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How to schedule a day


How to make a daily routine?

How often morning begins with a headache and feeling unwell. These are the consequences of the wrong daily routine. The normal functioning of a person is affected not only by sleep, as many are used to thinking. It is important to properly distribute the whole day into phases and stick to a single schedule.

Accept it as a fact that the daily routine is a living organism. And to be healthy, it must function like a clock. In analogy with the human body. If the kidney, heart does not function in the body, then a failure begins. The same thing happens when sleep, meals, and rest disappear in a normal schedule.

How to make a daily routine – why it is necessary

If you feel good now, it doesn’t mean it will always be like this. Negligence towards oneself has a cumulative effect. When youth passes, the body will no longer be able to actively renew with its resources what it does not get due to a bad regimen. Problems will manifest themselves in working capacity, health, activity, mental abilities. To postpone the onset of these moments, it is worth starting to take care of yourself at a young age. To do this, you need to create the right daily routine.

How to start

Awareness of importance is the first point. Next comes the detailed work. How to create a daily routine so as not to experience restrictions and lead an active lifestyle? You need to ask yourself a few questions and build on the answers you receive:

  1. How long is the working time.
  2. How long is the road.
  3. Required time for morning preparations.
  4. How many hours does it take for a good sleep to be alert.
  5. Additional responsibilities such as extra work tasks, cooking, cleaning, gym, and any activity that requires time and energy.

After realizing all the points that make up the day, it already becomes approximately clear where to move. You can move on.

Making a plan

Having a rough idea of ​​​​employment, you can draw up a plan. It is individual, but there are basic points, subject to which, the compilation will go easier.


Sleep 6-8 hours, depending on your needs. The beginning of sleep should come at a time before 12 at night. At this moment, the darkest time of the day, which ensures sufficient production of melatonin. From this it follows that sleep becomes stronger, recovery takes place in the normal mode and the body has enough rest before a new day.

10 extra minutes

Regardless of the density of the schedule, try to add time to tasks and travel. This helps to avoid stress due to being late. Also, it makes it possible to take a breath, restore thoughts and feelings. In the modern rhythm of life, it is difficult to catch a moment to be alone with yourself. Leaving such windows, you fill the day with free space. It can be used for relaxation, a snack, to clean up, think about the day and feel good.

Morning hour

The most productive and charged moment of the day. Scientists have proven that the state that a person experiences in the first hour after waking up sets the mood for the whole day. Arrange your sleep schedule so that you have an hour off before you start packing at work. Devote this time to meditation, reading, studying, and other important activities.

Turn on sports

To love physical activity, you need to really want it. Sport – is life. But sometimes, there is no time for this aspect. To avoid muscle problems, take 5-10 minutes to warm up in the morning. Simple exercises that will help the muscles to develop, the heart to start pumping blood faster. Moreover, you can wake up faster even without coffee.

During the day, try to do some stretching. Even getting up, walking around the floor and making a couple of passages up and down between floors will already improve your mood and condition.

Work, work is a big concern

Labor brings money, that’s why people go to work. But not everything can be bought with money, for example, health. To protect yourself, you need a system. Making a daily routine at work is just as important as getting the job done on time and with quality. But many people forget about it. Here’s how to make a plan to be effective:

  1. Come on time or a little earlier.
  2. Observe the working day and do not overwork.
  3. Eat lunch and take walk breaks.
  4. When you leave work, don’t take it with you.

Remember that life is not limited to the office. After a day at work, go to the gym, shop or take a walk in the park. Use your free time to reflect on your life, not work projects.

Making a daily routine is just as important for a man as it is for a woman. Work outside the office should also be properly structured.

Caring for yourself and loved ones

Adult people, making a plan for themselves, sometimes throw it on children. Many try to schedule the child as tightly as possible, so that he does not waste time in vain. But children are not adults and their routine should be different.

To properly raise a child, you need to teach him the correct structuring of time. Use yourself as an example to explain important points.

When organizing your child’s schedule, arrange it so that he has free hours. This is the peculiarity of children’s time. After attending school and clubs, he should receive a share of rest. After class, at least 2 hours should elapse before doing homework. Teach your child to do housework, but do not occupy his free time with it.

The correct daily routine for a student:

  1. Climb.
  2. School.
  3. Mugs.
  4. Rest.
  5. Homework.
  6. Rest.
  7. Housework.

With the right plan, you can raise a responsible and disciplined child. Knowledge about the value of time acquired in childhood is imprinted for life.


People are social beings. The use of working methods of splitting time increases well-being and relationships with loved ones. If there is not enough time for communication, self-education and development, think about it. Poor health, bad mood and constant haste – negatively affect the present and the future. Use orderliness to improve efficiency.

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