions, but are not ready to give more.
People who are useful to the company are more likely to get promoted. They are active even where they are not expected, have an abundance of ideas and share them with enthusiasm. Their productivity is noticed not only by colleagues, but also by higher employees. Once you’ve proven yourself to be a worthwhile employee, it’s much easier to get promoted.

Are there any prospects

Before agreeing to a vacancy and documenting your work, you should ask at the interview stage if there is an opportunity to move up the career ladder. Are there high-paying vacancies in the company and whether they exist at all. If at the first stage the personnel department did not give a clear answer, but hired, it is important to periodically raise this issue again.

No one is as interested in promotion as a person who dreams of getting it. Therefore, you should always be in sight, be interested in the availability of open vacancies and opportunities for promotion to the next level.

If, after a lapse of time, none of the higher-ranking employees gave an answer about the possibility of getting a promotion, it is worth looking for another job. Sometimes employers deliberately evade the answer in order to keep a useful employee in the service, knowing that a promotion is not worth waiting for.

Helpful Tips

In every company there are people close to the bosses. Their opinion about the team affects the views of the employer, so it makes sense immediately after employment to calculate them and correctly present yourself. This does not mean that you need to follow them around and actively try to demonstrate your importance and usefulness.

It is enough to be active at work, to get their trust and location. It is easy to get additional useful information from such employees, which in the future will help to prove themselves to the employer.

Healthy competition

To get a higher salary, it is important to remember that employers look not only at the professional qualities of employees, but also at the ability to build relationships in a team. In an attempt to prove oneself, one cannot be arrogant, rude to an equal in position.

No one asks to be the soul of the company and be friends with each colleague, it is enough to establish a pleasant working relationship while maintaining a distance.

Thought Scale

If thoughts about how to get a promotion haunt you, you should take a closer look at yourself: how globally thinking works in a work environment. When putting forward ideas, consider how the proposed actions will affect the well-being of the company in the near future. Each action should be calculated 5 steps ahead, such a train of thought will lead to the right proposals.

The more productive ideas proposed by a particular employee, the more often higher colleagues will look at him. The chance of getting promoted increases because they will see that their employee has already outgrown the current place.

Don’t be afraid to take action

How to get a raise: salary + at work

When bosses offer a close-up or a time-consuming task that everyone is afraid to take on, it’s worth taking the initiative. This does not mean that in the future the employee will take on all the work. It is enough to be involved in important projects. Upon successful completion of the work, the authorities are most likely to reconsider their attitude towards the employee.

But even if the employee fails, the initiative is always encouraged. Don’t abandon projects out of fear of failure.

The success of the authorities

An action option that suits those who are not afraid to take risks. Sometimes it makes sense to ask the employer directly about the availability of additional important tasks. If he decides to entrust them, this is the first step to success. If the task is completed smoothly, the company will receive profit and positive publicity. Such an initiative rarely goes unnoticed, there is a chance that the boss will appreciate such dedication and offer to move to a more significant position.

Success can and should be shared

In order to take the highest-ranking position, it is important for an employee to discard fears of obsession. You do not need to brag about your successes to every colleague and even to random passers-by. But it makes sense to talk about the process to higher employees.

If a significant project has been received, you can divide it into several main stages and tell your superiors about the successful completion of each of them. Such activity is encouraged, the employer will appreciate the conscientiousness and diligence of the employee.

In some situations, it makes sense to cooperate with colleagues if the task is too big. Such an association will have a positive effect on the collective spirit, especially with the successful completion of the case.
Having failed, it will be enough to thank everyone who participated in the performance.

Importance of self-development

Even if it seems that the existing knowledge is already enough for career growth, it is worth remembering that any skills come in handy in the work. More often than others, promotions are received by those who do not stop in self-realization and regularly upgrade their existing knowledge.

Correct assessment of yourself

Before you go to the authorities and start a conversation about a promotion, you need an analysis of achievements and skills. Are they enough for the work process in a new place, will the employee, having taken a different position, be able to remain just as useful for the company. But an employee, wanting to get better conditions and a high salary, is not able to correctly assess his capabilities.

How can a civil servant get a promotion?

Employees receive promotions in the civil service only if there are available open vacancies. To pass to a higher stage, you will need to undergo advanced training, confirm your skills and abilities.

The wages of such workers are regulated by the state, and not by the head of each individual structure. Therefore, it makes no sense to expect an unscheduled increase in salaries. The increase in the rate occurs after the signing of the corresponding decree by the President of the Russian Federation.

How to negotiate with superiors

How to get a raise: salary + at work

If you wait until the employer himself notices and appreciates the efforts, there is no time and energy left, it makes sense to come to a serious conversation on your own. Before holding, it is worth preparing, mentally compiling the structure of the dialogue, knowing what is worth talking about and what is better to remain silent.

There are a number of tips that will help you effectively negotiate with your superiors.

Gradual salary increase

When discussing the question of how to raise wages, it makes sense to discuss a gradual increase in salary and fix this in an employment contract. For example, offer an increase in payment every six months by a certain percentage. Thus, the authorities will not get into an uncomfortable situation, due to the need to revise the budget, and the employee will know that the assessment of his work will regularly rise in price.

Good relations with the team

The decision to increase salaries alone is a rare situation for large companies. Most often, a certain number of senior employees are involved in this process. The situation will be ambiguous if they include an employee with whom the person who wants to get a promotion has a conflict. It is recommended to initially build friendly relations with everyone, then the risk of falling into such a situation is minimal.

There are good reasons

It will be strange to wonder how to get a pay raise, after talking with colleagues and a couple of biting phrases about working for a penny. In order to put forward a demand for an increase in wages to the employer, the employee must have weighty arguments and reasons in his arsenal. You can appeal to the average level of payment for this profession, the average salary in the city, or the presence of additional responsibilities.
Before going to the authorities, you should make a list for yourself with a detailed description of the possible arguments for promotion, if this is enough, you can safely go to your higher colleagues for a conversation.

Important! Personal problems cannot be used as an argument, the employer is not obliged to solve them at the expense of the company’s budget. This is the responsibility of the employee, not the boss. Also, do not compare the wages of your company and the company-competitor. This approach will negatively affect the relationship with the boss.

Merit List

To convince an employer of the need for a promotion and salary increase, it is important to cite significant merits to the company as an argument.
Need to remember:

  • to present to the employer as merit the regular performance of direct duties is a failed undertaking;
  • long experience in a particular place is also not considered a good reason for promotion.

It is better to highlight the really worthwhile achievements:

  • plan overfulfilment;
  • regular activity;
  • performing additional duties.

Perhaps there was help in training new employees or doing work for a laid-off colleague. If all the tasks were successfully completed, this will positively affect the decision of the employer.

Important! If possible, you should clearly demonstrate your merits in the format of numbers: for example, calculate how much money the company saved on an additional employee who did not have to be hired.

Talk about prospects

Even if the employer says that he does not see enough reasons for a promotion, it is better for the employee to ask: what exactly is required for promotion.

It makes sense to speak in clear terms, put forward a certain desired wage and find out what it takes to get it. It is also important to set deadlines, because if an employee goes to the goal for several years, a lot will change during this period and the past conversation will lose its relevance.

Attention! If you clearly discuss with the employer the desired salary and the period for obtaining the necessary skills, in the future it will be more difficult for him to get away from this issue. Employees are even advised to turn on the recorder during the dialogue, then the authorities will not have a chance to act in an unfair manner.

Wording Accuracy

If you come to the employer to talk with him about an abstract increase in salary, you can get a raise of a couple of hundred 🪙. It is necessary to correlate in advance your importance and the desired remuneration. If these points coincide, then decide on a specific amount and after that come to the carpet to the higher team. When arguing for payment, it is important to appeal with real arguments, and not with personal motives and price increases for products and services.

Charting for promotion

How to get a raise: salary + at work

Getting an accurate answer requires specifics. It makes sense to make a plan and write down what actions are needed for a particular employee to perform in order to increase the loyalty of the authorities and achieve a salary increase. In this situation, it will be easier for the employer to make a decision. For example, an employee asks for a 12% increase in wages, for this he will exceed the plan and increase the company’s income by 20%.

Important! You should not take sums from the ceiling, you need to correctly assess your capabilities and only after that decide on the requirement and putting forward your own conditions.

Good time for dialogue

Talking about career advancement and salary increases is easiest to conduct when the loyalty of the authorities to a particular employee is increased. For example, a major project was successfully completed the day before or there was an overfulfillment of the monthly plan. On a positive wave, it is much easier to achieve the location of the employer.

You should also not come up with this question when the company is going through hard times. But every enterprise has temporary declines in business, which are instantly reflected in the financial situation. In this scenario, the answer to the desire to receive higher wages will be negative.

The manifestation of categorical

This method is best used if you have not been able to achieve an increase for several years. And if the authorities do not react in any way to all possible attempts to enter into a specific dialogue. In this scenario, it makes sense to come to the boss with clear conditions. Either a promotion, an increase in salary by a certain amount, or leaving the company.

Important! Such methods work only if the employee is really of high value and it will be difficult to replace him quickly. For example, he went through a long training and now has all the required skills. When looking for a new employee, you will have to suffer losses due to the need for repeated long training. In addition, the new person does not have all the information about the affairs of the company. Therefore, it will take time for him to understand all the subtleties.

Running Rumors

One of the categorical options, but in some cases it turns out to be effective. You can discreetly discuss with colleagues the possibility of moving to another position. Or leaving for a company with a competitor. Sometimes it is effective to have a dialogue with higher-ranking employees about what salaries other employees in firms perform the same duties have.

Probably, after this, they themselves will raise the issue of raising wages and providing new working conditions.

The boss does not give a raise – what is the reason

How to get a raise: salary + at work

There are situations when an employee goes out of his way. He works hard and responsibly, constantly trying to attract the attention of higher-ranking employees. But his attempts fail. It is worth considering the main reasons why this happens.

The employee does not raise this issue

Most often, employees wait until the employer himself notices their success and offers favorable working conditions. In practice, if the team works silently and harmoniously, the boss does not even think about the need to raise salaries or promote someone in the service.

Employees are afraid of such conversations. Because the fear of rejection and a possible conflict with the authorities overpowers them. Therefore, the question hangs in the air for a long period of time.

It is important not to be afraid to seem overly ambitious. If there are a number of significant merits and arguments, you can safely collect them together. And then go to a serious conversation.

The wrong question

A lot depends on the skill of negotiations. The main mistakes of the employee during the dialogue:

  • abstract reasons for a raise;
  • conversation in an ultimatum form;
  • there are no sufficient grounds;
  • an employee cannot back up his significance with anything other than big words.

Talking about a promotion is not a creative job, it is important to appeal with clear facts and figures. Only in this situation will the employer listen.

No special ambition

Asking for a raise based on the good performance of your duties does not make sense. This is the norm that is required of every employee. To get a promotion, you need to be not just a good employee, but distinctive, meaningful. Put forward interesting ideas that work for the benefit of the company, take on serious projects, and not be afraid to speak your mind. The brighter the employee will declare himself, the more likely it is that he will be noticed and appreciated.

The appearance of an invisible employee

Some people prefer to quietly and smoothly perform their duties after employment and quickly run home. They are not noticed by higher colleagues, the authorities may not even be aware of the presence of such an employee. If an employee comes with a demand to raise his salary, most likely he will encounter misunderstanding and will be refused.

Important! Don’t be afraid to be seen. The acquired name and reputation in the team in the future will begin to work for the good.

A lot of criticism and dissatisfaction

An employee who is constantly dissatisfied with the existing working conditions and his payment is unlikely to be able to win the favor of his superiors. And even more so – promotions. But the presence of a large number of professional skills is easily lost against the backdrop of a complex nature. And, of course, against the background of the inability to build relationships with the team.

Constantly criticizing the workplace, it is impossible to achieve loyalty from the team and higher colleagues.

No self-development

A competent employer immediately sees whether the employee has prospects or not. If an employee is content with little, does not try to grow as a person, this will be obvious. Under such circumstances, getting a well-deserved promotion is extremely difficult.
It is recommended not to stop reading educational literature, to be interested in the depths of your profession and to acquire a couple of hobbies. Such actions will have a positive impact not only on the usual way of life, but also on a career.

Getting a promotion is a matter of time, if you build your reputation correctly and constantly engage in self-development. Do not be afraid to stand out from the general mass of workers. Often, it is these individuals who quickly move up the career ladder and achieve heights. Not much experience and the number of accumulated years play a role here. But ambition and the ability to prove yourself.

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