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How to do everything and not waste your nerves


Each person wants to be successful, but they put different meanings into this concept. Someone sees himself as a father or mother of a family, a popular presenter or journalist, head of a department or even a direction. You can combine different life goals. But everything rests on the question: how to keep up with everything?

Why do you need it?

First of all, you should understand why you need to do everything. That is, to determine the main life goals. If there is not enough time for all the tasks, then you have taken on too much. Sit down with a piece of paper in your hands and write down the things that you do during the day. If during the week a different schedule – then for the week.

Next, carefully review this list and from it form the most important things without which life would be incomplete. Perhaps something can be removed to make the time more efficient.

The resulting list should also be worked on: some activities can be reduced (for example, do not three times a week, but two), and some can be delegated. For example, a husband can iron a shirt himself, and the children can go to a workout.

Already with this list of the Most Important Things and needs in life, we will work further.

Remove parasites from your life

Time management must begin by removing "empty time" from the schedule. This is by no means a hobby or intoxicating wallowing on the couch. We wish to prolong these holy moments of rest. We are talking about those activities that are slowly meaninglessly eating up our lives:

  1. Standing in lines. For a long time there is no shortage of food and goods. Order online, choose a different time for shopping or a less crowded store.
  2. Long meetings. It is not always necessary to listen to colleagues from neighboring departments. And drawing in a notebook for several hours is not even considered rest. Ask to be invited to the part that concerns you personally.
  3. Socialization and communication. Social media, mobile toys, and coffee conversations can eat up the lion’s share of time, at home and at work. From this, morning family coffee can be left in the schedule. And then in an hour you return to reality, but for some reason no one did the work.
  4. Watching TV. The same movie on the Internet can be watched at least half an hour faster, because it is without advertising. And how it pulls to click through the channels …
  5. Email parsing. You shouldn’t spend a lot of time looking at spam with the thought – what if this is a car for the price of a kettle? Such lucrative offers are always with a catch. It is much easier now to delete spam and return to work, and if necessary, make a purchase, look at reviews and comparisons on the Internet.
  6. Phone calls and conversations. Connections are important, but sometimes they just get in the way. Turn off your phone while you’re at work, or block incoming calls for all but a few work numbers. You can also purchase 2 mobile phones – for customers and employees and for others.
  7. Social networks and forums. If you do not see life without it, find the strength in yourself to limit the time – half an hour in the morning and in the evening, for example. It will also help you to be selective about the topics you wish to discuss.

This is the first secret of how to keep up with everything. Having removed the excess husk from the distribution of time, we must correctly cut and distribute the grain.

Clean up your mind and home

Problems always start in our head. We ourselves decide that we have a problem, and we ourselves create it. Therefore, it is worth taking some time to review the compiled list with the Most Important Things, and think carefully about them. Only when they fit in your head in order of importance, and you feel inner harmony and harmony, everything will go smoothly.

If you force yourself to follow a “must do" schedule, the work is harder and takes much longer. But for a person who feels the correctness, usefulness of actions and enjoys them, the most banal tasks take 30% less time. This is a scientifically proven fact.

In the evening, you should go to bed with the thought: “Wow, how many things have been done, what / oh well done!”, And not “Oh God, how much I had to redo, I was incredibly tired again.” If there is a second thought, then you do not feel the benefit of the action. Then the list should be sorted out, something has got in the way too much.

Order in the house is also a very important factor that helps to learn how to keep up with everything. It is often difficult to find what you need among unnecessary and unused things, and this also steals time. Put things in order, throw away the trash, put things in their places. Then the fees will take a few minutes.

Practical Tips

And at the very end, I was left with a list of the Most Important Things and an inner feeling of correctness, confidence in actions. Now you can start applying ways to keep up with everything :

  1. In the evening, draw up an action plan, preferably broken down by time. For example, on the way to work I will take the children to school, immediately upon arrival at the office I will quickly write, then I will talk with an important client, in the afternoon I will run to a store with a delicious sausage nearby. Then it will be easier to navigate what is what.
  2. Make a written plan. Then it will be fixed in the head, but first the procedure should be written down. Save at least an hour on empty thoughts about what is more profitable to do next.
  3. Unite things. On the way to the client, run for the office for your daughter, do not be afraid to reschedule the matter for another day, if you are in the same area, cook breakfast and lunch together. After all, you can warm up.
  4. Don’t spend a lot of time cooking. Find quick recipes on the Internet that are just as delicious. You can also make a blank, so that in 15 minutes you can turn it into a finished dish. This is an important point in the question of how to do everything for a woman.
  5. Start the day with the most unpleasant things. If there is something that you don’t want to do at all, it’s better to do it right away. And do the rest with peace of mind.
  6. Rest. Rest a lot. Spend your free time on pleasant things. Do not limit yourself to one pastime, but enjoy life. Then you will know what you are working for (not just for the sake of children!), which will help you to cope with things more successfully.

The secret to time management is not to do more. It is worth freeing up more time and living life to the fullest. If in your free time you will ram new things, then nothing good will come of it.

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