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Corporate identity of the company: emphasis on the brand


Folk wisdom teaches: meet on clothes. The proverb is true not only in relation to specific people. Any company on the market is valued by customers. We have already told you about the benefits of a personal brand. Now let’s talk about how important the corporate identity of the company. After all, it is directly related to the whole business.

Without a clearly defined style, a brand cannot emerge. And without a brand it is now difficult to advance in the market. Especially online. The fact is that people are willing to overpay for a familiar product. When you are sure of its quality, of course. A great example is Apple. For the sake of an apple on the case, buyers agree to give fabulous amounts. And the company is fueling demand by proving that having an Apple gadget is cool.

But first things first.

What is the corporate identity of the company?

Corporate identity is a set of visual elements to maintain the identity and recognition of the company.

In the most general sense of the word, this is what the client sees. Starting from a visit to the site and ending with a trip to the office. We live in a world where dozens of companies offer the same service. To stand out from the competition, you need special features. A unique design is already a good advertisement.

With a competent approach, the corporate identity of the company goes beyond the outer shell. Its main function is to ensure brand integrity in the perception of customers. The visual part – logo, font, color design – serves the general idea. Style is about how you will do your job. First of all, it embodies your strategy, gives a quality standard.

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Why does a business need a special style?

First, a little advertising and your style will turn into a brand. A brand is a recognizable brand. Among unfamiliar products, the buyer is more likely to choose the one he has heard about. If once you have spared no time and money to develop a single style, then it will start working for you. And it will become the main criterion for informed selection.

Secondly, the corporate identity of the company is a standard of quality. If you did everything right, of course. Next, we will tell you about what points you should not forget. So, if the form and content came together, then we got a model of how to do it. This is now a valid match check. A new service, product or advertisement must fit the established concept. New idea and chosen style do not fit with each other? Then you have reason to think. Perhaps the solution is not so good.

Thirdly, a company with a well-known brand is easy to sell for a lot of money. Creating a recognizable style and maintaining high quality is hard work. That is why he is so appreciated.

Corporate identity of the company: emphasis on the brand

How to create a corporate identity from scratch?

Ideally, the corporate identity of the company is formed along with the idea of ​​the business. When you clearly understand what exactly you offer people, it becomes clear how to offer it. Then the strategy develops visually as well. After all, brand design largely depends on its promotion. For example, an online store will focus on the site, and a taxi service will issue cars in the same style.

In addition, the design should reflect the features of your business. Emphasis on what makes the firm stand out from its competitors. Let’s say you opened a cosmetics business. Its feature is a natural composition? Then the ecological design will emphasize the naturalness of the brand. If you sell services, then employees are your face. Each of them represents the company no less than the logo. Corporate culture and relationships with the team are also part of the corporate identity. See if your people share the values ​​of the company.

How to decide on Design?

Design is an area where specialists should work. The strategy is your task, but the design should not be dealt with without experience and the necessary knowledge. But that doesn’t mean you have to quit on your own. Participate in the development, but ask for help and advice from professionals. You can order the services of a design firm or hire a freelancer (an option for the budget conscious). Some companies go the other way. They arrange a competition for the design of the brand: they leave the task, and the designers begin to offer different solutions. Choose what you like!

Finding the name

The choice of the name is the task of the first importance. Think it’s simple? Unfortunately, finding a good name for the company in an hour will not work. It is not for nothing that special rules have been developed, and naming is a full-fledged marketing direction. Experts advise to study the names of competitors and choose a presentation style. Then select a few good options and test them in a focus group. Only after all these stages can you give the company a name. If ideas are tight, don’t despair. Online name generators can give you a good idea.

Dealing with flowers

When choosing a color palette, we advise you to get acquainted with the psychology of color. It will be more reliable than choosing on your own taste. So, aggressive red is not suitable for advertising a holiday home. And delicate pastel colors will deprive the expensive brand of visual luxury. There are many nuances, and all of them are important for the brand.

Choose a font

Graceful ligature or strict classics? It all depends on the direction of the business. For children’s products, simple and voluminous fonts are well suited. Financial and law firms prefer the classics. And beauty salons really suit twisted italics.

The logo is something without which the corporate identity of the company is impossible. The perfect logo is easy to understand and remember. It also contains information about the company. The principles of creating a logo are similar to choosing a name. Say what you like, but for recognition it is supposed to be simple and capacious.

Tip: Don’t forget to test your logo for versatility. It should look good in color and black and white, big and small.

What do we know about Mascots?

Among the tips for designing a business style, there are very interesting ones. So, experienced designers offer to present their brand … with a personality. If your business came to life, who would it be? The answer to this question is the key to choosing a mascot.

The word mascot came to us from the English language, where “mascot" means “talisman”. Remember American films about school. There, before a football game, a man dressed as an animal appears on the field. This character is a mascot. He is a recognizable symbol of the team and a talisman for good luck at the same time.

The corporate identity of the company often refers to mascots. There are many examples of successful characters. This is the clown Ronald McDonald from the fast food chain. And Felix the cat from the Felix cat food line. And a cute penguin from the Linux operating system. Even the dog Zabivak, the “face” of the current World Cup, is a classic mascot. Showing your business through a character that comes to life is a good publicity stunt.

Corporate identity of the company: emphasis on the brand

Where is the corporate identity of the company applied?

Your style is available not only to large, but also to small businesses. Beauty studios, coffee houses, fitness rooms cannot be imagined without visual concepts. In any company there is a place for corporate identity. It can be beautiful business cards, advertising posters, banners. Recognizable website or office design. If your brand interacts with customers, consider employee uniforms. So, we all easily recognize the delivery person from Yandex. Food". And this is already live advertising on the streets of the city.

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