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Viral marketing: what is it + how to make money


One of the marketing tools for promoting information, goods, services on the Internet and social networks is viral advertising.

The main feature is the distribution method: the user shares the message voluntarily, without the participation of the brand creator. Potential customers quickly get the information they need. Hence the name "viral" – instant advertising.

Viral marketing: what is it + how to make money

What is viral advertising

To understand what viral advertising is, it should be taken into account that commercials between films and news are not relevant today. There is no trust in commercial obsessive, same-type repetitions from TV screens for a long time. Traditional promotions are being replaced by marketing techniques, word of mouth in social networks.

Viral advertising is an action spontaneously transmitted on the Internet, a popular marketing strategy, a way of disseminating information.

Unlike the classic advertising move, the viral impact on people is much stronger. Everyone is more willing to listen to advice, take into account the feedback of a person, than trust the promises in the commercial. The main distinguishing features of viral advertising:

  • naturalness of the informational message about the service, product;
  • uniqueness of the idea and attractiveness to the audience.

Today, such a tool is used by companies to promote business, quickly and convincingly distribute products from global corporations.

Types of Viral Marketing

Viral marketing: what is it + how to make money

The technological principles on which marketing is built is an opportunity to increase the number of messages transmitted. Viral content is composed in such a way as to evoke an emotional response from the audience. There are such types:

  • photos (single or in the form of a collage);
  • news information or interesting, vivid texts (jokes, stories);
  • audio files, viral video ads ;
  • flash mobs and other similar promotions;
  • creative rumors.

The materials are filled with interesting content, a mention of the advertised object and an image. Popular forms of attracting the attention of users are:

  • scandals
  • loud brawls and fights
  • shocking action
  • photo without special restrictions
  • funny sketches
  • video
  • touching photos

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Advantages and disadvantages of viral advertising

Viral marketing: what is it + how to make money

The maximum increase in sales, instant expansion of the client base, product recognition – the result of this method of marketing. So, the advantages of "word of mouth" advertising:

  • budget savings, users are engaged in promotion voluntarily;
  • trust and lack of obsession forms a positive attitude of users;
  • simple implementation and large coverage, channels are chosen by the advertiser, having studied the target audience;
  • no time limits (unlike on-air advertising).

The customer receives the pluses, since such a marketing move is not limited by censorship. Distribution of videos about goods for adults, tobacco products, alcohol is allowed. Only types of violence and pornography are prohibited.

The disadvantages are the unpredictability of the result, the high price of the idea, the limitation of the audience to the Internet.

Steps to create a viral ad

Viral marketing: what is it + how to make money

How to make a viral ad to be successful? There are criteria by which the planning of the company takes place:

  • an idea that will resonate with the user;
  • a scenario involving an explosion of emotions and a desire to share;
  • hidden connection with brand advertising;
  • ease of distribution (link, video);
  • implementation of the idea and promotion channels.

Working through the steps will allow you to achieve the best result. To start the project you will need the following:

  1. Analyze the target audience (social network, video hosting)
  2. Develop a consistent publishing strategy
  3. Offer the user quality content.

Its distribution on the World Wide Web should evoke a response, attract new and push existing customers to order.

The product must be monitored, traffic statistics controlled, feedback established to represent the effectiveness of the chosen method. It is important to evaluate the peaks of activity, the number of views, comments.

Viral Advertising Examples

Viral marketing: what is it + how to make money

You can create and successfully apply a virus at various sites. A good option is viral advertising on social networks: VKontakte, Odnoklassniki, Facebook. To promote the product, marketing developers also use YouTube, Twitter, Instagram, Google. To do this, select groups where participants agree with the owner and track the advertising campaign.

An example of viral advertising is the Favorite Farm app, in which Lipton integrated a tea brand.

Social networks are a great base for sowing. Users on VKontakte put likes, repost, comment without coercion. The audience in Odnoklassniki is represented by a mature contingent. Here, posts of a nostalgic direction are popular, such as “Do you remember how it was?". For promotion, it is enough to get a “class” under the post, which means both repost and approval.

How to make viral advertising more effective

Viral marketing: what is it + how to make money

The strategy will be successful if the developer follows the rules of marketing.

  1. First, filling ads, photos, videos with an emotional background. Feelings (sadness, experience, anger, laughter) will be remembered, will cause a desire to share with others.
  2. Secondly, high-quality and concise advertising. No one will watch or read large volumes.

The originality of the idea should not cause strong disgust, as it will lead to a negative result of the action. To enhance the effect, methods of attracting celebrities, the client’s ability to participate in the action are used.

Viral advertising pushes the user to go to the company’s website and search for additional information about the brand. This way of marketing is promising.

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