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The opportunities for earning money in the 21st century are unlimited. Now it is not necessary to sit at work from 9 to 6, look at the sour faces of colleagues. And to fulfill the whims of an eternally dissatisfied boss – too. If you wish, you can make a profit by working for yourself and without leaving your own home. Consider some business ideas on the Internet, which, with the proper approach, will help you receive a stable income.

Perhaps they will allow you to break out of the bondage of your usual workplace. Especially if it doesn’t bring you any pleasure. And money, of course.

Website for the sale of air tickets or tours

One of the sources of permanent income can be a website selling air tickets or tours. Investments include paying for a domain and hosting. And, of course, the cost of promoting the resource. Profit in this case is possible through affiliate programs. But it will be enough to place the necessary widgets on the main page of the site. And in the texts of the blog – links with a personal identifier. If you follow them and buy tickets or tours, the site owner will receive a percentage of the sale.

But the main disadvantages of this way of earning are competition. And the difficulty of promoting such sites. Therefore, the way out will be to focus on any one region. Decent commissions are now given for the sale of air tickets, for example, to Kazakhstan. But good business ideas on the Internet are not limited to this.

News site or content project

Creating a news site or content project with the proper approach and luck will allow you to receive a stable income. Although it does not guarantee success. The idea is to monetize traffic in one of the ways. For example, with the help of Google and Yandex contextual advertising, affiliate programs, advertising sales and others.

The complexity of this idea lies in the need to bring the project to the top search engines. And choosing the right topic, of course. It will take more than one month to receive income in this way. Because it is necessary to develop a resource with an intuitive interface. And then fill it with quality content, study SEO. And get acquainted with the proposed options for earning.

At the initial stage, a news site or content project will bring no more than $50 per month. But as it develops, you can count on a 10-fold increase in income.

Page promotion in Instagram

While some people watch stories from their friends feed on Instagram, others earn real money on the social network. Here are a few ways to do this:

  • promotion of accounts for subsequent resale;
  • creating and promoting your own page;
  • work as a remote SMM manager.

To make money on Instagram, you need to know all the intricacies of SMM promotion. And understand the interests of the target audience. The methods listed above are time consuming. But later they will bring a solid reward. Accounts with a large number of followers sell for hundreds of dollars.

But when promoting your own page, you can get a good income from advertising (from $ 25 per day) and other benefits through barter. For example, clothes, shoes, hotel stays, free travel around the world. But besides promoting on Instagram, there are other profitable business ideas on the Internet.

Resale of goods from China

Trading is one of the best niches for aspiring entrepreneurs. Because income can be obtained through a simple commercial scheme. The disadvantage of this way of earning is the need to invest in goods. Do not forget that the entrepreneur runs the risk of burnout under unfavorable circumstances.

Chinese sites like Aliexpress are gaining popularity, where you can buy good Chinese goods at a low price. And as a result, you can make a markup for subsequent resale in the region of 500-700%. Therefore, if earlier goods from the Celestial Empire did not differ in special quality, today this drawback is practically leveled.

You can start a business with China by finding a product at an acceptable wholesale cost. And then deliver them and sell them at a retail price with a markup.

Dropshipping online store

Those who are looking for new business ideas on the Internet can try to create an online store that works on an intermediary basis. Dropshipping doesn’t cost much. But here it is important to properly organize the trading system. Giants such as Lamoda and Wildberries work exactly according to this scheme, starting with small businesses.

To work on the terms of mediation, you need:

  • Decide on the category of goods for sale.
  • Find suppliers who offer dropshipping cooperation.
  • Create a website or groups in social networks. And download the product catalog with a description.
  • Collect orders and transfer them to the supplier.

This type of activity practically does not require investments. Especially if you do not count the small costs of creating and promoting the site. And you don’t need to invest in a product. Therefore, this method will protect against financial losses in case of failure.

Launch of online courses

Anyone who has knowledge in a certain field can make money on business ideas on the Internet. Education is becoming a profitable way to generate income. Therefore, it is necessary to open online schools, launch courses and sell knowledge in any format. Schools of foreign languages, Internet marketing courses and similar professions are in demand. As well as video tutorials on using photo editors.

Information can be submitted in the format of a selection of useful articles, video tutorials and electronic courses. The former are useful lectures on a particular topic that are sold for a subscription. The second is a visual aid on a particular issue. And the third combine the two previous formats. Investments are zero, and the profit is substantial.

Maintaining a YouTube channel

YouTube video hosting is still a popular niche for making money on the Internet. But it is difficult to start making money here because of the competition. You can gain an audience of subscribers through interesting content and video editing skills. But here it is important to be able to correctly express thoughts, to have good diction. And a neat appearance along with a properly organized workplace. But let’s not talk about quality equipment.

It is possible to earn income from a YouTube channel in the following cases:

  • Connection of the monetization program.
  • Selling ads to other YouTubers;
  • Earnings on affiliate programs.

For a channel to be accepted into the monetization program, it must meet the system’s requirements for the number of subscribers and views. Then, along with the video itself, the user will also watch commercials. And every 1,000 such views will bring $ 1-2 to the piggy bank.

With a high number of subscribers, you can sell ads to novice YouTubers, websites or online stores. Inserting them at the beginning or in the middle of small tie-ins. You can earn from affiliate programs immediately after creating a channel.

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