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Audience Engagement – TOP 10 Ways to Boost Your Platform’s Key Metric


When you start running your own internet business, there are several challenges you face. Attracting customers, making sales, preparing a quality product. This is all good, of course. But none of this will bring effect if you do not organize the involvement of the audience.

In this article, we have collected all the useful information about audience engagement. Here you will find information about what engagement is, how to engage your audience, and at the very end of the article we will give you a workbook that will make engagement even easier.

Therefore, fully study all the points in this article. And then your Internet business will definitely start to move uphill. Along with your conversion statistics.

Audience Engagement - TOP 10 Ways to Boost Your Platform's Key Metric

Audience engagement – what is it?

But we’ll start with the basics. Just in case you don’t know what audience engagement is. And with what it is actually eaten. So here it is:

Audience engagement is a measure of the readiness and desire of your audience to share feedback and participate in the life of your business.

In other words, it is the activity of your audience. And her desire to respond to your every message and, if you are in business, to buy your products or services.

Why is it important? Because social networks constantly monitor the audience engagement rate. And many decisions are made based on it. For example, whether to show you first in the search. Or whether to recommend you to your followers’ friends.

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Ways to Increase Audience Engagement

If you want to grow your social media community, you need to increase audience engagement. Fortunately, there are no impossible and complicated methods here.

Therefore, anyone can increase engagement. Even a real novice in his field. We will present the most popular methods below. So prepare your work notes – there will be a lot of useful information.

1 Find out what your audience is interested in

It sounds a little obvious, I agree. But, unfortunately, not everyone follows this simple rule. And as a result, subscribers receive completely different information for which they subscribed.

Increasing audience engagement is easy if you know this very audience. Are you talking about weight loss? You should not publish information about the replacement of horseshoes in domestic donkeys. Do this only if you usually talk about the household.

Try to create an image of your target audience. And define the image of a person who will be interested in your publications. Find out what gender, age, where he lives. And, of course, do not forget about his profession and hobbies. Once your posts become interesting to your audience, they will generate significantly more response.

2 Study what your competitors are doing

Chances are, you’re far from alone in your niche. But this is actually very good. Because now you have the opportunity to learn from the mistakes of others.

Therefore, feel free to enter the communities of competitors and study them. See which posts are most popular. And try to highlight certain themes. You may be able to use them on your site.

But do not use everything word for word. Just check the popular topics and formats for yourself. And maybe they will inspire you to create something new. Therefore, do not neglect this way to increase audience engagement.

3 Watch your stats

Don’t rely on your premonitions. Because what is interesting to you is not always interesting to your audience.

Measure the statistics of each of your posts. Write down the number of likes, reposts, comments. Note if the feedback was helpful. And if so, try to use it in the future. Because a loyal audience can quickly increase engagement.

And as soon as you find patterns in increasing engagement, make changes to the content plan. But don’t be afraid to change it as the week progresses. Because tomorrow the trends can change significantly.

4 Create useful content

This also seems obvious, but, believe me, not for everyone. Because many people think that it is enough to publish ordinary photos or unstructured thoughts. But no matter how.

Educational content is very popular right now. People come to you not only for entertainment, but also for some benefit. And this benefit will help you increase audience engagement.

Post some helpful review. Or share your opinion about some important event in your field. And provide readers with useful tools. After this, people will want to not only join discussions, but also visit your site as often as possible.

5 Ask questions

If you have your own platform and some kind of audience, you are already considered an expert. Therefore, people are happy to listen to your opinion, like and comment on publications.

But to increase audience engagement, sometimes you need to do the exact opposite. Ask your followers something. And they are happy to use the opportunity to be of service to you.

Just ask exactly what you are really interested in. Because fake questions and attempts to flatter people notice very quickly. And they quickly stop any attempts of such manipulation.

6 Use polls

Subscribers love to share their opinions. And this should be used if you want to increase audience engagement. In addition, with this tool you can get to know your subscribers better.

Just choose a topic that interests you and set up a poll. If you’re doing this on social media, use the internal toolkit. And for WordPress-based blogs, there are special plugins.

For example, ask your followers about their musical tastes. Or help decide on the next topic for your webinar. In other words, let subscribers decide. And then they will definitely take an active part in the life of your community.

7 Raise important questions

Another way to increase audience engagement is to talk about important topics. But to speak, of course, expressively. This helps the reader to get closer to you, start to empathize and trust you.

And it’s easy to check. Go to the account of a blogger you actively follow. Find the post with the most comments. With a probability of 90%, this will be a heated discussion of something important for the blogger himself.

Feel free to talk about what hurts. And it will surely resonate with your subscribers and casual platform visitors.

8 Use Gamification

Gamification, translated into the language of a simple current person, is the conduct of small games. That is, the direct involvement of the audience in any action through games.

At the same time, you are limited in this regard only by your creativity, time and desire. This is where gamification is good. But we will give you a few examples so that you do not get confused. And maybe it will push your inspiration and you will come up with something unique.

For example, you can offer to complete a phrase. Or leave some tricky problem and send its solution in the comments. Also, people love tests, small quests and are happy to share any answers. Therefore, gamification is a great way to increase audience engagement.

9 Contests, giveaways and giveaways

One of the most popular ways to increase engagement. We have already talked about how to make money on lotteries. And even then they mentioned how useful this tool is.

These can be complex creative contests with certain conditions, as well as regular prize draws. But be careful: every draw should have clear rules. And prizes in any case must reach the winner. Otherwise, your platforms will be blocked, and you will be left with a damaged reputation.

And besides, it is not necessary to invest a lot of money in it.

10 Reply to your followers

You will certainly be asked questions. This is a common occurrence if you have a certain number of subscribers. But many make a gross mistake, leaving these questions unanswered.

Therefore, we will tell you right away: do not do this. If you see a comment on your post, reply to it. If it’s not a question, but an opinion, just thank him. And then you will have not one comment, but two.

And if there are already several comments in your thread, you can easily double them. Because it makes no difference to the algorithms who leaves comments. Engagement is getting bigger anyway.

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