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The evolution of homo sedentarius: how to stay healthy during sedentary work


How to stay healthy while sitting? In this article, we tell you why the lifestyle of homo sedentarius is dangerous and how to prevent common diseases of the “sedentary", if you are one of them. Reading will take no more than two minutes.

A person who works sitting puts himself at risk of chronic diseases. Why is the lifestyle of homo sedentarius dangerous and how to prevent common diseases of “sedentary”?

You can sit in different ways, but the more often you get up, the better.

If you are sitting at a computer right now, then you are at risk. The fact is that nature did not provide for such a position for our bodies. When a person is in the same position for 10-12 hours, does not change his posture, his body does not evolve, but deforms.

The evolution of homo sedentarius: how to stay healthy during sedentary work

Why deformations occur: Hands lie on the keyboard, sometimes long sequences of some operations are performed, the back is relaxed at this moment and the body moves forward. In general, all these features come together to some kind of critical mass, which then turns into a number of health problems. The author of this article has no medical education. But this does not prevent him from sharing his observations that there are common actions that can prevent a number of diseases associated with a sedentary lifestyle. Let’s go in order.

How limb diseases develop in Homo sedentarius

Hands lie on the keyboard, homo sedentarius performs a series of actions that, it would seem, cannot directly harm. Why is there an impression of innocence? Because these are simple actions. But their regularity makes them dangerous and brings homo sedentarius closer to the risk group.
The first danger is when you are uncomfortable. How does all this happen? Sometimes the hands are really in an uncomfortable position. This puts you at risk for elbow bursitis.

The evolution of homo sedentarius: how to stay healthy during sedentary work

everything you see in this picture is harmful. Especially damage to books

The bottom line is, if the table is high enough, and the keyboard is far from you, then you have to sit at the table for a long time, and sooner or later you start to lean on the table. Since you move the mouse with your right hand, the main weight is transferred to the elbow of your left hand. Remember. Never distribute your body weight in this way. Even if you are faced with the task of long and monotonous work on one task, or you are bored, or, or, or … the body should not remember harmful patterns.

At first, the hand may ache a little, then it swells slightly. When touching the swollen area is painful, you will have to go to the hospital with it.

How are homo sedentarius treated?

The most successful option is if you get off with medication ointments. But sometimes it comes to operable intervention. The tumor is most often formed from the fluid accumulated inside. A small incision is made to release this fluid. This is not a dangerous type of operation, but it is still unpleasant.

How to avoid such a disease

  • Do not put your elbows on the table, place them closer to the body and try not to lean on the table with all your weight,
  • Throw away. Throw away an uncomfortable keyboard and mouse, adjust the height of the table and chair, or change the table to an adjustable one, Throw away everything that bothers you and look for orthopedic and expensive staff,
  • Do not save money so that you do not overpay with your time and health later.

When diseases develop in homo sedentarius

  • When you work on an uncomfortable keyboard,
  • When the keyboard along with the table is lower than necessary,
  • When you sit too high, there is pressure on your hands and on your wrists.

What other factors affect the health of homo sedentarius:

Psychological problems of experience, feelings of guilt, resentment or Restraint of certain feelings. All this leads to muscle clamps, and they already lead to chronic pain.

As a rule, a person himself cannot see the clamps, if there is no habit of watching his body, often changing the position of his hands, monitoring his posture and often getting up during work to stretch himself. For example, one of our readers, Natalia, complained of pain in the middle finger of her right hand. But after Natalya began to observe her workflow, she noticed that when she holds her hand on the mouse, she bends this finger upwards, as it were, and quite strongly. Thus, the finger is constantly in an uncomfortable position and hurts.

How to maintain health while sedentary work homo sedentarius:

  • Stop saving on work stuff.
  • For example, don’t skimp on the keyboard. A graphical keyboard is the best option. It is divided into two parts and its standard assembly contains a large comfortable stand. One of the most expensive keyboards is the Microsoft 4000.
  • If you spend a lot of time sitting at a computer, then at least surround yourself with comfort and create a working atmosphere.
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