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Make money on games: tips + ways


Anyone can make money playing games . You don’t have to be a skilled gamer to get paid. You can not only play, but also test toys, write interesting reviews, take part in the development of new projects.

Each activity is mastered from scratch. Even if you are far from video games or computer games today, tomorrow you will easily start your first steps. However, you need to be interested. To make money on games, there must be at least a desire, including hard work and development.

Make money on games – Benefits

The advantages of this type of income are obvious:

  • combining hobby and work;
  • in the future you get from half a million 🪙;
  • the constant development of the industry (for example, today the box office of games exceeds the performance of the best blockbusters in the world of cinema);
  • you receive money without leaving your home – via the Internet;
  • a large number of options: from maintaining a small blog to creating your own game.

People regardless of age can make money on games . The main thing is to acquire the appropriate skills and systematically develop.


The main disadvantage is the lack of a mobile lifestyle. You will have to sit at a game console, personal computer or laptop for at least 5-6 hours a day if you want to reach the level of at least 50-100 thousand 🪙 per month. Of course, if you get over 100 thousand subscribers, a couple of streams a week are enough to make good money. But don’t forget to exercise. At a minimum, the game needs to be tested in order to use it online in front of an audience.

Another disadvantage is the high competition. Esports athletes, amateur gamers, game developers and reviewers are forced to compete with their peers. As the industry is constantly evolving, there are more and more applicants.

You won’t be able to earn a lot on games without investments . Buying quality hardware is just the first step. Yes, you can write small reviews while working for a medium-sized magazine, but in this case, the income will be appropriate.

Make money on games: tips + ways

Make money on games – Getting Started

Choose a niche that interests you. If you prefer to play a lot, and you manage to defeat your opponents, start your career as an esports player. At the very least, you will be able to change your profile at any time. For example, stream or teach beginners.

If you trained as a programmer, have a deep knowledge of algebra, then you can make money on games as a developer. Studios post ads in order to find smart designers, artists, programmers, sound specialists, testers.

Do not shy away from reading literature. For example, Jason Lee’s book “Esports. good luck! Have Fun! Be sure to read the literature on how to generally make money on the Internet through video hosting. An excellent book is YouTube for Business. Effective Video Marketing by Michael Miller. If you are going to write reviews, read the literature on copywriting. Top authors: Dmitry Kot, Maxim Ilyakhov.

Tips for those who are going to make money on games :

  • buy high-quality hardware or a game console;
  • constantly follow the updates in the world of games;
  • track trends;
  • watch the channels of top YouTubers and streamers;
  • update literature;
  • "pump" the skills of a gamer, regardless of the type of activity, since even writing reviews will require you to have experience as a player;
  • get ready that the first months and even years will have to work almost for free.


Make money on games: tips + ways

There are many ways to make money playing games . Let’s take a closer look at all the popular options.


Streamer is the host of live broadcasts in the global network. Various platforms are used for broadcasting, the largest ones are Twitch and YouTube. The streamer’s income is formed from donations (donations) of subscribers and the conclusion of advertising contracts. But in order to take its place in this niche, it is necessary to withstand the fiercest competition. Top streamers make over $1 million a year. A striking example is x Q cOW. Its owner is Canadian Felix Langelel, who has about 6 million subscribers.

Recently, earnings are more modest. On average, a top streamer receives about 500-800 thousand per month 🪙 But to reach this level, you need to get at least 1 million subscribers. In our country, the top streamers are considered:

  • Vyacheslav buster Leontiev (2 million followers);
  • Vadim Evelone192 Kozakov (1.2 million);
  • Natalia GENSYXA Berdnikova (about half a million).

To earn money by playing games and streaming, you need not only a high-performance personal computer. You need to purchase a high-quality headset, a webcam, create a channel on YouTube or Twitch. Be sure to choose a game that you will systematically play. For example, Vyacheslav Leontiev specializes in CS:GO. In February 2021, he organized a demonstration match against professional esportsman Jarosław pashaBicepsa Jažombkowski. Streamer beat him. The match was followed by 25 thousand people.

Game reviews

Another demanded earnings on games. The method attracts by the fact that you do not need to be a professional gamer to earn money. Yes, certain skills are necessary, but nothing more. A striking example is Dmitry Kuplinov (Kuplinov Play channel). Almost every day he posts reviews with the passage of both popular and almost unknown games (they are recommended to him by subscribers).

Dmitry is a very mediocre player. Sometimes the passage is delayed greatly due to the banal inattention of the blogger. However, Kuplinov, according to some reports, earns up to 1 million 🪙 per month thanks to the YouTube affiliate program. His videos are watched by millions of people, they love Dmitry for his intelligence, specific humor, and the ability to flirt with the public. Now the Kuplinov Play channel has more than 10 million subscribers.

Ivan Gideon Shikov (TheGideonGames channel, about 1.5 million subscribers) focuses on skillful passage. Often it is he who first tests the top games. He prefers to play online: he shows the intricacies of the passage and at the same time talks with subscribers in the chat. He is actively donated: mostly 50-100 🪙. But some subscribers throw 1-3 thousand to Gideon, for which Ivan thanks them separately. Shikov has no specific humor. He takes skillful storytelling, excellent gamer skills and constant contact with the audience.

Game reviews are an actual way for those who like to play. Withdrawal of funds is carried out by methods. Here are two popular ones:

  1. direct placement of a card or electronic wallet number;
  2. through special services (for example, DonationAlerts): viewers choose a convenient method, and the blogger receives money (a small commission is charged).

The secret of success: buy the game before the competition, beat it and release a review with a detailed walkthrough. For example, Ivan Shikov attracted a lot of subscribers in this way when such cult games as Cyberpunk 2077 and Resident Evil 8: Village were released.

Beautifully expressing thoughts, the authors can also earn. Write detailed reviews, indicate the advantages and disadvantages of the toy, talk about the passage, posting screenshots. You might get lucky and write for Fandom.


You can earn money on games as an experienced gamer. You transfer your knowledge and skills to another person. This method can be compared to tutoring: students pay the teacher to better learn the tricks and loopholes that will help in online battles. A striking example is the famous game World of Tanks. WOT gurus offer their services on exchanges. Since the toy is incredibly popular, then such a method as tutoring will immediately bring income. You can withdraw money through the form of the exchange. If you submit an ad on a regular portal, then the student pays directly – to a card or electronic wallet.

Benefits of mentoring:

  • no additional costs;
  • customers are easy to find on exchanges and fan sites;
  • you can train several people at the same time;
  • minimum time costs.

There is only one drawback: you will not earn much money if you are engaged in "game" tutoring. Probably, the method is perfect as a part-time job, nothing more. If you have the skills of any game, it is better to focus on eSports or streaming. These niches will bring in more money.

Leveling a game character

Some gamers want to win online battles by playing as a powerful character. However, they do not know how to pump it or simply do not want to spend a lot of time. Experienced players are ready to upgrade a virtual character for you. There are entire resources where such services are offered.

This method has a drawback: toy developers do not favor the purchase of pre-pumped characters. Therefore, there is a possibility of blocking. It is necessary to agree in advance on the return of funds.

To make money on games, pumping a character, you need to concentrate on a specific project. The most popular lately options are: World of Warcraft, WoW Classic, Hearthstone and DOTA 2. To upgrade a character, you need to masterfully play one of the games. Priority is given to online projects.

Sale of game items and artifacts

For many gamers, games are a kind of platform where they show their ego. For example, they like to show off original weapons, equipment or artifacts. However, their extraction is accompanied by difficulties. To get a unique little thing, you need to wind up hundreds of hours in the game. But why waste time when you can buy an artifact on a specialized site.

Skins are of particular value. They are items that change the appearance of the game character. For example, experienced gamers in Dota 2 sell such things for hundreds of thousands🪙 They post offers on Steam. This is the most popular platform, so you will have to withstand serious competition.

Tips for those who want to make money on games by selling artifacts and game items:

  • find out in advance which items are in high demand;
  • devote time to character development – the more hours played, the higher the chance to catch a cool thing in the process;
  • post offers on different platforms;
  • run your own blog, open a community on social networks to gain subscribers – people will apply themselves, pre-ordering, for example, a skin.


Make money on games: tips + ways

The hardest way to make money. However, this is a real option to become a millionaire without having your own business. Before starting a career as an esports player, decide for yourself whether you are ready to spend up to 12-15 hours a day on improving your skills. For you, the toy will cease to be entertainment, but will be work. Consider three ways to make money.

1 Single online games

The priority task is to get into the top ranking. If you have done so, you get a ticket to online tournaments with a prize pool of $1 million. Of course, not everyone manages to participate in such competitions. At tournaments of all current scale, you can earn from 100 thousand 🪙 for winning an esports discipline.

2 Online team games

More difficult niche. To create a team project, you need to find gamers who are equal in class and strength. Together you must train, defeat competitors, so that you are noticed and invited to a prestigious tournament. Earnings are high. For example, each member of the winning team received $1 million for winning the largest Dota 2 tournament. In general, the prize fund is impressive. The International in 2019 had $33 million.

At the national level, earnings are more modest. But there are quite a few tournaments. Gather a team and participate for solid cash prizes. In our country, the Dota 2 prize fund is half a million 🪙. However, professional eSports has recently been developing by leaps and bounds. Every year the number of top tournaments increases, as well as the earnings of cybersportsmen. Many of them then become streamers and earn even more from their own projects.

3 Signing a contract with an esports organization

By and large, you are a hired worker playing for a salary. All figures are specified in the contract. But to sign a contract with a professional eSports organization, you need to demonstrate skill:

  • win tournaments on popular games to get noticed;
  • become a streamer and gain at least 50-100 thousand subscribers.


You will be paid for testing the new product. At first glance, it seems that the work is cool and simple. But it requires at least perseverance. You need to replay the same levels, find errors, write long reports, check them. Most employees view the project as a springboard. The skills gained during testing will later be useful in the direct development of toys. You will earn much more on games.

You will find ads through a search engine by entering three words into it: testing, games, vacancy. Earnings reach 100 or more thousand 🪙 per month. However, to get this money, you need to sign a contract and work hard. Even if you do not like the game, you will have to complete the task assigned to you. Perhaps, in economic terms, testing is not the best option, but one of the most affordable. In addition, it requires a minimum investment, and even their absence.


You are a member of a project to create a game. It can be a small application on a smartphone or a logic toy on a PC. Mostly web designers and programmers are required. Unfortunately, without real skills, nothing will work. At least take a training course (it is possible to do this via the Internet).

To make good money on games as a developer, upgrade your existing skills. As mentioned above, the industry is systematically developing, new toys appear in huge numbers. Hence, staff turnover is high. If you are an experienced programmer or web designer, a prestigious studio is sure to lure you away. Then the salary will not be 30-60 thousand 🪙, but at least several times more. Plus, certain bonuses will be available in case of economic success of the toy.

An interesting option is to become a developer. You create a game studio, invest in it. If successful, a decent cash awaits you. However, you are the one responsible for the failure. If the toy does not sell, you will lose money. Unfortunately, small studios very rarely "shoot". Their developments remain unnoticed against the background of the giants of the industry.

Partnership programs

Little-known developers spend money on advertising campaigns to get their projects noticed. They pay for promotion. Let’s say you have your own YouTube blog. Advertise the game to get paid for referring gamers. Payment methods are different:

  • according to the terms of the affiliate program – you get money for each person registered through the link;
  • for talking about the game on your blog (you get paid a predetermined amount for advertising).

Withdrawal Features

Make money on games: tips + ways

The method depends on the activity. A real example was considered with streamers who receive money through donations (donations) or directly (if the channel has the appropriate e-wallet, card and account details). However, sometimes it is not possible to withdraw funds directly. It is necessary to look for roundabout ways. Consider the options.


As a rule, they also earn on donations. There are special services on which monthly donations are configured. A popular option among bloggers is Patreon. They can also participate in the YouTube affiliate program and receive systematic payments on the card.


If you win a tournament, you get money in cash or on a card. If you are lucky enough to get into a major official competition of a current or international scale, you won’t have to worry about withdrawal. All moments are decided by the organizing committee. An esportsman only needs to provide bank card or account information. Prize money is paid out at the end of the tournament.


When selling items through Steam, you will not be able to withdraw money. However, the difficulty is easily overcome. After the sale of the artifact, a licensed game is bought. Then the key is sold on third-party services at a decent discount (for example, on the Plati.ru site).

If you do not want to spend extra money by discounting the cost, look for buyers on specialized portals. Game communities, fan sites, announcements will help you. Yes, these methods do not involve losing money, as in the case of Steam, but you spend a lot of time and effort.

Remember the five main rules

  1. Do not mess with gambling, bots and hackers. In the first case, you will definitely lose money, since a real casino cannot be beaten. In the other two, problems await you in the form of permanent blocking.
  2. Get ready to waste time. At first, for example, video reviews will be watched by a maximum of 3-4 people. Each time the number will increase. To gain 1000 subscribers, you may have to upload videos to the channel for a whole year. This is routine work.
  3. Get ready for the games to get boring. This is the nature of the activity. If you are an e-sportsman and have spent hundreds of hours in World of Tanks, then you will no longer like the toy. Hobby turns into work.
  4. Don’t forget to update your hardware. Always invest some of the money you earn in improving your computer, buying a new headset.
  5. Don’t stop developing. Win a city esports tournament? It’s time to try your hand at a regional or all-current competition.

Choose a suitable method of earning and start earning income. Remember that it is easier to change a niche at the start. If you achieve success, keep moving in the same direction to improve your achievements. And watch your competitors. They don’t slumber. If you abandoned the channel for a couple of weeks, then capricious subscribers will go to a competitor. This is the nature of the industry.

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