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Developing Emotional Intelligence: 4 Effective Practices


The world learned about the development of emotional intelligence after the 1995 book of the scientific journalist, as well as the psychologist Daniel Goleman, “Emotional Intelligence", first saw the light of day. IQ is no longer associated with success. In 2017, emotions are still in the spotlight, but we already manage them with might and main.

We offer 4 practices for those who are interested in developing emotional intelligence for success

And do not forget that a person is not capable of efficiency if he jumps from task to task. So first deal with “your intellect”, and then build relationships with others. Operate from the intrapersonal to the interpersonal. Give each skill 21 days.

Start doing these exercises today:

1 Start with yourself: The development of emotional intelligence begins with intrapersonal competencies

Have you heard of freewriting? This exercise was invented by Julia Cameron. She has an unusual job – she is one of the main "creativity" experts in the United States. She came up with the Morning Pages.

Write in the morning, when you have not yet fully recovered, exactly 3 pages in a diary, notebook or notebook. Everything that comes to mind. This is the first step towards understanding yourself and your own emotions.

Keeping a journal helps you access insights that are currently locked in value judgments and other locks in your mind within yourself. Get closer to understanding yourself – just write.

2 Be aware of emotions: Emotional intelligence starts to pay off when you ask the right questions. And you do it often.

If you have already read the article about triggers, then remember that the practice of hourly questions helps to form a different attitude to the situation. The same practice works well when you need to register how you feel at the moment. Spend a few days like this.

Good. We understand that this is idealism.

Spend a day setting a reminder on your phone every hour. Title the note “How do I feel now?” or “Write down your emotions now.” And record everything you experience in a notebook. The next day, after freewriting has already become a habit and you have completed this exercise, read in the morning over a cup of coffee how your day went yesterday. Find it interesting. We promise. Just don’t be lazy and don’t feel sorry for yourself.

3 The diary of feelings is what affects the development of emotional intelligence especially deeply.

Of course, provided that you decide to do so. This exercise is not for everyday notes, but for strong feelings. It is better to register them “in the moment”. Otherwise, your brain will distort everything and you will not know the intensity of the impact on you of this particular experience. We recommend the following charts:

  • the date
  • Time
  • Name the feeling you’re having right now
  • What event triggered it?
  • How does your body react? (physical layer)
  • How do you react? (behavior)
  • When was the last time something like this happened?
  • How to behave differently next time?

4 The question “Why am I…?” – your daily bell, which will affect the development of emotional intelligence if you often ask yourself it.

A compact notepad will help you fix the results. In order not to forget the question, use reminders or alarm clocks. Or write on your hand, the old fashioned way. If a long inscription on the hand interferes with work or attracts attention, put a barely noticeable cross, which will often fall into the visibility zone. The main thing is not to forget. And if you forgot, then ask yourself – “why did I forget?”. It’s probably self-sabotage. But let’s not delve into psychology now.

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